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01 comand online fully integrated high-end multimedia system with hard-drive navigation system internet browser telephony plus dvd video and music register shown on high-resolution 21.3 cm colour tft display can be operated conveniently and safely via your vehicle’s control instruments from the multifunction steering wheel to handwritten instructions on the touchpad fast hard-drive navigation with 3d map views speed limit assist and automatic tailback avoidance tmc pro integrated wlan hotspot functionality to enable use of wlan-capable devices in the vehicle mobile phone required for internet use via wlan sms and email write and read-aloud function music register with 10 gb hard disc memory for various audio and video formats mp3 wma aac mpeg avi to 720 p and usb port bluetooth® interface with hands-free function and audio streaming for music transfer slot for sd memory cards dvd video and cover flow display linguatronic voice control system for audio telephone navigation

telematics 10 · 11 02 mobile-phone holders when it comes to selecting a mobile phone for your mercedes-benz you’ve never had so much choice one “click” is all it takes to replace the mobile-phone holder it’s done in a matter of seconds and is as straightforward as inserting the mobile into the holder itself changing your mobile and even alternating between different models of mobile no longer presents a problem top-class telephone technology for enhanced convenience on board other advantages optimum reception quality as a result of using vehicle’s external aerial mobile’s battery is charged access to internal phone memory convenient operation using multifunction steering wheel only in conjunction with convenience telephony code eh4 holders are available for many current mobiles from nokia 6303 6303i classic apple® iphone® 5 iphone® 4s iphone® 4 blackberry 9900 bold 9790 bold 9780 bold 9700 bold 02 further information about using

consummate design 01 16-spoke wheel finish black high-sheen wheel 8 j x 19 et 52 tyre 245/45 r19 a447 401 2700 7x23 available from 1st quarter of 2015 02 5-twin-spoke wheel finish black high-sheen wheel 8 j x 19 et 52 tyre 245/45 r19 a447 401 1500 7x23 01 48,3 cm 19 03 10-twin-spoke wheel finish black high-sheen wheel 7.5 j x 18 et 52 tyre 245/45 r18 a447 401 3700 7x23 available from 1st quarter of 2015 04 5-twin-spoke wheel finish tremolite metallic high-sheen wheel 7.5 j x 18 et 52 tyre 245/45 r18 a447 401 0501 7x44 02 48,3 cm 19

exterior 16 · 17 05 06 hub caps protect the hub from dirt available in the following versions 01 multi-spoke wheel finish vanadium silver metallic wheel 7 j x 17 et 51 tyre 225/55 r17 a447 401 2300 7x45 02 5-spoke wheel finish vanadium silver metallic high-sheen wheel 7 j x 17 et 51 tyre 225/45 r17 a447 401 2200 7x45 03 10-spoke wheel finish vanadium silver metallic 07 08 wheel 6.5 j x 16 et 52 tyre 205/65 r16 a447 401 0301 7x45 04 mud flaps protect the underbody and the sides of the vehicle from loose chippings and dirt available in pairs for front or rear axle black grained 09 10 11 12 snow chains not pictured high-performance chain for the toughest of conditions and excellent traction on snow and ice easy to fit – fastens on outside 05 06 07 08 09 10 classic roadster design in black classic roadster design in blue matt black with chrome star black with chrome star himalayas grey with chrome star titanium silver with chrome star 11 valve caps black stylish highlights

quality 01 02 made to last floor mats from mercedes-benz offer quality you can rely on every floor mat has to earn its star logo before it is allowed to keep your vehicle clean and dry the mats undergo the toughest endurance and scuffing tests and have to demonstrate their resistance to sunlight dirt and weight loading emerging with their outstanding quality undiminished inside your vehicle you can check the quality of mercedes-benz floor mats for yourself they are precision-tailored to the dimensions of the footwell clip-fastened to the floor of the vehicle to prevent slipping and absolutely dimensionally stable thanks to their special layered format your floor mats are made to cope with any demand you place on them

cargo care 26 · 27 sturdy variable 01 rear-mounted bicycle rack on tailgate high-quality anodised aluminium rack fits quickly and securely to the tailgate for up to 4 bicycles or 2 ebikes of virtually any type or size the tailgate can also be opened when the rear bicycle rack is fitted no repeater lights so no power supply required at rear maximum payload 70 kg lockable 03 02 rear-mounted bicycle rack for trailer coupling folding easy-to use lockable rear-mounted bicycle rack designed to provide secure transport for 2 or 3 cycles rack is easy to attach to trailer coupling and cycles are equally easy to fit to rack maximum payload of up to 30 kg per rail making rack suitable for most ebikes the rack is easy to fold for space-saving stowage in the load compartment at your holiday accommodation or at home 03 new alustyle bicycle rack extremely lightweight bicycle rack designed to be attached to the basic carrier bars cycles can either be attached to the rack once it has been fitted

01 deep load compartment tub keeps the load compartment clean and protects it from scratches produced in lightweight robust plastic 02 shallow load compartment tub a neat solution to protect the load compartment from dirt and scratches made of lightweight sturdy plastic 03 stowage crate a secure hold for items which are prone to tip over or slide around e.g shopping bags adjustable partitioning elements allow crate to be divided into max four sections optimum functionality only in conjunction with shallow luggage compartment tub 04 multipurpose box the practical collapsible crate is ideal for shopping and other transport tasks it can be folded flat is waterproof and has a load capacity of up to 30 kg when flat it can be used as a protective mat 01 05 tie-down strap even heavy objects can be secured in place easily using this strap 06 shopping crate anthracite collapsible 02

quality safety quality & safety when it comes to mercedes-benz vehicles quality and safety are paramount you can feel equally safe with mercedes-benz genuine accessories as a result of  stringent safety measures and extensive load testing including the use of crash test facilities and the wind tunnel  harmonised development of both vehicle and mercedes-benz genuine accessories  the highest standards frequently far in excess of those prescribed by law functions & operation mercedes-benz genuine accessories form part of the vehicle concept from the outset this results in impressive functional solutions  fully integrated telematics products can be operated safely and conveniently using the multifunction steering wheel  roof-mounted carrier systems can be fitted quickly and without the use of additional tools  instructions and manuals are in standard format and easy to understand advice & fitting no one

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