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harnesses the air leaves you breathless wind-taming air-suspended free-flowing even at a standstill the slipstream profile of the cls 550 hugs the pavement invoke its eight cylinders and fuel spark and air rush together whisking you to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds.1 as you reach 70 mph,2 its semi-active airmatic suspension draws the body nearly half an inch closer to the road lowering both its center of gravity and aerodynamic drag brake steer and accelerate and the cls 550 flexes its air-charged muscles with quick precision and with every move takes your breath away torrential power with a dual-stage intake and variable timing of its 32 valves the 382-hp 5.5-liter v-8 of the cls 550 unleashes 75 of its 391 lb-ft torque peak at just 1,000 rpm paddle shifters offer instant control of its driver-adaptive 7-speed automatic transmission tenacious grip staggered-width 18 amg 5-spoke alloy wheels and high-performance tires3 are wider at the rear to expertly balance surefooted acceleration

cls 550 coupe shown with optional diamond white metallic paint parktronic and premium 1 package please see endnotes at back of

foresees the future and reshapes it engineering so advanced it can react before something happens mercedes-benz has earned its reputation for safety leadership by constantly thinking ahead the cls-class brings this philosophy to life with innovations that vigilantly watch the road and prepare for what s next its exclusive pre-safe® system can sense instability suggesting an impending collision and respond before it occurs tightening the front seat belts adjusting the front passenger seat and closing the windows and sunroof all to better prepare the occupants.4 its brakes pre-charge for quicker response in an emergency setting the pads closer to the discs if the driver lifts off the accelerator quickly they even periodically dry themselves as you drive in the rain.5 the cls-class might foretell what other cars will do in the future it will inspire your confidence today protective nine air bags including a driver s knee air bag as well as side curtain air bags for all four

four inviting seats a singular experience individual attention to each passenger impeccable attention to every detail the essence of a mercedesbenz coupe can be found both in its engaging performance and its inviting fourseat cabin through each of its four doors the clsclass welcomes its passengers into personalized accommodations from 4zone climate control to elegantly topstitched leather that s meticulously fitted by hand a fulllength console divides the seats in a flourish of laurel wood handpolished to a deep gloss every detail creates an ambience that s shared by all aboard but with no other car first-class comfort individually contoured seating for four includes 10way power front seats each with 3position memory heated and active ventilated front seats are optional digital 4zone climate control senses sunlight and smog helps filter out dust and pollen and offers rear passengers their own controls preferential treatment the driver s seat of a mercedesbenz coupe is always the most

the cls 63 amg handcrafted horsepower one man one engine beyond all the racing trophies earned in the storied legacy of amg the highperformance arm of mercedesbenz one small plaque tells an even greater story affixed atop each amg engine it bears the signature of the single master technician who assembled it from raceproven components with his own hands the superlatively engineered automobile which houses this engine will go forth to achieve imposing results in virtually every dimension of performance but no matter what numbers it generates horsepower and poundfeet mph and rpm or seconds and g s every measure of a cls 63 amg starts with one amg-developed 6.3-liter v-8 the handcrafted v8 heart of the cls 63 amg produces a prodigious 507 hp 6,800 rpm and 465 lbft of torque 5,200 rpm accompanied by the throaty growl of the amg sport exhaust system 60 mph arrives in just 4.3 seconds.1 speedshift plus the paddleshifted 7speed automatic transmission offers the three driving

connecting your life stay in touch with mbrace your vehicle is more than a source of enjoyment it s a vital part of everyday living the mercedesbenz mbracetm system can make it easier from planning a trip to remembering where you parked to handling an unexpected emergency.12 you can access a world of security convenience and destination planning services from your vehicle your computer or even your smartphone with advanced reliable technology plus 24hour support from helpful experts mbrace helps keep you your life and your mercedesbenz connected from your vehicle three buttons inside your mercedes benz can connect you to emergency services our 24hour customer assistance center or our roadside assistance service.13 numerous mbrace services are also integrated with your vehicle s standard comand navigation system from your smartphone the mbrace mobile application for your iphone® or blackberry® lets you locate your vehicle from up to a mile away remoteunlock its doors find a nearby

mercedes-benz mbrace packages tm support when and where you need it two service packages are available each including an attractive complimentary trial period allowing you to experience the many ways that mercedesbenz mbrace can help connect and protect you and your vehicle the standard mbrace package includes all of the safety and security services as well as search send,tm one of the most popular navigation and destination planning features it also includes four reassuring convenience features such as the ability to locate your vehicle using your smartphone the mbrace plus package offers unlimited use of our expert concierge services spoken turnbyturn route assistance even if your car does not have a navigation system plus traffic and weather reports based on your location safety and security automatic collision notification navigation and destination planning search send convenience mercedes-benz concierge subscribing to mbrace plus gives you unlimited access to

cls 550 coupe shown with capri blue metallic paint please see endnotes at back of

build your own cls-class at www.mbusa.com/cls-class cls 550 cls 550 coupe option package premium 1 package · bixenon headlamps with active curve illumination and headlamp washing system · electronic trunk closer · ipod®/mp3 media interface11 · keylessgo · heated and active ventilated front seats · power rear window sunshade specifications engine transmission wheels suspension drivetrain not available 5.5liter v8 382 hp 6,000 rpm 391 lbft net torque 2,800­4,800 rpm 7speed automatic with steeringwheel mounted paddle shifters staggeredwidth 18 amg 5spoke with highperformance tires3 4wheel multilink with airmatic dc semiactive air suspension and adaptive damping system ads ii offering comfort and two sport modes rearwheel drive individual options distronic adaptive cruise control7 parktronic system exterior dimensions wheelbase overall length overall height overall width curb weight 112.4 in 193.6 in 55.7 in 82.9 in including mirrors 4,045 lbs standard optional interior

color and trim paintwork metallic obsidian black palladium silver indium grey flint grey iridium silver diamond white16 paintwork metallic paintwork non-metallic barolo red capri blue jade green black leather upholstery high-gloss wood trim ash black cashmere laurel 10 sirius® hardware and subscription required with the purchase of a new siriusenabled vehicle you ll receive a complimentary 6month subscription to sirius courtesy of mercedesbenz subscription governed by sirius terms conditions available at sirius.com sirius u.s satellite service available only to those at least 18 years of age in the 48 contiguous united states dc and puerto rico with coverage limitations service available in canada see www.siriuscanada.ca 11 all ipod® devices are sold separately feature not compatible with ipod shuffle see dealer for details 12 all mercedesbenz mbracetm services operate only where cellular and global positioning satellite signals are available which are provided by third parties

for a small blue planet for 125 years longer than any other automaker we ve been sharing this planet with you respecting it and protecting it have long been a part of our vision and ambition we introduced the world s first cfcfree car not just in its air conditioning but in its entire manufacturing process we ve been using waterborne paints for years and source the wood for our interior trim from responsibly sustained forests we ve been pioneering advanced powertrains for generations from today s hybrid models and 50state clean diesels to the fuel cell vehicles of tomorrow mercedesbenz is also legendary for producing automobiles of extraordinary durability with 88 of the vehicles sold in the last 20 years and a remarkable 75 of the vehicles we ve ever sold in the u.s still on the road.17 after all it takes virtually the same amount of energy to build vehicles that last as ones that won t even our brochures conserve resources and are produced with ecoconscious printing