2011 E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet by Mercedes-Benz USA

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the power to outgo the flow performance engineered to lead where other cars may someday go step on the accelerator in an eclass and an entire industry is propelled forward torquerich v6 and v8 engines generate a seemingly endless rush of thrust while exercising innovative measures to conserve fuel and reduce emissions advanced handling systems continually respond to changes in the road with instantaneous finetuning of the suspension through it all the first 7speed automatic transmission in its class adapts to your driving style with instant and constant enthusiasm v-6 and v-8 engines e 350 coupes and cabriolets feature a smooth strong 268hp v6 while a formidable 382hp 5.5liter v8 motivates the e 550 models both engines cleverly engage their alternators and power steering pumps only on demand boosting efficiency 7-speed automatic combining closeratio shifting with a wider overall range the eclass transmission responds seamlessly in either of two automatic modes or under manualstyle touch shift control paddle shifters are standard on e 550 models and an e 350 option advanced suspensions the agility control suspension on e 350 models recalibrates instantly to the road surface for an ideal balance of crispness and comfort on e 550 models a sporttuned dynamic handling suspension lets you modify the vehicle s driving character at the touch of a button altering the damping rates accelerator response and shift points staggered-width alloy wheels both the 17 split 5spoke wheels on the e 350 models and the 18 5spoke e 550 wheels are wider at the rear to balance stronger tire grip under acceleration with excellent steering feedback 18 amg wheels are optional on all models.