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e 350 sport sedan shown with optional capri blue metallic paint and premium 2 package please see endnotes at back of

changing the future is part of its history an ongoing retrospective of foresight look back over the life story of the automobile and you ll find mercedesbenz continually leading the way in safety innovation from the invention of the first crumple zone 60 years ago to the exclusive presafeĀ® system of today that can detect and prepare for a collision before it happens true to its heritage the 2011 eclass is engineered with visonary safety advances that watch the road ahead and to your side and that help you to see and be seen maybe all cars will do this someday the protection an eclass offers today could rewrite the story of your own life body structure eclass body structures utilize ultrahighstrength steel in critical areas to expertly manage both weight and impact forces wagons integrate an elaborate network of reinforcements to provide a generous crumple zone even with three rows of seating standard 11-way air bag protection no other car in its class offers air bags in more

e 550 sport sedan shown with almond/black interior burl walnut wood trim and optional parktronic night view assist plus and premium 2 package please see endnotes at back of

every surface reflects a deep tradition timeless style time well spent modern design meets classic craftsmanship in the eclass innovative luxuries transport you and your passengers in a spacious haven of endearing comfort and enduring quality shapely supportive front seats poweradjust 14 ways and recall up to three sets of stored settings intuitive controls and crisp instruments are rewarding to your eyes and hands as are the rich materials and meticulous attention to detail finely tailored upholstery is doublestitched and fitted by hand wood trim is handfinished accented with polished chrome and pleasing to your palette with deep black ash wood available exclusively on sport models and warm burl walnut offered on both the sport and luxury editions it takes time to craft the eclass cabin that s why you ll savor every minute here too panorama sunroof beyond the standard glass sunroof a vast optional expanse of heatreflecting glass provides first and secondrow passengers with a

e 350 4matic luxury wagon shown with almond/mocha interior burl walnut wood trim and optional leather upholstery and rear seat entertainment system please see endnotes at back of

the e 63 amg every masterpiece has a signature one man one engine beyond all the racing trophies earned in the storied legacy of amg the highperformance arm of mercedesbenz one small plaque tells an even greater story affixed atop each amg engine it bears the signature of the single master technician who assembled it from raceproven components with his own hands the superlatively engineered automobile which houses this engine will go forth to achieve imposing results in virtually every dimension of performance but no matter what numbers it generates horsepower and poundfeet mph and rpm or seconds and g s every measure of an e 63 amg starts with one amg-developed 6.3-liter v-8 with a patented duallength intake featuring two internal throttle flaps the handcrafted v8 of the e 63 amg outputs a prodigious 518 hp 6,800 rpm and 465 lbft of torque 5,200 rpm accompanied by the throaty growl of an amg sport exhaust system 60 mph arrives in just 4.3 seconds.14 speedshift mct the

e 63 amg sedan shown with iridium silver metallic paint and optional 19 wheels panorama sunroof and amg exterior carbon fiber driver assistance and premium 2 packages please see endnotes at back of

mercedes-benz mbrace packages tm support when and where you need it two service packages are available each including an attractive complimentary trial period allowing you to experience the many ways that mercedesbenz mbrace can help connect and protect you and your vehicle the standard mbrace package includes all of the safety and security services as well as search send,tm one of the most popular navigation and destination planning features it also includes five reassuring convenience features such as the ability to locate your vehicle using your smartphone the mbrace plus package offers unlimited use of our expert concierge services spoken turnbyturn route assistance even if your car does not have a navigation system plus traffic and weather reports based on your location safety and security automatic collision notification navigation and destination planning search send convenience mercedes-benz concierge subscribing to mbrace plus gives you unlimited access to

a personal expression can make a lasting impression no automaker has more experience in creating a great experience with a history of firsts that started with the invention of the car in 1886 every mercedesbenz embodies a unique biography of automotive achievement and yet the most compelling memoir will be the one you create for yourself to help you craft the character of your eclass to fit your own an array of thoughtfully innovative options and accessories is available mercedesbenz also offers you the opportunity to take your first drive in your new eclass in its natural german habitat then ship it home wherever you choose to go with your new eclass this is the start of a memorable journey options and packages make your eclass sedan or wagon your own with the optional equipment that suits you best the rear seat entertainment system offers firstclass entertainment to your secondrow passengers with dual input sources and two sets of wireless headphones turn the page for more options

color and trim paintwork metallic upholstery sport models 21 obsidian black steel grey indium grey palladium silver black ash/black almond/black21 natural beige/black upholstery luxury models 21 iridium silver diamond white20 pearl beige quartz blue black ash/dark grey almond/mocha paintwork non-metallic high-gloss wood trim 22 custom options please ask your dealer about exclusive designo paint and interior options capri blue black arctic white black ash burl walnut 5 distronic plus adaptive cruise control is no substitute for active driving involvement it does not react to stationary objects nor recognize or predict the curvature and lane layout of the road or the movement of vehicles ahead it is the driver s responsibility at all times to be attentive to traffic and road conditions and to provide the steering braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle drivers are cautioned not to wait for the distronic proximity warning system before braking as that