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ml350 shown above with optional lunar blue paint 4 matic all wheel drive parktronic and premium 1 package ml550 4 matic shown at right with optional diamond white metallic paint parktronic and driver assistance package please see endnotes at back of

ml350 shown with optional black leather upholstery burl walnut wood trim 4matic all wheel drive keyless go multicolor ambient lighting parktronic and on/off road and premium 1

u nconditional response the road the weather and even the planet each have their own ways of placing ever changing demands on drivers usually all at once but under any conditions the advanced performance systems of the m class take change in stride state of -the art direct injection gasoline and bluetec clean diesel engines deliver immediate response yet pay long -term dividends in efficiency and ultralow emissions with every move of each wheel the innovative agility control reads the road surface and instantly adjusts so its quick sharp reflexes don t compromise the silky ride in the new on/offroad package airmatic suspension combines adaptive damping 4 wheel level control and even a sport mode so its benefits can be enjoyed in weekend adventures and everyday driving and in every season available 4matictm all -wheel drive constantly sends the engine s torque to the wheels that can use it best and since it s compact lightweight and nimble it s also effective in dry corners and

s afety first actually hundreds of firsts look at the list of the safety features in most any suv today and you ll be looking into the history of mercedes-benz that s because our engineers have been leading the way in safety for more than 60 years about the time they invented the first crumple zone in the 1970s they earned a patent for the air bag in the decades to follow they pioneered a portfolio of safety breakthroughs that went on to become industry standards like the antilock braking system abs electronic stability program espĀ® and emergency sensing brake assist and with the introduction of the original m-class they were the first to bring side curtain air bags and the 4wheel electronic traction system 4ets to the world of suvs so when you examine the 2013 m-class you ll see more than a list of now familiar safety features you ll discover advancements that predict tomorrow s suvs while helping to protect your own tomorrow and your family s starting now new collision prevention

immeasurable it can welcome a mountain of cargo in and keep microscopic particles out and yet the m class is best appraised not by any quantity but by its qualities the facts and figures of the m-class cabin testify to its ample legroom and abundant cargo space they also tally many of its comforts like the eight ways that its heated front seats power-adjust or the size of the dust and pollen as tiny as 0.0002 that its dual zone climate control sweeps from the air or even the three selectable hues of its available ambient lighting but to truly appreciate its pleasures requires thinking in different dimensions consider the depth of its craftsmanship and the time spent hand-fitting its upholstery and hand-polishing its wood trim imagine the added degrees of comfort offered by options like a front-seat massage feature heated rear seats and a heated steering wheel or try to envision how many stars can glimmer through its available panorama roof the 2013 m-class brings suv luxury not just

ml63 amg shown with optional iridium silver metallic paint 21 amg twin 5-spoke wheels panorama roof and amg performance and driver assistance packages please see endnotes at back of

your world your way it s more than your car it s your life on the go where will you go next whether you re meeting friends picking up the kids or just out and about mercedesbenz mbraceĀ® can make any trip easier more productive and more enjoyable.7 the new mbrace2tm connects you and your car with the devices you already rely upon to get around your smartphone and computer it also brings the internet and useful new apps to your car so you can use familiar services like google mapstm and yelp to start navigating with just a few clicks friends can send their location to your car with just a text message you can lock your car s doors flash its lights or find it in a parking lot all from your smartphone when your teenager takes the wheel mbrace2 can deliver peace of mind via your computer it can bring the assistance of live experts right to your car from last-minute theater tickets to help in an emergency and it can all be updated remotely over the air so wherever the world goes mbrace

m ake it yours genuine mercedes-benz accessories help you make your suv the ideal expression of your personal style a wide selection of accessories allows you to enhance your vehicle s appearance expand its versatility or offer it some extra protection in everyday use from sporty alloy wheels to clever cargo solutions to state-of-theart multimedia systems they re all exclusively engineered to fit your suv as well as they fit your life it s a great way to make your mclass unmistakably yours while keeping it genuinely mercedes benz see the entire accessory selection at mbusa.com/m rear seat entertainment system offer first-rate entertainment to your 2nd -row passengers with dual 7 lcd monitors mounted behind each front head restraint each screen can play dvds or you can attach external devices like gaming consoles via usb and sd card slots two pairs of wireless headsets and a wireless remote are included to maximize passenger enjoyment with minimal driver distraction both screens can

c olor and trim upholstery almond beige black grey individually chosen exquisitely crafted designo is an exclusive program of leather upholstery and interior trim choices offering an extraordinary degree of handcrafted quality and personalization please ask your dealer about the designo paint and interior options for the m class or visit mbusa.com/designo wheel choices standard 19 twin 5spoke ml350 and ml350 bluetec standard 19 amg 5spoke ml550 4matic optional 20 twin 5spoke ml350 and ml350 bluetec optional 20 amg 5spoke ml550

for a small blue planet for more than 125 years longer than any other automaker we ve been sharing this planet with you and for generations mercedes -benz has been breaking new ground to help preserve the earth for future generations we introduced the world s first 100 cfc -free car not just in its air conditioning but in its entire production process we ve used water-borne paint for decades and our interiors have long used steam-expanded foam sustainably forested wood and natural products from coconut flax and even olives we ve been pioneering advanced powertrains for generations leading not just to today s direct injection gasoline clean diesel and hybrid models but to the electric and fuel cell vehicles of a tomorrow that s already here mercedes-benz is also legendary for making cars of exceptional durability after all it takes about the same energy to build a car that lasts as one that won t and along with award-winning factories and processes we re helping to develop local