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6 0 years of sports-car firsts and love at first sight introducing the all-new 6th generation sl-class it began with a racecar whose design was so focused on its purpose it would forever change the course of performance with an aerodynamic body wrapped around a lightweight aluminum spaceframe the sl racecar of 1952 would establish records that have yet to be broken its startling gullwing doors were created not to turn heads but accommodate them so its driver could enter quickly over the wide sills while wearing a racing helmet as it collected trophies around the world it also won the affection of the public who clamored for a version of their own and a sports-car legend was born six decades of breakthroughs later the 2013 sl class reaffirms its sporting roots with advanced performance engineering enveloped within an all-new aluminum body a first for an sl it s lighter and more powerful for quickness and agility yet it s stronger and more efficient for remarkable civility simply put it s designed to conquer the open road like never before and capture your heart as only an sl can learn more at mbusa.com/sl