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countless technological advances all for the simple joys of driving for as long as there have been sports cars their joys have been best achieved from some basic principles an ideal balance of power and weight and a clear connection between driver and driving as time marched on modern demands for safety comfort and efficiency made this timeless formula an increasingly complex equation with the 2013 sl550 purity and progress achieve new harmony its aluminum body twin turbo v8 semi-active suspension and adaptive brakes deliver the data nearly 50 more horsepower and 125 lb-ft more torque whisk a car that s almost 300 lbs lighter to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds 2 all with improved fuel economy 4 and cleaner emissions but more important than the figures is the feeling they inspire for that you must take its thick steering wheel in hand plant its 18 tires into a curve and revel in the whirr of its turbos and the growl of its dual exhausts every sensation will add up to a simple result pure driving fun pure power the new -generation 4.6-liter v 8 of the sl550 creates more power from smaller displacement with less fuel and fewer emissions twin intercooled turbochargers spin up to 150,000 rpm to boost its peak output to 429 hp and 516 lb ft of torque high-pressure direct injection and a rapid-multispark ignition manage fuel air and spark with millisecond quick timing and molecular precision clear change the 7-speed automatic has been reengineered for quicker smoother shifting an electronic shift lever in the console and paddle shifters on the steering wheel respond with a snap of your fingers driver adaptive logic and three selectable modes sport eco and manual suit your driving style and a new fuel saving eco stop/start system can automatically shut off the engine when you re idling then instantly restart it as you lift your foot from the brake pedal crisp control the 4-wheel multilink suspension s semi-active adaptive damping system continually adjusts to driving inputs and the road surface using a network of sensors the system can respond at each wheel in just 10 milliseconds to sharpen handling while the ride stays silky sport and comfort modes are driver -selectable new electromechanical power steering with our direct-steer system optimizes high-speed stability and feedback yet makes low -speed maneuvers and parking easier true traction staggered 18 alloy wheels and tires1 are wider at the rear axle for maximum grip during acceleration with precise steering feedback at all times optional 19 wheels are also available large 13.5 perforated front brake discs are emphatically clasped by 4 -piston fixed-type calipers and a new torque vectoring brake system enhances grip in hard corners by shifting torque toward the outside rear wheel.