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outpaces progress outpours passion progress accelerates quickly under the hood of a c class advanced performance technologies respond in milliseconds wasting no time in responding to your driving demands and wasting little else too the advanced cclass engines use innovative technology to create more power and torque from less fuel with fewer emissions their direct injection and rapid-multispark ignition can fine -tune themselves with millisecond speed the intercooled turbocharged 1.8liter 4 cylinder in the c250 combines sports-car response with compact efficiency up to 31 highway mpg.5 the 3.5liter v6 engines in the c300 4matic® and c350 are even quicker yet nearly as thrifty with an eco start/stop system that shuts off the engine while you wait at traffic lights as soon as you lift off the brake it instantly restarts so you can be on your way to achieving up to 29 highway mpg the versatile 7speed automatic offers sport and eco modes continually adapts to your current driving style or lets you take charge for yourself with touch shift control shift paddles on the steering wheel are standard on the coupes and included with the sport package on the c class sport sedans on any road in any season the confidence of 4matic® all wheel drive is standard on the c300 sedans and optional on the c350 coupe lightweight nimble and remarkably efficient 4matic always sends 55 of the engine s torque to the rear wheels to help preserve the sporty balanced feel that makes a c class fun in the sun and surer in snow.4 clever agility control® lets the 4 wheel multilink suspension read the road through the vertical movement of each wheel then instantly adapt the shock absorbers to offer an ideal mix of control in corners and comfort on rough or uneven roads specific calibration helps refine the character of each model with a comfort-tuned setup on luxury sedans and firmer tuning with a lower stance on the sport models the c250 coupe sport plus package features its own racing inspired suspension and a constant-ratio direct-steer system substantial 17 alloy wheels are standard on the c250 and c300 4matic models more aggressive 18 wheels1 are now standard on the c350 models and optional in a variety of styles on any sport sedan or coupe these models also feature staggered-width wheels to help the rear tires turn grip into go while the front tires keep steering feedback crisp.