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your world your way it s more than your car it s your life on the go where will you go next whether you re meeting friends picking up the kids or just out and about mercedes-benz mbrace® can make any trip easier more productive and more enjoyable.11 mbrace2tm connects you and your car with the devices you already rely upon to get around your smartphone and computer it also brings the internet and an ever-growing array of useful apps to your car so you can use familiar services like google mapstm and yelp to start navigating with just a few clicks friends can send their location to your car with just a text message you can lock your car s doors flash its lights or find it in a parking lot all from your smartphone when your teenager takes the wheel mbrace2 can deliver peace of mind via your computer it can bring the assistance of live experts right to your car from last-minute theater tickets to help in an emergency and it can all be updated remotely over the air so wherever the world goes mbrace will keep making it yours from your car with cloud -based apps mbrace2 brings the internet into your mercedes-benz using the available comand® navigation system you can find friends from their facebook® check ins search for restaurants on yelp or use google maps local search and street view instead of entering an address you can start navigating with just a few clicks new apps let you check the weather view traffic cams find and book a hotel room and even keep an eye on the stock market and three buttons in your car can connect you to emergency services our 24 hour customer assistance center our roadside assistance,21 or our mbrace plus concierge from your smartphone the mbrace mobile application for iphone® and androidtm phones lets you send addresses directly to your navigation system locate your car lock or unlock its doors flash its lights or monitor it when you valet-park with just a touch you can find a dealer and contact roadside assistance concierge services or mercedes benz financial services drive2friend tm lets someone upload their location directly to your navigation system simply by responding to a text message that you send them new enhancements to the app also let you monitor the curfew minder activate and deactivate mbrace features and receive push notifications.22 from your computer you can send addresses or even exact routes to your car s navigation system in a number of ways from the send2benztm website from google maps via search sendtm and route2benz and with a browser toolbar widget that lets you highlight any address on your screen and send it with just two clicks for added peace of mind when your kids use the car mbrace can alert you if they drive faster farther or later than you prefer your car can even send a monthly vehicle health report on its service needs right to your email inbox and you ll find a world of support at the mbrace website accessible through mbusa.com/mbrace.