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g63 amg shown with polar white paint please see endnotes on back

g550 shown with iridium silver metallic paint please see endnotes on back

performance art signed by the artist mounted atop every amg engine is a small plaque bearing the signature of the single technician who crafted it by hand more than a crown jewel of racing royalty it authenticates a philosophy that s been the driving force behind championship racecars for 46 years for the high-performance amg automobiles that carry this motorsports pedigree to the streets of the world one man one engine is far more than a spiritual legacy it s also tangibly evident in the meticulous engineering proven endurance and superlative performance that three letters and one signature certify the startling capability of the g63 amg comes from the grafting of two branches of its family tree its globe trekking gclass roots join forces with the world-renowned performance heritage of amg to create an suv whose overall performance eludes comparison with any vehicle on earth like every amg vehicle its heart is an engine crafted by a single pair of hands lurking behind the

a preview of what s behind you protective in nature for gclass engineers expecting the unexpected is part of their nature and while no driver ventures out on a quest for misadventure the gclass is prepared to be protective with advanced engineering rigorous testing and rugged construction when you shift to reverse the standard rear view camera shows a live view of the area behind your g-class on the cockpit s color display.8 when maneuvering in tight quarters parktronic uses ultrasonic sensors and in-cabin displays to help you detect and avoid nearby obstacles both in front of and behind your vehicle the evolution of revolutions in safety throughout its lifespan the gclass has adopted safety breakthroughs pioneered by mercedesbenz for its passenger cars before they were common on most cars the gclass offered the antilock braking system abs in the 1980s and a driver s front air bag in the 1990s and every gclass since its 2001 u.s debut has featured the electronic stability program

g63 amg shown with designo exclusive leather package in red/black and designo piano black lacquer wood trim please see endnotes on back

g550 shown with optional designo light brown nappa leather upholstery designo piano black lacquer wood trim and alcantara headliner please see endnotes on back

a mission to wherever and back in 1972 mercedes-benz set out to create a true multipurpose vehicle with the robust reliability and capability for industrial military and adventure-seeking use plus the comfort and safety for everyday civilian enjoyment they named it geländewagen which simply means cross-country vehicle equally functional in its operation and its aesthetic its unmatched blend of extreme off-road ability with on-road agility sent it on a journey far beyond what its creators ever imagined yet even after decades of winning coveted awards grueling endurance rallies and the confidence of its drivers the seemingly everlasting g remains absolutely true to its original mission 1972 development of a new type of off-road vehicle one that will excel in the toughest terrain yet provide mercedes -benz comfort and safety engineering begins in a cooperative agreement between daimler-benz in germany and steyr-daimler-puch in graz austria mercedes benz engineers in stuttgart focus

your world your way it s more than your car it s your life on the go where will you go next whether you re meeting friends picking up the kids or just out and about mercedes-benz mbrace® can make any trip easier more productive and more enjoyable.7 mbrace2tm connects you and your car with the devices you already rely upon to get around your smartphone and computer it also brings the internet and an ever-growing array of useful apps to your car so you can use familiar services like google mapstm and yelp to start navigating with just a few clicks friends can send their location to your car with just a text message you can lock your car s doors flash its lights or find it in a parking lot all from your smartphone when your teenager takes the wheel mbrace2 can deliver peace of mind via your computer it can bring the assistance of live experts right to your car from last-minute theater tickets to help in an emergency and it can all be updated remotely over the air so wherever the world

every owner deserves star treatment from the moment you first lay eyes on the mercedes-benz of your dreams to miles down the road you re more than a customer you re part of a family who values your well-being and your time you re driving automotive history carrying its rich heritage into tomorrow with innovations that don t yet exist in any other car and you re taking a journey that aims to be not merely enjoyable but truly memorable of all the treasures one might find behind the three-pointed star none means more to us than the driver prepare to be fascinated the experience of driving a new mercedes -benz begins before you get behind the wheel pay a visit to mbusa.com to learn about the full line of models as well as the innovative thinking and unmatched heritage behind every one the mercedes -benz usa apps for the ipad® bring you useful tools and enlightening videos all free from the apple itunes® store and be sure to check out the mbusa youtube channel like us on facebook and

color and trim g550 nappa leather upholstery black chestnut/black grey/black designo nappa leather upholstery designo black designo auburn brown designo classic red designo light brown designo mystic red designo porcelain designo sand designo titan grey pearl g63 amg designo exclusive leather package designo black designo red/black designo light brown/black designo porcelain/black designo sand/black designo titan grey

for a small blue planet for more than 125 years longer than any other automaker we ve been sharing this planet with you and for generations mercedes -benz has been breaking new ground to help preserve the earth for future generations we introduced the world s first 100 cfc -free car not just in its air conditioning but in its entire production process we ve used water-borne paint since the 1990s and our interiors have long used steam-expanded foam sustainably forested wood and natural products from coconut flax and even olives we ve been pioneering advanced powertrains for generations leading not just to today s direct injection gasoline clean diesel and hybrid models but to the electric and fuel cell vehicles of a tomorrow that s already here mercedes-benz is also legendary for making cars of exceptional durability after all it takes about the same energy to build a car that lasts as one that won t and along with award-winning factories and processes we re helping to develop local