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imagination what the leader follows of all the cars on the road there is only one that does not in fact cannot aim to be more like any other car for generations its mission has been to elevate the automobile and its driver to a level of capability comfort and confidence unmatched by anything already in existence leading the industry means following only the imagination of its creators the debut of an all-new sclass is more than a hopeful prediction of tomorrow it s a visionary preview of it today for 2014 it elevates vision to sight reflex to instinct comfort to well-being convenience to effortlessness and enjoyment to elation a leader cannot aspire to be like anything else the aim of the sclass has always been to inspire s550 s63 amg 4matic 1 with an abundance of groundbreaking advances in luxury safety and driving ease the s550 moves the entire industry forward a more potent 449hp biturbo v8 makes rapid progress you can enjoy purely for yourself standard airmatic ® adaptive

beacon without a single bulb a perpetual paragon of technological advancement the 2014 s class shares more than just its family lineage with the very first car it too is a pioneer of innovation lovingly crafted by hand and like the 1886 benz patent motorwagen it contains not a single lightbulb the first car so equipped since the dawn of electric lighting nearly 500 leds provide every traditional interior and exterior lighting function with greater effect and efficiency while introducing new elements of safety new feelings of security and new expressions of style only six years separate the patents issued to thomas edison for his lightbulb and to karl benz for his namesake car one of them shines more brilliantly than

s550 shown with ruby black metallic paint and optional surround view system and driver assistance premium 1 and sport packages please see endnotes on back

s63 amg 4matic shown with optional diamond white metallic paint silver 20 amg forged 10 spoke wheels surround view system and driver assistance package please see endnotes on back

mercedes-benz intelligent drive predict alert assist protect far more than a list of groundbreaking safety innovations a mercedes-benz is engineered as an integrated system that s designed to help you detect avoid and survive a collision like no other car pioneers of accident avoidance two safety systems that were first introduced by mercedes -benz to help you avoid potential collisions have since been adopted by virtually every automaker the electronic stability program esp ® monitors the car s response to driving inputs such as steering and braking and responds when needed to help keep the car on course.3 brake assist bas® can instantly maximize braking pressure if it detects an emergency braking situation potentially shortening your overall stopping distance.7 more than a continually expanding system of safety innovations intelligent drive is a philosophy whose roots trace to the origins of active safety engineering at mercedes-benz from the first antilock brakes to the future of

s550 shown with optional porcelain/black exclusive nappa leather upholstery burl walnut wood trim and optional surround view system and driver assistance premium 1 and warmth comfort packages please see endnotes on back

euphoria a sensation for every sense name a sense and the sclass offers a treat for it and while you would expect a luxury sedan to delight your eyes ears and hands it s your sense of well-being that s never been so well-attended generous in standard features a wealth of options let you further tailor your sclass to suit your desires and sense of style you can have not just the front seats heated but the steering wheel armrests and doors as well new hot stone massage and aromatherapy treatments can make driving to the spa more rejuvenating than the spa itself as you arrive an electronic valet can help you find a parking spot then virtually park the car for you handsfree and feet-free and if you return with an armful of packages you can open and close the trunk with a gentle kicking motion under the rear bumper all of this may sound rather indulgent but doesn t it make sense to make all your senses happy a higher standard of cabin comfort the standard heated front seats power-adjust

y our world delivered your way it s more than your car it s your life on the go where will you go next whether you re meeting friends picking up the kids or just out and about mercedes-benz mbrace® can make any trip easier more productive and more enjoyable.10 mbrace2tm connects you and your car with the devices you already rely upon to get around your smartphone and computer it also brings the internet including a password-protected high-speed wifi hotspot for you and your passengers along with an ever growing array of useful apps to your car so you can use familiar services such as google mapstm and yelp® to start navigating with just a few clicks friends can send their location to your car with just a text message you can lock your car s doors flash its lights or find it in a parking lot all from your smartphone when your teenager takes the wheel mbrace2 can deliver peace of mind via your computer it can bring the assistance of live experts right to your car from last-minute

express yourself genuine mercedes -benz accessories help you make your sedan the perfect expression of your personal style a wide selection of accessories lets you enhance your vehicle s appearance expand its versatility or offer it some extra protection in everyday use from stylish wheels to storage innovations to scintillating scents they re all exclusively engineered to fit your car as well as they fit your life it s a great way to make your s class unmistakably yours while keeping it genuinely mercedes -benz see the entire accessory selection at mbusa.com/s atomizer fragrances four distinctive aromas are available for the innovative cabin fragrance atomizer of the available air balance package each comes in its own elegant glass vial that s alluringly backlit by led illumination when placed into its receptacle in the glovebox the choice of scents includes nightlife mood sports mood downtown mood and freeside mood 20 10-spoke two-tone wheels enhance your car s poise and

c olor and trim leather upholstery nappa leather upholstery exclusive nappa leather upholstery standard on s550 optional on s550 shown standard on s63 amg 4matic® optional on s550 shown and s63 amg 4matic black black black nut brown/black crystal grey/seashell grey1 nut brown/black1 silk beige/espresso brown nut brown/black porcelain/black1 silk beige/espresso brown silk beige/espresso brown interior color configurations upper dash and doors seats and dash/door inserts except designo lower dash and carpeting designo deep sea blue/silk beige s550 only designo dash/door inserts match lower

for a small blue planet for more than 125 years longer than any other automaker we ve been sharing this planet with you and for generations mercedes -benz has been breaking new ground to help preserve the earth for future generations we introduced the world s first 100 cfc-free car not just in its air conditioning but in its entire production process we ve used water-borne paint since the 1990s and our interiors have long used steam-expanded foam sustainably forested wood and natural products from coconut flax and even olives we ve been pioneering advanced powertrains for generations leading not just to today s direct injection gasoline clean diesel and hybrid models but to the electric and fuel cell vehicles of a tomorrow that s already here mercedes -benz is also legendary for making cars of exceptional durability after all it takes about the same energy to build a car that lasts as one that won t and along with award-winning factories and processes we re helping to develop local