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its lines are unparalleled the sculpted lines of the 2015 e‑class reveal more than an elegantly aggressive stance they soar like a rocket trail tracing from the first car and revealing the future they underscore entire new generations of driving innovations they point the way forward for the category the e‑class itself created and they draw its character from your own

e 350 sport sedan shown with optional crystal grey/seashell grey leather black ash wood trim and optional keyless‑go sport steering wheel and premium package please see endnotes at back of brochure no matter when you take to the road in an e‑class it has a way of brightening your mood by day its impeccable finish greets your eyes and hands from the steering wheel handsewn in nappa leather to the handcrafted wood that spans the winglike dash and spacious functional center console by night — or as you pass through a dark tunnel — automatic ambient lighting bathes the cabin in a soothing glow leds and fiber-optics highlight the elegant details of the cabin in any of three driver-selectable hues at any time numerous technological breakthroughs help everyone enjoy the ride an ever-growing array of useful apps are delivered via in-car internet,4 thanks to mercedes-benz mbrace.® they integrate seamlessly with the audio and

fuel for thought direct fuel injection the diesel car the lithium-ion hybrid three types of power all of them pioneered by mercedesbenz each of them advanced to its most refined form yet in today’s e-class and all offering benefits inspired by the others — for more choices with virtually no

cleaner burning high-pressure direct injection is a feature of every e‑class engine including the bluetec diesel.1 in the gasoline engines highly precise injectors atomize the fuel into an ultrafine mist while an innovative rapid-multispark ignition fires each spark plug as many as four times in a millisecond the result —  both in the gasoline and diesel engines —  is cleaner more complete combustion in all driving conditions and the benefits to you are multiple stronger performance greater efficiency and lower emissions leaner running numerous components under the hood are optimized to further reduce fuel comsumption ancillary items such as the alternator and electric power steering pump are engaged only when they’re needed to help boost efficiency while leaving more of the engine’s power output available for acceleration twin turbos help the e 250 bluetec the new e 400 sedan and the amg models output

first when every second matters for more than 60 years mercedes-benz engineers have been inventing new generations of driving safety from 1951’s crumple zone to the first stability control 20 years ago countless breakthroughs have predicted the safety standards all cars eventually come to follow today’s e-class doesn’t just imagine what’s next it actually looks ahead — and all around the car — to detect imminent danger and responds to help you avoid it in the future perhaps all automobiles will be able to do all this as of today no car helps you see tomorrow the way an e-class can top-rated safety the e-class is the only sedan among its german or u.s built competition to be awarded a 2014 “top safety pick+” by the insurance institute for highway safety.9 in every e-class “safety first” means it’s engineered to be an integrated system of safety innovations — all helping make the most of the precious seconds

it can see danger   and see you through it with intelligent drive mercedes-benz introduces the next generation of safer driving and its breakthroughs are truly visionary multipurpose cameras multirange radar and a multitude of sensors continually survey your surroundings an integrated network of systems can alert you to danger from almost any direction — because they’re able to see more at once than the human eye they can adapt the car’s speed steering braking and exterior lighting to rapidly changing situations — because they can multitask more effectively and they can even take action autonomously on your behalf — to ease your journey help protect you and look out for others like never before learn more about the many safety innovations in the e‑class at mbusa.com/e mercedes-benz intelligent drive stereo multipurpose cameras while you drive a set of multitasking cameras continuously captures a

the hub of your universe an e‑class is more than a means of transportation it’s an extension of your senses a connection to your world and at the same time a delightful escape from the daily grind its intuitive controls respond naturally to your touch or even your voice userfriendly technology keeps pace with your moves or even anticipates them and it can invigorate rejuvenate and relax you all at once by making you the center of its

room to clear your head generous headroom is only one dimension of the e‑class cabin it’ll also make room for the sun and stars through its standard power glass sunroof or its available panorama roof which lets even the second row get a first-rate view of the sky its composed ride solid feel and precise handling — the same features that make an e‑class such an exceptional driver’s car — also make it a rewarding experience for its passengers kids or cargo the standard folding rear-facing 3rd‑row seat in the e 350 wagons bring seating capacity to seven the third row and easy‑fold second row fold flat in seconds to create up to 57.4 cubic feet of flat carpeted cargo space.2 people or packages the 60/40 split-folding rear seats let you carry one or two passengers along with longer cargo.2 standard on all wagon models they’re also available16 on the e‑class sedans e 350

express yourself genuine mercedes-benz accessories are exclusively engineered to fit your car as well as they fit your life a wide selection of accessories lets you enhance your sedan’s or wagon’s appearance expand its versatility or offer it some extra protection in everyday use from the allure of the illuminated star to state-of-the-art multimedia systems they’re a great way to make your e-class unmistakably yours while keeping it genuinely mercedes-benz see the entire accessory selection at mbusa.com/e 19 twin 5-spoke alloy wheels enhance your car’s poise and performance without sacrificing its precise engineering the five arched spokes of these 19 wheels3 echo the sleek lines of the e-class they’re polished to a high-sheen finish set off by contrasting himalaya grey inlays illuminated star as you drive led technology illuminates the star in the grille of your e-class sport model or amg model a gentle white glow outlines the star for a

color and trim upholstery styles standard mb-tex sport and luxury models leather sport and luxury models nappa leather sport and luxury models optional designo nappa leather all models amg nappa leather amg models upholstery colors black mb-tex leather nappa or amg nappa leather silk beige/espresso mb-tex leather nappa or amg nappa leather crystal grey/seashell grey mb-tex leather or nappa leather crystal grey/black mb-tex leather nappa or amg nappa leather porcelain/black leather or nappa leather chestnut brown/black leather or nappa leather designo sand nappa leather27 designo platinum white nappa leather27 designo saffron beige nappa leather27 designo mystic red nappa leather27 designo amaretto nappa leather27 designo auburn brown nappa leather27 designo black nappa leather27 designo light brown nappa leather27 endnotes 1 2 3 4 5 6 requires ultralow-sulfur diesel fuel mercedes-benz approves the use of b5 biodiesel diesel fuel with maximum 5 biodiesel content that meets astm

the personal rewards of striving to be the best are even more meaningful in the development of young people than they are for automobiles instilling the values of leadership goal-setting discipline and teamwork in youth is an investment in everyone’s future it’s why mercedes benz usa is collaborating with the laureus sport for good foundation with an ongoing commitment to train and place hundreds of coaches for after-school and in-school sports programs in communities around the country sports offer kids more than the chance to be physically active and have fun it’s also an opportunity to have a mentor who can guide them help them learn how to deal with major life issues and help them grow stronger not just physically but in their character as a mercedes benz driver you become a part of this effort to give hundreds of thousands of kids a better life today and all of us a brighter tomorrow learn more about how mercedes-benz usa believes in giving back at