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35 years running and climbing and coming home in 1972 mercedes-benz set out to create a true multipurpose vehicle — robust reliable and capable for industrial military and adventure-seeking use with comfort and safety for everyday civilian enjoyment they named it geländewagen — or “cross-country vehicle”— though with its unmatched blend of off-road ability and on-road agility it’s crossed the globe countless times after 35 years with 80 of production still in service the enduring g remains true to its original mission 1972 development of a new type of off-road vehicle — one that will excel in the toughest terrain yet provide mercedes -benz comfort and safety engineering — begins in a cooperative agreement between daimler-benz in germany and steyr-daimler-puch in graz austria mercedes benz engineers in stuttgart focus on its design and testing while the team in graz develops the production plans 1974 the first drivable prototype vehicle begins global testing from the coalfields of germany to the sahara desert to the arctic circle 1979 handcrafted production of the new “g -model” begins in graz 1980 the vatican takes delivery of a g -model specially outfitted with a clear thermoplastic top after serving the pope for years the “papa‑g” or “popemobile” will take up permanent residence at the mercedes -benz museum in stuttgart 1983 a specially prepared and modified 280 ge enters — and wins — the torturous paris–dakar rally covering nearly 7,500 miles 1994 the model line is officially renamed the “g-class.” 1999 the first amg-powered g -class debuts with a 354‑hp v‑8 2001 a series of refinements coincide with the u.s market launch of the g-class new wheels a chrome grille and body color bumpers surround a more luxurious cabin newly standard dynamic control systems include the electronic stability program esp ® brake assist bas® and 4‑wheel electronic traction system 4‑ets® 2004  t the 25th anniversary of the g-class the g 55 amg is upgraded a with a new supercharged v‑8 engine that develops 476 hp 2006 a documentary filmmaker is the first foreigner to reach the world’s coldest region — in siberia — with a passenger vehicle in winter he drives his stock g 500 nearly 12,000 miles in temperatures as frigid as –63°f without experiencing a single mechanical breakdown 2009 as of its 30th birthday over 200,000 units of the g class have been handcrafted in graz since the start of production 2012 extensive reengineering to advance its safety and performance as well as an exquisite new cabin reassert the g’s enduring appeal.