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your heart will race   your gaze will linger the mercedes-benz designs that people now regard as classics were all born as something strikingly modern what unites them is also what distinguishes them from other cars balance sculpture and details that start out ahead of their time and stand up to the test of

exquisite appointments.  zero disappointments no matter how closely you examine the new c‑class cabin there’s one thing you won’t find compromise from its wide flowing console to its satin aluminum accents it’s a multidimensional environment that’s functional fresh and fun the visual centerpiece of the c ‑class cockpit is its cascading console but the car’s center of attention is without a doubt its driver every control is optimized to fit feel and function naturally its instruments are designed to read quickly and clearly — from its analog gauges and vivid color screens to its newly available head‑up display every element is engineered to work with cohesive unity while achieving a higher order of aesthetic harmony as well three -dimensional shapes envelop the driver and passengers without crowding them the most spacious c‑class yet many details add to its open feel surfaces are cleverly shaped

custom car in addition to the four preconfigured drive modes of agility select you can use the touchpad controller and central screen to create a mode all your own with up to 120 combinations the individual mode lets you sharpen handling while optimizing fuel economy quicken acceleration while maximizing cabin comfort or even enjoy full manual control of the paddle-shifted 7‑speed

looks out for danger   and sees you through it with intelligent drive mercedes-benz introduces the next generation of safer driving and its breakthroughs are truly visionary multipurpose cameras multirange radar and a multitude of sensors continually survey your surroundings an integrated network of systems can alert you to danger from almost any direction — because they’re able to see more at once than the human eye they can adapt the car’s speed steering braking and exterior lighting to rapidly changing situations — because they can multitask more effectively and they can even take action autonomously on your behalf — to ease your journey help protect you and look out for others like never before learn more about the many safety innovations in the c‑class at mbusa.com/c mercedes-benz intelligent drive stereo multipurpose cameras while you drive a set of multitasking cameras continuously

c 400 4matic sedan shown with cranberry red black leather open -pore black ash wood and optional interior and multimedia

eyes on the road ahead an optional new head-up display13 can project an 8 wide high-resolution virtual image a few feet in front of the windshield color graphics show your speed and cruise-control settings plus the next instruction for the available comand® navigation all well within your natural field of vision the display automatically adapts to ambient lighting conditions but is further adjustable for brightness and height — with the position stored in the standard driver-seat memory stress-relieving style along with the supple richness of hand-fitted leather upholstery the interior package includes led ambient lighting for the cabin first pioneered by mercedes-benz the subtle glow that defines the cabin space is more than a stylish detail research has shown that it can elevate passengers’ sense of secure comfort when driving in darkness in the new c‑class leds and fiber optics work in concert to highlight the flowing console and sweeping door

rotary controller comand’s clear animated on‑screen menus feature an intuitive “carousel” layout turn the knob and your selection options rotate exactly the same way with tactile “clicks” adapting to the number of items in each menu touchpad the new fingertip interface responds much like the tablet you use at home but is easy to master by feel alone you can swipe left–right or up–down to navigate maps and menus and pinch to zoom on a map you can even handwrite letters and numbers on it with each one shown on‑screen and confirmed by the system out loud drive modes an intuitive paddle switch lets you sequence through the modes of agility select.® nearby buttons can raise the ride height for the available airmatic® suspension and operate the power rear-window sunshade a button on the right turns the eco start/stop system off or on quick-access keys three keys on the touchpad let you call up the main audio menu go back one

express yourself genuine mercedes -benz accessories are exclusively engineered to fit your car as well as they fit your life a wide selection of accessories lets you enhance your sedan’s appearance expand its versatility or offer it some extra protection in everyday use from the artful allure of the illuminated star to state-of-the-art multimedia systems they’re a great way to make your c-class unmistakably yours while keeping it genuinely mercedes-benz see the entire accessory selection at mbusa.com/c 19 6-spoke alloy wheels enhance your car’s poise and performance without sacrificing its precise engineering the six spokes of these 19 wheels each feature an inverted rib and a distinctive titanium grey/polished finish illuminated star as you drive led technology illuminates the star in the c‑class grille with a gentle white glow for a captivating presence on the nighttime road.21 garmin map pilot for c‑class sedans with the standard 7 screen,22

color and trim upholstery styles c 300 sedan mb-tex shown or leather c 300 sedan luxury package mb-tex shown or leather c 300 sport package and c 400 mb-tex or leather shown upholstery colors black mb-tex or leather c 300 c 400 silk beige/black mb-tex or leather c 300 only not available with luxury or sport package crystal grey/deep sea blue mb-tex c 300 luxury package cranberry red/black leather c 300 sport package c 400 silk beige/espresso brown mb-tex or leather c 300 luxury package crystal grey/black mb-tex c 300 leather c 300 c 400 not available with luxury package endnotes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 introduction dates vary please see your dealer stated rates of acceleration are estimated based upon manufacturer’s track results and may vary depending on model environmental and road surface conditions driving style elevation and vehicle load 2015 epa estimated fuel economy figures compare the estimated mpg to the estimated mpg of other vehicles you may get different mileage depending

the personal rewards of striving to be the best are even more meaningful in the development of young people than they are for automobiles instilling the values of leadership goal-setting discipline and teamwork in youth is an investment in everyone’s future it’s why mercedes benz usa is collaborating with the laureus sport for good foundation with an ongoing commitment to train and place hundreds of coaches for after-school and in-school sports programs in communities around the country sports offer kids more than the chance to be physically active and have fun it’s also an opportunity to have a mentor who can guide them help them learn how to deal with major life issues and help them grow stronger not just physically but in their character as a mercedes benz driver you become a part of this effort to give hundreds of thousands of kids a better life today and all of us a brighter tomorrow learn more about how mercedes-benz usa believes in giving back at