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calm collected wisdom it’s not hard to appreciate how a car’s accident avoidance reflexes are related to its sporty confident handling but in truth every aspect of safety in a mercedes-benz is inherently connected to its performance that includes its legacy of safety leadership with many of its innovations directly inspired by — and proven in — the grueling trials of motorsports conversely many safety advances have also elevated the car’s athletic ability from the handling precision that results from its highly rigid body to numerous advancements of its powerful fade-resisting brakes in a mercedes-benz safety is not just a list of features — long as that list may be it’s an integrated system — engineered to look ahead yet act in the moment and prepared to summon hundreds of elements and decades of knowledge for one reassuring goal protecting your well-being learn more about the many safety innovations in the c-class coupe at mbusa.com/c eyes to your sides no matter how carefully you adjust your mirrors and check over your shoulders before changing lanes you cannot control the actions of other drivers when optional blind spot assist detects a vehicle to either side it illuminates an icon in the mirror to alert you if you signal for a lane change the icon flashes and a warning tone sounds the system is also available with active technology that can selectively brake individual wheels to help guide you back into your lane automatically.5 please see endnotes at back of brochure.