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thrust without thirst the inline-4 in the c 250 coupe teams a quick-spooling intercooled turbocharger high-pressure direct injection and rapid multispark ignition to evoke 201 hp from a compact 1.8 liters its impressive 229-lb‑ft torque peak is at your command from a mere 2,200 rpm all the way up to 4,300 rpm so you’re almost always in the throttle’s “sweet spot.” the result is an irresistible mix of response and responsibility up to 31 mpg on the highway,3 0 to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds,4 and ultralow emissions progressive powerhouse the 3.5‑liter v‑6 in the c 350 also employs direct injection and multispark ignition to generate strong power and rich torque from a leaner greener fuel–air mixture with 302 hp on tap it can accelerate to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds but still return up to 28 mpg on the highway and certified ultralow emissions anywhere all-road confidence an alluring option on the c 350 coupe is 4matic® all-wheel drive one of the most lightweight and compact systems in its class 4matic automatically sends the engine’s torque to the wheels that have the best grip —  whether that’s all four wheels two of them or even just one it’s also nimble flexible and quick to respond so 4matic enhances handling in any season from a wet highway in winter to your favorite back road on a sunny summer day.2 greener red lights while you’re waiting for a light to change or for traffic to get going an eco start/stop system on the c 350 coupe can automatically switch off its engine helping save fuel and cut emissions when you’re ready to get going the v‑6 automatically fires back to life as you lift your foot from the brake or the instant you press the accelerator fingertip 7‑speed the sporty smooth and efficient automatic transmission features a leather-trimmed touch shift gear selector in the console and a pair of shift paddles on the steering wheel at any time a tap of either paddle gives you instant manual control fully automatic shifting resumes after a few seconds of paddle inactivity and a pushbutton sport setting raises the shift points to higher rpm ideal for more spirited driving poised performance with a lowered stance and sport tuning the 4‑wheel multilink suspension combines crisp feedback with a refined ride innovative agility control® continually reads the road surface via the movement of each shock absorber it can instantly firm up for sharper response in corners while maintaining a composed ride on rough or uneven roads with the c 250 sport package plus a racing-inspired suspension features components and calibration set up by the performance experts at amg on all c‑class coupes staggered-width wheels enhance launch grip without compromising steering feel in addition to the standard 17 c 250 and 18 c 350 wheels an array of 18 options includes four amg® designs.1