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it’s not what it goes for but what it stands for many cars are born from inspiration the s‑class is   born to serve as one — not just to other automakers but for its own driver its mission is to elevate every dimension of capability confidence and comfort to levels never before achieved by an

sometimes by years   sometimes milliseconds but always ahead when innovations reach the road first in a mercedes-benz they do more than break new ground they cover ground more quickly cling to it more surely and reshape it more smoothly the performance legacy that began at history’s first auto race only sped up from that victory — bringing the world the multivalve engine all-wheel drive fuel injection the independent suspension electronic throttle the driveradaptive transmission countless breakthroughs in braking the lithium-ion hybrid car and now the only camera-based active suspension in production whether each innovation leaps forward to start a new generation or hones the car’s response by mere milliseconds together they help ensure that the driver of an s‑class is always ahead of the

quick thinking every s‑class engine is engineered to be leaner and greener each of the biturbo v‑6,1 v-8 and v‑12 powerplants turn less gasoline into more torque an innovative rapid-multispark ignition can fire each spark plug up to four times in a millisecond for cleaner more complete combustion ancillary components that are engaged only when needed — along with electromechanical power steering — help increase efficiency while leaving more of the engine’s power output available for quick acceleration and as you wait at red lights or in traffic   eco start/stop can automatically shut off the engine helping to save fuel and emissions when you’re ready to go the engine instantly and seamlessly restarts year-round confidence optional on the gasoline-only s 550 sedan 4matic® all-wheel drive automatically sends the engine’s torque to the wheels with the best

a pledge that starts with hand on heart crowning the engine of an s 63 amg or s 65 amg is a plaque bearing the signature of the man whose two hands carefully brought it to life the same passion for exactitude courses throughout the vehicle from its racing-derived chassis drivetrain and bodywork to its exclusive instruments controls and appointments the impeccable intensity of amg engineering and craftsmanship puts a world of performance at your feet — and more importantly directly into your hands s 63 amg 4matic a handcrafted amg biturbo v‑8 achieves staggering peaks of output 577 hp and 664 lb‑ft of torque a lithium-ion battery and the strategic use of carbon fiber in its predominantly aluminum body help save nearly 220 lbs for a class-leading ratio of weight to v‑8 power the 7‑speed amg speedshift® mct transmission offers three driving programs its paddle -shifted manual mode can upshift in 100

it’ll see you to your future now for more than 60 years mercedes-benz engineers have been foretelling the future of automotive safety from 1951’s crumple zone to the first stability control 20 years ago countless breakthroughs have predicted the safety standards all cars eventually come to follow today’s s‑class doesn’t just imagine what’s next it actually looks ahead — and all around the car — to detect imminent danger and responds to help you avoid it as history has shown someday all automobiles will be able to do this as for now no car helps you see tomorrow the way an s‑class can s 550 sedan shown with iridium silver metallic paint and optional 4matic all‑wheel drive 20 5‑spoke wheels executive rear seat premium rear seat and warmth comfort packages and executive rear seat package

s 550 sedan shown with optional nut brown/black exclusive nappa leather designo brown sunburst myrtle wood trim and burmester high -end 3d surround sound system power rear seats with memory and premium

please see endnotes at back of brochure executive rear seat package.22 the motoring equivalent of a corner office — and a standard v‑12 perk — adds active multicontour outboard rear seats along with pneumatic adjustment of your lumbar thigh and shoulder supports six massage programs include two “hot stone” treatments the right rear seat reclines farther to 43° and offers a power-operated calf rest many features are operated via the rear seat entertainment screens and wireless remotes executive rear seat package plus.22 for the ultimate in travel by land a pair of individual power seats are divided by a functional console elegantly trimmed in hand-finished wood and shimmering metal the console’s multiple compartments open to reveal lined storage and a pair of led‑illuminated cupholders that can be heated and cooled a pair of sleek aluminum writing tables can be raised from within the console or folded and

build your own mbusa.com/s s 550 option packages s 550 plug-in hybrid1 premium package s 600 s 63 amg 4matic s 65  amg • ventilated front seats with rapid-heating feature • active multicontour front seats with “hot stone” massage • keyless ‑go® with hands-free access • parktronic with active parking assist • power rear-side window sunblinds driver assistance package requires premium package • distronic plus® with steering assist12 • pre-safe® brake with pedestrian recognition12 • bas® plus with cross-traffic assist9 • pre‑safe plus rear-end collision protection • active blind spot assist11 • active lane keeping assist10 warmth comfort package requires premium package and driver assistance package on s 63 amg • heated steering wheel • power outboard rear seats each with memory and detachable headrest pillows20

interior trim designo designo paintwork leather and interior trim choices offer an extraordinary degree of handcrafted quality to learn more about designo for the 2015 s class please ask your dealer or visit mbusa.com/designo black poplar wood    burl walnut wood  eucalyptus wood   s 550 plug-in hybrid only  designo brown sunburst myrtle wood  optional  designo metallized ash wood29  optional  designo black piano lacquer wood  optional includes metal designo insignia  amg carbon fiber/black piano lacquer wood amg models only optional please see endnotes at back of

the personal rewards of striving to be the best are even more meaningful in the development of young people than they are for automobiles instilling the values of leadership goal-setting discipline and teamwork in youth is an investment in everyone’s future it’s why mercedes-benz usa is collaborating   with the laureus sport for good foundation with an ongoing commitment to train and place hundreds   of coaches for after-school and in-school sports programs in communities around the country sports offer kids more than the chance to be physically active and have fun it’s also an opportunity to have a mentor who can guide them help them learn how to deal with major life issues and help them grow stronger not just physically but in their character as a mercedes-benz driver you become a part of this effort to give hundreds of thousands of kids a better life today and all of us a brighter tomorrow learn more about how mercedes-benz usa believes in giving