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yearning curve for 47 years amg has been creating championship racecars and thoroughbreds for the street every trophy earned and each lesson learned has shared the same starting line an engine crafted by the hands of its own master “one man one engine” is more than a guiding philosophy — it’s a pedigree of performance that’s evident throughout the car and it’s a promise made during the rigors of competition that every mercedes-amg fulfills even in the routine of a daily commute is it a racecar for the road no it’s an automobile that can conduct itself with absolute authority in any arena of driving sl 63 amg a master engine builder takes his time handcrafting the biturbo v-8 of the sl 63 —  quite possibly the last time it ever experiences such a deliberate pace now packing 577 hp and 664 lb -ft of torque it delivers 60 mph in 4.1 seconds.1 the 7-speed amg speedshift ® mct multiclutch transmission offers four shift programs the paddle-shifted manual mode can upshift in 100 milliseconds and rev-match each downshift with an accompanying snarl of the growling exhaust enormous racing-bred brakes a limited-slip differential staggered 19 amg® twin 5-spoke wheels4 and amg-calibrated active body control abc® collaborate for brilliant response in all conditions sl 65 amg twelve cylinders and two turbos add up to 621 handmade horsepower and 738 lb -ft of torque factor in a 7-speed amg speedshift plus transmission and you get 0–60 in just 3.9 seconds the massive brake hardware and abc fully active suspension each reflect their amg engineering they take charge of the road on ultralight forged-alloy amg 10-spoke wheels that are staggered in width and diameter 19 front/20 rear amg drive unit in either amg sl a set of controls on the console lets the driver choose from four modes for the transmission two for the suspension and three for the esp.® the driver can also store a favorite overall setup.