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steering rack and pinion power steering rack and pinion power steering rack and pinion specifications engine torque ft lbs to in lbs torque ft lbs to in lbs 11 ft lbs to in lbs ft lbs to in lbs stainless steel tube in tube carbon fiber driveshafts front air dam front fender front fender trim carbon fiber engine cover rear side window trim front brake disc black chrome tailpipe carbon fiber product light covers chrome wheels and tires high pressure high temperature electric oil pump stainless steel trim limited slip differential indoor car cover rack and pinion window rack and pinion power steering mount new sport car steel blue metallic paint upper and lower a arms upper and lower limits 8 pin to 4 pin power adapter rack and pinion mount rack and pinion car rack and pinion mounts 4 pin to 8 pin power adapter 8 pin to 3 pin adapter 9 pin to 8 pin adapter 6 pin to 8 pin adapters 8 pin to 4 pin adapter 4 pin to 8 pin adapter 8 pin to 9 pin adapter 6 pin to 4 pin adapters 6 pin to 4 pin adapter 6 pin to 7 pin adapter types of steering system rack and pinion 800 rack and pinion door to door illumination rack and pinion design the front axle engine and transmission 9 pin to 15 pin tube to tube connection tube to tube mercedes amg mercedes benz belt mercedes benz transmission mercedes benz germani engine mercedes benz

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purely emotional a 509‑lb sculpture of aluminum magnesium and a hint of steel shapes the future of a performance legacy the long hood and strong shoulders reveal the natural balance of the powertrain and of its performance skill set lightness with each of its 503 hp carrying just 7.3 lbs aerodynamics with every intake outlet spoiler and diffuser feeding air in drawing heat away generating downforce and luring the eye brilliance with the superlative visibility and visual signature of full-led lighting and distinction with gloss or matte paintwork three styling packages and six wheel choices so each amg gt s can be the pure reflection of its

one man one engine the 503‑hp biturbo v‑8 of the amg gt s is built using the same principles as the engines powering amg’s formula 1,® dtm and gt3 racecars each engine is handbuilt by its own master craftsman from the inspection of each part to final testing in a sports-car first amg engineers have developed a completely new engine teaming dry-sump lubrication with a “hot inside v” turbo setup with no oil pan the v‑8 is mounted 2.2 lower and further back improving front/rear balance and lowering the car’s center of gravity the two intercooled turbos nest between the cylinder banks — a compact design that eradicates turbo lag while enhancing

amg gt s shown at left with optional brilliant blue metallic paint cross-spoke forged wheels in titanium and amg carbon-ceramic braking system amg gt s shown below with mars red paint and optional amg exterior carbon fiber package please see endnotes on back cover high-pressure dry-sump lubrication amg-patented nanoslide® technology third-generation direct injection twin quick-spooling turbochargers can circulate all 9.5 quarts of motor oil plasma-sprays the cylinder walls using an pressurizes gasoline to 2,900 psi within can achieve 186,000 rpm and 16 psi of in the external reservoir through the electrical arc — a technology transferred milliseconds piezo injectors can atomize boost their placement in the “hot v” engine at a rate of 4.4 quarts/second from amg’s f1 racing engines it creates the fuel in an ultra-precise pattern that’s between the cylinder banks shortens their in addition to reducing the overall engine a

please see endnotes on back cover power of balance the dynamically ideal 47/53 front/rear weight distribution of the amg gt s comes from its front-mid-engine/rear-transaxle layout weighing less than 9 lbs a carbonfiber driveshaft transfers the biturbo v-8’s enormous power from within a highly rigid aluminum torque tube the transaxle unites the 7‑speed dual-clutch gearbox and new electronic limited-slip differential in one housing every chassis element helps optimize weight balance agility and feedback — from the forged aluminum double-wishbone suspension to brake calipers oriented toward the car’s

a 47/53 front/rear weight distribution lowering weight and elevating rigidity the 7-speed amg speedshift® dct racing-bred amg adaptive suspension is the ideal setup for a car in motion gearbox offers five modes in the sport uses forged aluminum double wishbones are the simultaneous goals evident from at launch it helps the 295/30r20 rear sport or race mode its dual clutches and hub carriers at all four wheels raising the body structure to the running gear tires1 turn grip into acceleration along can shift in less than 100 milliseconds rigidity while reducing unsprung weight the body is 90 aluminum — strategically with the low center of gravity it reduces along with direct 7–4 and 5–2 downshifts parallel upper and lower arms plus coilcast stamped and extruded to combine inertia when changing direction braking the time spent off-throttle is minimized over shocks — hub-mounted at the rear —  extremely high

choice of

heart–soul coordination born to perform the motorsports know-how that’s engineered into every component of the amg biturbo v‑8 gives the car its racing heart a plaque on the engine cover bears the signature of its builder the two hands that lovingly craft each engine do more than bring it to life they also give each amg gt s its undeniable soul instant connection the amg performance seats are not merely racing-inspired they’re track-ready deep bolsters for the torso and thighs are power-adjustable along with their integrated head restraints the seats support the driver and passenger during highly dynamic driving — from winding roads to racing

full control configured to evoke the v‑8 engine the console’s eight controls invite fine-tuning of the car’s performance at any time individual pushbuttons offer a multitude of modes for the suspension shifting exhaust and eco start stop the touchpad comand® system unifies the audio navigation and cloud-based apps.3 five drive modes a twist of the amg dynamic select knob lets you choose any of four driving setups or create your own individual program à la carte each of the comfort sport sport and race modes adapts the throttle response shift programming 3‑stage esp,® suspension steering exhaust and eco start/stop system please see endnotes on back

amg dynamic plus package further extending the on-track capabilities of the amg gt s is a suite of engineering enhancements tauter damping increased negative camber and reprofiled steering deliver more direct response via an amg performance steering wheel hand-stitched in grippy dinamica microsuede crisp yellow gauge graphics hint at the engine’s widened power band — extended to deliver maximum horsepower from 6,000 to 6,500 rpm revised mapping of the chassis and powertrain controls sharpens their response in manual and race modes and the package’s technological centerpiece is its active engine and transmission mounts innovative magnetorheological fluid can stiffen the mounts in 0.001 sec when electrical current is applied by individually varying their rigidity the mounts help to increase steering precision stability and driver feedback during rapid revs high cornering forces or hard braking and since the fluid reverts to more supple isolation

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option packages individual options exterior styling packages interior styling options amg dynamic plus package amg® carbon-ceramic braking system5 distronic plus8 carbon fiber engine compartment cover panorama roof rear badge deletion indoor car cover burmester ® high-end surround sound system with 11 speakers and 1,000 watts total power amg exterior carbon fiber package upholstery not available with night styling or silver chrome package • carbon fiber front air-dam splitter front fender-vent fins side mirrors and rear apron insert • gloss black grille crosswing surround and side window trim nappa leather  standard exclusive nappa leather  includes exclusive interior package exclusive nappa leather/dinamica with contrasting stitching  includes exclusive interior package amg night styling package interior trim not available with exterior carbon fiber or silver chrome package • gloss black front air-dam splitter grille crosswing surround