2016 MB C-Class Sedan by Mercedes-Benz USA

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drive life to the fullest driving is all about responding to change even in your daily commute every mile can be different so can each day — as weather passengers and road conditions come and go no matter where you’re going you can adapt how your c ‑class feels and responds to how you feel a few taps of its dynamic select button can dial up sharper handling relaxed comfort or peak efficiency you can even create a mode all your own it’s one of many vehicle settings you can customize via the car’s touchpad and big color screen the touchpad also puts a world of entertainment and information at your fingertips with tablet style gestures like swipe and pinch-to -zoom or even handwriting and since your soundtrack can change a good drive to great burmester ®— germany’s renowned crafter of high-end home audio — has developed a 590‑watt 9‑channel surround sound system with 13 high-end speakers and exquisite metal grilles.