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the operation of the cellular system dual zone climate control 17 in x 13 in mercedes benz engines c class mercedes benz engines mercedes benz engine build your own mercedes carbon fiber dash inside rearview mirror remote lock unlock front air dam daytime running lamp steering wheel center caps black chrome tailpipe wheel center caps wheel center cap x wheels center cap 2 x wheels 6 center cap 2 rear side window trim x wheels center cap wheels center caps chrome wheel center cap black ash wood wheel center caps 18 2 18 wheel center caps limited wheel center cap in dash dvd in dash dvd players cruise control adapter electric parking brake electric park brake folding rear seat electronic gear selector cd player with remote function of a garage door opener high performance exhaust systems power steering and brake system the real deal 9 pin to 8 pin adapter usb 8 pin plug to 9 pin plug adapter audio 6 pin to 7 pin adapter 8 pin to 5 pin audio adapter 8 pin to 3 pin adapter 9 pin to 8 pin adapter 6 pin to 8 pin adapters 8 pin to 4 pin adapter 4 pin to 8 pin adapter 8 pin to 9 pin adapter 6 pin to 4 pin adapters 6 pin to 4 pin adapter 6 pin to 7 pin adapter 13 pin to 9 pin adapter 13 pin to 8 pin adapter 15 pin to 18 pin adapter 16 pin to 16 pin adapter

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knockout profile knockoff price it’s easy to admire a car’s styling but when a car has true style that’s something else it’s also fun to find a good deal but so much better when it turns out to be the real deal the cla doesn’t merely wear the illustrious star in its grille it earns it — with the innovation of its engineering the reward of its performance and a design that reflects not just its own shining character but yours true style comes from confidence and from competence it comes from within it’s why the cla fits in so well in the mercedes-benz family of cars — and stands out next to every other car at its

get it custom tailored luxury leadership to racing championships the spacious sporty cla cabin is inspired equally by all of its family values it’ll seat you comfortably it’ll suit you

pay bac konouts ta nding ba lance in the business world they say time is money in the cla 250 time is everything it’s the currency of quickness from its 6.9‑second 0–60 rush3 to the 150,000 spins/minute of its turbo at max boost time is what puts you ahead the direct injection and multispark ignition can fine -tune themselves in a millisecond its dual-clutch 7‑ speed automatic can change gears faster than a human can shift a manual gearbox and its available 4matic® all-wheel drive4 and new adjustable suspension can both respond to the road in real time as for having a great time that’s the payoff of driving a

emergency sensing brake assis t adaptive braking technology the brake assist system bas® senses emergency braking based on the speed at which you press the brake pedal if it detects a panic situation it immediately applies maximum available power boost by eliminating the delay caused by a common human tendency not to brake hard enough soon enough brake assist can potentially reduce the overall stopping distance — a benefit that may help you avoid a collision letting up on the brake pedal releases brake assist.9 a suite of advancements pioneered by mercedes -benz has gone on to become an industry standard if you lift off the accelerator pedal quickly predictive brake priming pre -charges the brakes for more immediate response when you apply them in the rain automatic brake drying periodically sweeps water build -up from the discs hill -start assist helps prevent rollback in uphill starts and a brake hold feature can make long red lights or stopped traffic a

ergonomic stimulus package the cla cockpit takes good looks to the next level with illustrated color displays crisp analog gauges and a design you can’t help but pause to admire when you’re not focusing on the road and when you are on the move its ergonomic design looks even better readouts are clear at a glance key controls are at your fingertips like a multifunction steering wheel with shift paddles and all its features feel like second nature from the first time you use

travel without reservations in the versatile cla take out a few friends take on a weekend’s luggage or take in the nighttime sky whether you’re going out on the town or out of town the outgoing cla is up for it anytime you are extend your stay please see endnotes at back of

car in your pocket the mbrace mobile app on your iphone or android phone lets you remote-control a number of car features from anywhere your phone has service you can lock or unlock the doors locate your car on a map from up to a mile away or flash its lights and sound the horn you can even look up an address and send it directly to your car’s comand navigation system our world is yours the online world of mercedes-benz is one of many ways you can enjoy being part of the family you can keep up to date with news and events or take in an entertaining film you can get more from your vehicle with helpful tutorial videos and downloadable manuals and you can check out photos from other mercedes-benz drivers and fans and best of all share yours as

  standard     optional interior trim anthracite cla 250 aluminum amg cla 45  burl walnut wood cla 250 amg cla 45 carbon fiber amg cla 45 amg performance graphic amg cla 45  amg performance studio package cirrus white jupiter red night black cocoa brown metallic cosmos black metallic northern lights violet metallic polar silver metallic mountain grey metallic designo magno polar silver matte finish cla 250 black ash wood cla 250 amg cla 45

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