2016 MB GLE-Class Coupe by Mercedes-Benz USA

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please see endnotes on back cover thoroughbred bearing the signature of masterful combining seven speeds with dexterous athleticism is more than pure dominating from the “a‑wing “front air the master engine builder who crafted it multiple modes the amg speedshift® muscle which is why agility has long been dam to its rear spoiler and four polished by hand the 577‑hp 5.5‑liter amg biturbo plus transmission keeps power flowing an amg hallmark with amg components tailpipes the visual presence of the gle 63  v‑8 is a high-tech tour de force the twin seamlessly call up instant manual control and calibration the airmatic® suspension   unabashedly proclaims its power widened turbos rapidly spool up to 185,000 rpm anytime via the aluminum shift paddles and  combines multi-mode adaptive damping black fender flares and illuminated brushed  to output the full 561 lb‑ft of torque from five driving modes of dynamic select   speed-based lowering and 4‑wheel leveling  aluminum running boards barely contain 1,750 to 5,250 rpm high-pressure direct another gle 63 signature — its unmistakable  to optimize handling and ride across a the supersized 22 amg® wheels and tires.3 injection and multispark ignition fine-tune sound — is the work of its growling amg wide variety of surfaces and situations massive amg brakes measure 15.4 front it on the fly with millisecond speed and sport exhaust computer-controlled vanes   in corners the active curve system’s 13.6 rear red calipers employ six pistons molecular precision amg performance in the optional amg dynamic performance   electrohydraulic stabilizers tighten to help at each front wheel in the optional night   4matic® all-wheel drive transmits torque exhaust unleash an audible celebration   minimize body roll in straightaways they package deep black wheels mirrors and to tarmac in a 40:60 front/rear split.2 of power with every rev and gear change relax to enhance comfort and composure other details shroud the gle 63 in mystery.