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cargo passenger vans metris gives your business endless possabilities introducing metris as the first mid-size commercial van from mercedes-benz the metris will change the way you do business gone are the days of settling for vehicles that are too small for your cargo or too bulky for your garage metris is sized just right to fit anything and anywhere

cargo passenger vans rightsize metris fits virtually any business from hvac to carpentry courier to general contracting and taxi to luxury limousine metris has you covered it’s small when it needs to be and big where it counts bigability smallability cargo van 74.4 height passenger 75.2 height cargo 186 cu ft of cargo volume fits in suburban garages 111.5 of cargo length fits through low parking structures 2,502-lb max payload 38.7 turning radius 37.8 side door opening width remarkable car-like handling 4,960-lb towing capability passenger van seating for 7 optional for 8 over 40 of headroom generous leg and shoulder room standard sliding doors on both sides

passenger van passengervan metris is the first choice when it comes to moving passengers safely and efficiently providing a suite of standard safety technologies such as curtain airbags1 all around load-adaptive electronic stability program esp®18 with crosswind assist,3 and attention assist.®2 although it has space enough for up to eight passengers it offers fuel consumption comparable to that of a much smaller van with a combined 22 mpg.19 add optional comfort features like electric sliding doors and automatic climate control as well as additional safety features such as active parking assist blind spot assist,5 collision prevention assist,4 and lane keeping assist,6 and you have the perfect van for your shuttle chauffeur or taxi business in the garageable size you want seating for 7 optional seating for 8 75.9 202.4

airbags1 with driver and passenger front airbags driver and front passenger side thorax airbags and window curtain airbags throughout every occupant is protected roomy interior with over 40 of headroom and plenty of legroom your passengers don’t just get there—they get there comfortably seating capacity with two available seating configurations you can carry up to eight people optional electric sliding doors open or close the sliding door with the push of a button for extra convenience

driver and passenger airbags1 advancedsafety whether you choose a spacious cargo van or a comfortable passenger van you’ll feel safe knowing your metris is packed with mercedes-benz driver assistance systems standard equipment driver and passenger airbags1 the driver and passenger front thorax and window airbags help protect you and your passengers in the event of a collision passenger vans are also equipped with rear curtain airbags crosswind assist3 crosswind assist3 windy day no problem crosswind assist senses wind velocity and gently brakes individual wheels to keep you in your lane attention assist®2 long day attention assist® helps prevent drowsy driving by monitoring your driving patterns and provides an early warning in case tiredness is detected attention assist®2 16 load-adaptive electronic stability program esp®18 this dynamic handling system actively intervenes to help keep the van firmly under control and safe by automatically braking individual wheels

customizeability whether for business or for pleasure the metris van is designed with your future in mind and can be easily transformed by a masterupfitter mercedes-benz allows qualified upfitters to become part of the masterupfitter network these experts in their respective fields work to the highest standards and uphold the upfitting guidelines giving you confidence during your next purchase join thousands of companies that put more into their metris van—and get more out of their business so how will you customize your metris left and above examples of customizable options

technical dimensions cargo van passenger van length 202.4 202.4 width with mirrors 88.3 width without mirrors cargo van passenger van fuel tank 18.49 g 18.49 g 88.3 max roof load 331 lbs 331 lbs 75.9 75.9 payload 2,502 lbs 1,874 lbs height 75.2 74.4 gawf/gawr 3,417 lbs 3,417 lbs height with roof rails 77.1 76.3 towing 4,960 lbs 4,960 lbs wheelbase 126 126 gvwr 6,724 lbs 6,724 lbs 35.3 41.1 35.3 41.1 gcwr 11,684 lbs 11,684 lbs cargo length without partition 105.4 27.5 cargo length with through-loading partition 111.5 — max cargo width 66.3 61.1 50 47.4 min cargo height 53.8 52.2 max cargo height 55 52.4 186 cu ft 38 cu ft side-door opening width at floor 37.8 35.5 turning radius wall-to-wall 38.7 38.7 headroom driver/passenger 39.6 39.6 headroom 2nd row — 41.5 headroom 3rd row — 40.5 overhang front/rear cargo floor width between wheelhouse cargo volume 24

cargo passenger vans financeability through mercedes-benz financial services we offer a variety of financing products and solutions with flexible benefits tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business.8 retail loan trac lease10 these simple-interest fixed-payment packages can include van a terminal rental adjustment clause trac lease doesn’t upfit equipment and aftermarket products in one contract require any acquisition fee up-front payment or excess mileage charges and lease payments may be expensed against income fmv lease a closed-end lease agreement also known as a “walkaway lease” that stipulates that the lessee simply turn in the vehicle and walk away at lease maturity and after meeting all contractual obligations subject to certain return conditions and mileage restrictions owners are responsible for the residual value of the vehicle zero-trac lease11 offers many of the same benefits as a trac but is a fully amortized lease that offers ownership

endnotes 1 warning the forces of a deploying airbag can cause serious or fatal injuries to a child under age 13 the safest seating position for your child is in a rear seat belted into an appropriate properly installed child seat or correctly wearing a seat belt if too large for a child seat see operator’s manual for additional warnings and information on airbags seat belts and child seats 12 driver is responsible for monitoring fluid levels and tire pressure between service visits see maintenance booklet for details 2 driving while drowsy or distracted is dangerous and must be avoided attention assist® may be insufficient to alert a fatigued or distracted driver and cannot be relied on to avoid an accident or serious injury 14 extended limited warranty elw is not available in all states contact your local mercedes-benz vans dealer to verify availability 3 crosswind assist engages automatically when sensing dangerous wind gusts at highway speeds exceeding 50 mph performance