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the operation of the cellular system the different features of the brochure wood leather steering wheel corner illuminating front lamps keyless locking and starting system which pedal is the brake pedal mercedes benz engines c class mercedes benz engines mercedes benz engine remote lock unlock leather steering wheel cover leather steering wheel covers carbon fiber engine cover 65 telescopic steering column balancing lithium ion batteries cruise control adapter power rear window in dash dvd players in dash dvd side by side plus 8 pin to 4 pin s video adapter 13 pin to 9 pin video adapter 15 pin to 9 pin video adapter 14 pin to 9 pin video adapter 15 pin to 18 pin adapter starting the engine safety and security center 16 pin to 16 pin adapter spare parts for mercedes benz mercedes benz part engine number mercedes amg boxes in usa upholstery leather twin turbos braking brakes car rental google map wiper washer car rental brochures torque specs cabin light emerald green android phone mesh grill inserts mesh grille insert travel assistance brake caliper cover speaker grills 4 x 6 speaker grill 6 x 9 speaker grill 6 x 4 speaker grill 4 x 6 speaker grille 6 x 6 speaker grill front spare tire mount trunk space

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to inspire all others to aspire you know that feeling when you sit in traffic staring at the driver of another car and wish you could trade places for just one day the driver of a 2016 s‑class coupe doesn’t because whether it’s breathtaking performance inimitable style never-before-seen technologies or must-have luxuries there’s likely no other car so impervious to driver’s remorse and that’s without adding “in combination” to the list above an s‑class exercises its industry leadership in virtually every arena individually — from driving assists that foresee the future to craftsmanship that honors a

fitness and finesse stitches and perforations dance flawlessly across nappa leather glowing wood wraps into each door and a cascading console defines four individual havens of

physics chemistry and magic when a solid mass changes directly into a vapor chemists call it sublimation what an s‑class coupe can create with its vaultsolid body and chassis is far from vaporware — but it surely feels sublime twin turbos direct injection and multispark ignition turn molecules and milliseconds into massive torque adaptive active and even proactive suspensions read the road by feel and by sight and two versions of 4matic® all-wheel drive can turn traction into attraction what kind of science makes driving an s‑class coupe so magical the moment you feel the chemistry you’ll

polished to perfectionism inherent in the name mercedes‑amg is more than a dual heritage it’s an exponentially multiplied passion for performance and it’s how a flagship luxury coupe can also fly under a checkered

safety first and for all when seconds matter most so do firsts it’s why mercedes-benz engineers keep thinking up new ways to make every car safer every effort of mercedes-benz safety engineers goes toward a singular goal accident-free driving they’re also keenly aware that achieving this goal only for the vehicles they design would be pointless the roads can only be safe for someone when they’re safe for everyone the 1951 patent for the first crumple zone is one of more than 88,000 that mercedes-benz has earned in the past 130 years energy-absorbing front and rear deformation zones flank a reinforced “safety cell” for the passengers but the idea did more than better protect the occupants of a mercedes-benz it eventually became the way all automobiles are made thereby helping protect everyone on the road better over the decades countless breakthroughs that were pioneered under the three -pointed star have gone on to become the safety standards for all

dis tronic plus with s teering assis t brake assis t plus with cross-traffic assis t radar-based cruise control adapts your set speed to the flow of traffic ahead automatically slowing until your path is clear again if the vehicle ahead slows to a stop distronic plus® can brake to a full halt when traffic moves you can resume with just a tap or automatically if the stop is under a second the steering assist feature helps the driver keep the vehicle centered in between the lane markings while cruising on straight roads or even in gentle curves.6 bas® plus uses radar sensors to scan the road ahead at driving speeds up to approximately 45 mph cross-traffic assist uses radar plus advanced cameras to help detect a potential collision with vehicles approaching from either side of an intersection ahead or with pedestrians in the car’s path when the driver responds to the system’s alert by braking brake assist plus precisely applies the maximum braking force required to

sense and sensuality though famous for their logic mercedes -benz engineers have many passions it’s how they alone have kept the romance of the pillarless coupe bodystyle going strong — quite literally too — for 55 years and it’s how the technology in the s‑class soothes and stimulates all of your senses dual reconfigurable 12.3 widescreens keep you in the know via classic analog-style gauges and intuitive animated menus a head‑up display is also available a touchpad/rotary controller can read your handwriting and bring you a world of in‑car and online entertainment information and navigation two surround sound systems have been custom-crafted by burmester,® germany’s renowned maker of high-end home audio and from the intricate speaker grilles to the cabin-air ionizer and fragrance atomizer to the multicolor led ambient lighting every detail is engineered to entice you engage you and enchant

car in your pocket the mbrace mobile app on your iphone or android phone includes a number of convenient remote vehicle controls a new remote start feature lets you start the engine from your smartphone to give the climate control a head start before you even leave the house by the time you enter your car the cabin can be preconditioned for your comfort our world is yours the online world of mercedes-benz is one of many ways you can enjoy being part of the family you can keep up to date with news and events or take in an entertaining film you can get more from your vehicle with helpful tutorial videos and downloadable manuals and you can check out photos from other mercedes-benz drivers and fans and best of all share yours as

  standard     optional interior trim black poplar wood burl walnut wood amg carbon fiber/black piano lacquer wood amg models designo black piano lacquer wood designo metallized ash wood designo black piano lacquer “flowing lines” wood paintwork black anthracite blue metallic diamond silver metallic emerald green metallic iridium silver metallic lunar blue metallic magnetite black metallic obsidian black metallic ruby black metallic selenite grey metallic designo diamond white metallic18 designo mocha black metallic18 designo magno alanite grey18 matte finish designo magno cashmere white18 matte

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