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dis tronic plus with pre-safe brake park tronic with active parking assis t radar-based cruise control adapts your set speed to the flow of traffic ahead automatically slowing until your path is clear again if the vehicle ahead slows to a stop distronic plus® can brake to a full halt when traffic starts to go you can resume with just a tap.6 and whether you’re using the cruise control or not pre‑safe® brake can help detect an impending collision and automatically apply up to 100 braking force to help reduce the severity of impact.7 as you drive by parallel parking spaces sensors help you size them up when you decide to back into one active parking assist can park your sl virtually hands-free — expertly steering the car while you operate the pedals in any low-speed maneuver parktronic uses ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers to help detect nearby objects within the system’s field of view audible and visual indicators in the sl’s cabin help you negotiate tight spaces with confidence pop -up roll bars neck pro active head res traints in 1989 the mercedes-benz sl introduced the industry’s first pop-up roll bar a significant advancement in convertible safety that continues to enhance protection today if sensors in the sl detect that a rollover is about to occur a pair of high-strength roll bars deploy from beneath the rear cabin trim in less than a third of a second to help preserve and protect the occupant space.8 in the event of a rear impact exceeding a preset threshold neck-pro® active head restraints instantly move forward and slightly upward to help reduce the distance between each head restraint and the seated occupant’s head this action helps to reduce the likelihood or severity of whiplash-type neck injuries.