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on and on the seasons change 9 pin to 9 pin 3 and 2 crossed difference with class 5 and class voice and voice production light and light covers 7 by 14 4 by 4 and 12 wood leather steering wheel mercedes benz industrial engine 4 spoke steering wheel nappa leather seat color 3rd row seat multifunction steering wheel seats 2nd row split fold wood grain steering wheel leather steering wheel inside rearview mirror black ash wood power folding 2nd row seat split folding 3rd row seat rear window wiper leather steering wheel cover leather steering wheel covers rear side window trim front air dam rear lip spoiler rear side windows 57 rear side window glass power rear window adaptive cruise control manual front brake disc metal speaker grilles power side mirror power side mirror controller adaptive cruise control manual price direct drive garage door openers spare tire mount rear wheel well fold flat 3rd row seats turn signal lever w cruise daytime running lamp sd card reader remote garage door opener program adaptive cruise control price adaptive cruise control module parts programable garage door opener 4 wheel drive 17 wheels turn signal lever if you come to me roof repair how to repair any roof removable rear and seats sliding rear doors front door panels heads up display head up displays head up display in lbs to ft lbs torque function of a garage door opener

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optional or not available on some models please see back of brochure key feature s what you never imagined would be possible will soon be what you can’ t imagine living withou t pe rformance design safe t y luxury technology torque -rich turbo power lowered luxurious or selfleveling suspension nine speeds five drive modes from comfort to sport an athletic stance with elegant style sporty amg styling or a classic grille with a stand‑up star and a truly exquisite cabin groundbreaking systems that watch the road and can see beyond your view active and semi-autonomous systems to assist you sensuous seats that can warm you cool you or offer a “hot stone” massage sensory delights from highend audio to aromatherapy user-friendly innovations to keep you connected engaged and refreshed intuitive controls to keep your world within reach amg body styling with star in grille or luxury styling with stand‑up star radar-based active brake assist collision mitigation

performance moti vat edto mov e you the new e‑class may accelerate down the road toward autonomous driving but it also reasserts the mercedes-benz passion for behind-the-wheel enjoyment from turbo power to an advanced new air suspension the 2017 e‑class is engineered tuned and equipped to reactivate your emotions with its drive pilot suite of semi-autonomous driver assists the e‑class moves all automobiles closer to the future but while its advanced engineering can make commuting crowded cities and cross-country road trips easier it’s also easy to fall in love with driving it after all it wouldn’t be a mercedes-benz without quick reflexes enthusiastic responses and an eagerness to rev the e 300 sedans are powered by a 241‑hp turbo inline‑4 whose exuberant torque matches their v6 predecessors the new e 400 4matic wagon’s 329‑hp biturbo v6 is even stronger while the biturbo v6 in the new amg e 43 sedan

a news pa ceage from front to back it ’s a wagon a h ea d why in a world of sedans and crossovers does mercedes-benz continue to advance the luxury station wagon that it pioneered some 40 years ago ask some of its loyal owners they’ve likely had more than one and for more than one reason some cherish its sportiness — the coupelike road embracing profile and agile handling some savor its elegant poise refined rear cabin and the true luxury of spontaneity some simply find it an e‑ class with something extra versatility and capability to go with all the innovations that make every e‑class an ongoing industry leader the 2017 e 400 4matic wagon brings you even more virtues a 329‑hp biturbo v6 9‑speed transmission 18 wheels all-wheel drive power liftgate and self-leveling rear air suspension — all standard you can dress its seductive body in sport or luxury styling and its cabin in a rich range of

under your thumb listen in luxury hand-stitched in glove-soft nappa leather power-adjustable for reach and height and available with internal heating you might never want to let go of the e‑class steering wheel its touch control buttons make it so you almost never have to two innovative touchpads let you scroll up or down swipe left or right and click to make a selection from the illustrated menus on two in-dash color screens with smartphone -like ease your left thumb controls the screen within the gauges including a trip computer settings and driver assists your right thumb accesses the central 12.3 comand® screen for audio navigation,8 internet,3 comfort features and more the e‑ class lets you choose from a lavish and near-limitless array of listening options you can tune in local programming via hd radio,® or opt for nationwide siriusxm radio with a 6-month trial.9 you can stream from your bluetooth® device or via apps2 like iheartradio.® there’s

optional or not available on some models please see back of brochure where it ’s from affalterbach germany is an orchard town where trophies are harvested it’s the home of amg where for nearly 50 years championship racecars have been created by a team of people who are not just racers they’re dreamers visionaries and perfectionists they develop technologies that heighten power like patented nanoslide® cylinder walls that slash friction and wear they shatter limitations rear-biased amg performance 4matic® clings to pavement yet delivers nimble balance they break formula 1® records and are by far the most winning name in the dtm german touring car championship and they turn victory on the track into vehicles that conquer the streets of the world — and the hearts of its most passionate drivers is what it can do the mercedes -amg e 43 sedan is deeply infused with the dna of racing champions and the hardware to bring it to life 19

l av ishlyadvanced the state of the a rtisa n there may not be an actual industry standard for stylishness but the new e‑ class surely sets a benchmark it’s a three-dimensional sculpture where function form and flair all coexist in total harmony futuristic features are surrounded by classic craftsmanship it’s a mercedes -benz tradition that runs generations deep — even as new eras of innovation are pioneered the seats are contoured to trace the human form for better support of the muscles in your torso and legs sport luxury and amg upholstery options all feature distinctive tailoring each power front seat also includes power cushion length 3‑position memory and 4‑way power lumbar support optional or not available on some models please see back of brochure the menu of available cabin comforts is extensive and innovative the front seats offer normal and rapid heating or cooling ventilation multicontour front seats offer precise

intelligent drive visionary protection an advanced network of multirange radar multiple cameras and other sensors mercedes-benz intelligent drive includes industry-leading standard and available assists that can help make driving safer less stressful or simply more enjoyable active brake assist is a standard frontal collision mitigation system using radar to help detect if you’re approaching a vehicle ahead too quickly — or if there’s a crossing pedestrian —  it can audibly and visually alert you to brake or even initiate braking if you fail to respond.12 also standard attention assist® helps detect a driver becoming drowsy on a longer trip by monitoring up to 70 parameters of driving behavior.13 since the best way to survive a collision is not to have one the e‑ class offers an array of systems to help you see and sense your surroundings for easier reversing a high-resolution wide-angle rearview camera or the

models e  300 sedan shownw ith sport pac k ag e 2.0l inline ‑4 turbo engine 241 hp 273 lb‑ft of torque 9g‑tronic 9‑speed automatic transmission rear-wheel drive 18 5-spoke sport or 17 twin 5-spoke luxury wheels2 0–60 mph in 6.2 seconds4 e  300 4 m at i c sedan shownw ith luxu ry pac k ag e e very e ‑ cl as s model 2.0l inline ‑4 turbo engine 241 hp 273 lb‑ft of torque 9g‑tronic 9‑speed automatic transmission 4matic® all-wheel drive 18 5-spoke sport or 17 twin 5-spoke luxury wheels 0–60 mph in 6.3 seconds is also a rol e model e  400 4 m at i c wagon shownw ith luxu ry pac k ag e 3.0l v6 biturbo engine 329 hp 354 lb‑ft of torque 9g‑tronic 9‑speed automatic transmission 4matic all-wheel drive 18 5-spoke sport or 18 twin 5-spoke luxury wheels 0–60 mph in 5.3 seconds amg e  43 sedan amg-enhanced 3.0l v6 biturbo engine 396 hp

s pecific at ionse 300 and e 300 4matic sedans e 400 4matic wagon amg e 43 sedan dimensions e 300 and e 300 4matic sedans e 400 4matic wagon amg e 43 sedan 2.0l inline‑4 turbo w/direct injection 241 hp 5,550 rpm 273 lb‑ft 1,300–4,000 rpm 3.0l v6 biturbo w/direct injection 329 hp 5,250–6,000 rpm 354 lb‑ft 1,600–4,000 rpm 3.0l v6 biturbo w/direct injection 396 hp 6,100 rpm 384 lb‑ft 2,500–5,000 rpm wheelbase overall length 115.7 193.8 115.7 194.2 115.7 194.6 9g-tronic 9-speed automatic w/shift paddles 9g-tronic 9-speed automatic w/shift paddles amg-enhanced 9g-tronic 9-speed w/shift paddles overall height overall width sport pkg 57.8 luxury pkg 58.4 81.3 57.7 58.3 81.3 57.0 — 81.3 6.2 sec 4matic 6.3 sec 5.3 sec 4.5 sec curb weight 4,145 lbs sport pkg 18 5‑spoke luxury pkg 17 twin 5‑spoke sport pkg

upholstery upholstery upholstery upholstery upholstery mb-tex leather nappa leather designo nappa leather nappa leather requires sport pkg requires luxury pkg e 300 sedans e 400 4matic wagon e 300 sedans e 400 4matic wagon e 300 sedans e 400 4matic wagon e 300 sedans e 400 4matic wagon amg e 43 sedan includes mb‑tex 3rd-row seat upholstery color upholstery color upholstery color upholstery color upholstery color black nut brown/black nut brown/espresso brown macchiato beige/black mb-tex leather nappa leather amg nappa leather sport pkg only luxury pkg only sport pkg only macchiato beige espresso brown mb-tex leather amg nappa leather mb-tex nappa leather mb-tex leather amg nappa leather wagon includes black 3rd-row seat upholstery color upholstery color black/titanium grey pearl macchiato beige/saddle brown black w/red stitching designo nappa leather designo nappa leather amg nappa leather seat belts: 

genuine acce ssor ie s genuine mercedes-benz accessories are engineered to exacting standards of quality appearance and fit they help make your car more of what you want or need it to be — from grille to trunklid cabin to cargo area there’s no better way to make your car all your own while keeping it 100 mercedes-benz mercedes me makes it easy to stay connected to your car and your life it can make any trip easier more enjoyable or more entertaining and it’ll bring you a world of rewards for being part of the family endnotes 1 2 3 e‑class sedan accessories include changing what’s remotely possible any time any place life is better when you’re connected you don’t have to leave your world behind when you’re in your mercedes-benz and you can have access to your car even after you park and walk away it’s all possible with mercedes me.3 convenience at your fingertips the mercedes me website and smartphone app let