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2017 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles electric intelligence from mercedes-benz facebook.com/mercedesbenzusa linkedin.com/company/mercedes-benz-usa instagram.com/mbusa twitter.com/mbusa ©2017 mercedes-benz usa llc • 303 perimeter center north atlanta ga 30346 • 1-800-for-mercedes • mbusa.com marketing communications all illustrations and specifications contained in this brochure are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication mercedes-benz usa reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice to colors materials equipment specifications and models any variations in colors shown are due to reproduction variations of the printing process illustrations may include test situations some vehicles may be shown with non-u.s equipment some vehicles are shown with optional equipment apple carplay iphone safari and siri are trademarks registered trademarks or service marks of apple inc bosch is a registered trademark of robert

first fuel-cell cars the new electric car program advances fuel-cell technology to a practical size fitting in the necar 1 van and the compact necar 3 just three years later zero-emission fleet rethinking energy change the batteries the entire battery pack in this experimental city van can be quickly exchanged with a fully charged pack good for another 30 miles of in-town driving charged with progr ess since the invention of the automobile the advancement of human mobility has been more than a mission to mercedes-benz it’s an ongoing ever-growing commitment over 100 fuel-cell vehicles are in worldwide customer use ranging from small cars to city buses they’ll travel more than 2.8 million emission-free miles the energy crisis motivates the exploration of gas alternatives a prototype plug-in hybrid wagon teams batteries with a small gas range extender leading in style electric dream car the seductive f 800 concept features a compact lithium-ion hybrid

energizing the future a b at tery of answers the single most defining characteristic of an innovation leader is being far from single-minded an extraordinary breadth of achievements must be brought to life with unmatched depth it’s why mercedes-benz is electrifying the future in ways that extend far beyond the automobile itself there’s only one way for an automaker to possess a rich heritage — and it’s not by living in the past the path to having a meaningful history is to keep making history since inventing the car the company that later merged with daimler to become mercedes-benz has been doing one thing continually reinventing it and while that one thing is actually hundreds of thousands of ideas trials breakthroughs and improvements they all add up to a singular neverending trajectory making driving better the passion for the open road is just one factor in the complex equation of personal transportation and for more than 130 years

energy stars more than a mercedes -benz beyond the virtues that make every mercedes-benz an industry standout the electrified models make the star shine with a brilliance all their own with intelligent technologies they can interpret the traffic analyze the terrain and even inform the driver’s right foot to optimize driving range and efficiency from safety to performance to comfort the advanced engineering of a mercedes-benz is its signature virtue the intelligent technology in the plug-in hybrid models and all electric b 250e makes them even more virtuous each of the hybrids features an electric motor that can efficiently enhance the gasoline engine’s response with an instant boost of torque they can also cover many commutes1 on battery power alone or team up to deliver from 50 to 63  mpge on the highway.2 the compact lithium-ion battery — the size of an ordinary car battery —  can be fully charged in as little as

star treatment noth i ng l e ss than a mercedes benz why would you choose a mercedes-benz over any other luxury hybrid the same reasons you’d choose any mercedes-benz an unmatched balance of finely crafted luxury and first-of-its-kind innovation from hand-finished wood and richly tailored seating to industry-advancing entertainment and driver assists there are rewards for all your senses and from groundbreaking safety to corner-hugging handling to in-car internet no other hybrid sedan or suv can make you feel so protected or connected simply put the unparalleled experience of driving a mercedesbenz is undiminished by its added efficiency lower emissions in no way reduce the emotions it imparts via its driver seat in fact in many ways you get more each model has greater total gas-electric horsepower and torque than its class competitors they can whisk you away with extra-silken smoothness and an uncanny sensation of quiet strength the comfort of their cabins can be ready upon

87 miles of range 100 mercedes-benz is a pure electric vehicle ev a good fit for you a few simple questions will give you an idea first how far do you drive on a daily basis the high-performance 28-kwh battery pack of the b 250e can take you up to 87 miles on a full charge.1 for work school shopping — or maybe all three — that might be more than enough next where will you charge it lots of public places offer charging stations and you can plug it in at home read more below what happens when you need to go farther the answer to that might make a b 250e an ideal second car or maybe it makes sense to rent a car for the annual vacation — and stay gasoline-free the rest of the year aside from its zero tailpipe emissions you’re likely to find a b 250e to be surprisingly familiar from its clear gauges and rich cabin materials to its responsive handling it drives like a true mercedes-benz — because it is one solid stable and secure its standard safety

10 0 electricb  250e motor zero emission asynchronous electric power 177 hp 132 kw 3,600 rpm torque 251 lb‑ft 0 rpm battery type 28-kwh lithium-ion transmission single-speed forward or reverse with eco and sport modes driving range1 up to 87 miles per full charge charging time1 @120 volts up to 32 hrs @240 volts 3.5 hrs 40 amps under 2 hrs for a 60-mile “top‑up” acceleration7 0–60 mph in 7.9 sec epa estimated 85 mpge city   fuel economy2 82 mpge highway p ower a da p ter only one 100 electric vehicle combines 87  miles of driving range with a full range of mercedes-benz family values the b 250e lets five adults travel in quiet comfort surrounded by industry-leading safety systems its user-friendly technology helps make driving a pleasure even before you open the door and with a powerful 177‑hp motor and nimble chassis its sporty and spirited response isn’t just enthusiastic — it’s

plug in pump less strategics av ings three plug-in hybrids — a sporty c-class sedan versatile gle suv and sumptuous s-class sedan — combine turbocharged gas-engine thrills with the additional advantages of electric driving each of them multiplies brainpower and horsepower to enhance both performance and efficiency with well over 400 lb-ft of torque all three hybrids accelerate swiftly.7 two of them are even quicker than their gas-only siblings and all of them lead their competitive sets and with their batteries fully charged they can each return exceptional efficiency on the highway up to 50 mpge in the all-wheel-drive gle 550e suv 61 mpge in the c 350e and 63 mpge in the s 550e.2 all three plug-in hybrids use a strategic approach to deliver extended benefits from their dual power sources clever use of multiple technologies can optimize powertrain operation to maximize efficiency when you use comand® navigation on longer trips,11 route-based battery optimization

plug-in hybrid c  350e sedan motor 2.0l inline‑4 turbo w/direct injection 60‑kw plug-in hybrid electric motor power 275 hp combined torque 443 lb‑ft combined battery type 6.4‑kwh lithium-ion transmission 7g-tronic 7-speed automatic w/shift paddles driving range1 electric only up to 10 miles gas+electric up to 410 miles acceleration7 0–60 mph in 5.8 sec epa estimated hybrid 45 mpge city 61 mpge highway   fuel economy2 gas only 28 mpg city 32 mpg highway green me ans go the athletic moves of the c‑class sedan live up to its aesthetics from its sporty grille to its confident stance as a plug-in hybrid its appeal only grows stronger class-leading power and torque rush the c 350e to 60 mph even more quickly than its gas-only stablemate the airmatic® suspension adapts to roads loads and driver-selectable modes — and teams up with the standard 18 wheels to match precise handling with a

plug-in hybrid gle  550e suv motor 3.0l v6 biturbo w/direct injection 85‑kw plug-in hybrid electric motor power 436 hp combined torque 479 lb‑ft combined battery type 8.8-kwh lithium-ion transmission 7g-tronic 7-speed automatic w/shift paddles driving range1 electric only up to 10 miles gas+electric up to 460 miles acceleration 0–60 mph in 5.3 sec7 epa estimated hybrid 39 mpge city 50 mpge highway   fuel economy2 gas only 20 mpg city 23 mpg highway all wheel th rive the luxury suv that pioneered its class continues to lead the way with a mix of ingenuity inspiration and invigoration it looks after you with industry-advancing safety systems and a suite of thoughtful luxuries surefooted 4matic® all-wheel drive inspires confidence when the weather turns or the road twists and with more total power and torque than its german competition it’s proof mercedes-benz knows that suv starts with “sport.” in its richly outfitted cabin

plug-in hybrid s  550e sedan motor 3.0l v6 biturbo w/direct injection 85‑kw plug-in hybrid electric motor power 436 hp combined torque 479 lb‑ft combined battery type 8.8-kwh lithium-ion transmission 7g-tronic 7-speed automatic w/shift paddles driving range1 electric only up to 12 miles gas+electric up to 450 miles acceleration7 0–60 mph in 5.2 sec epa estimated hybrid 54 mpge city 63 mpge highway   fuel economy2 gas only 24 mpg city 30 mpg highway ec o i n du lgen t electrification meets elegance in the s‑class of plug-in hybrids and while the s‑class is legendary for its leadership in safety luxury and innovation it’s also an environmental pioneer — from the elimination of chlorofluorocarbons cfcs to the lithium‑ion hybrid battery but most of all the s 550e puts you first with an unparalleled experience whether driving or enjoying the ride soft-close doors welcome you into a cabin that’s

p r e pa ringfore life welc om e to the power gener ation one of the most appealing aspects of an electrified mercedes-benz is that you already have the “fuel” for it at home while public charging stations offer convenience when you travel there are numerous ways reasons and financial incentives to outfit your home for charging it’s a plug for the future — yours odds are pretty good that no one you know has a gas station in their garage while the idea of it may have an indulgent appeal —  a lot like having your own valet parking attendant at home — the complexity of procuring storing and safely dispensing gasoline makes it impractical if not impossible with a plug‑in hybrid or 100 electric vehicle however you already have some or all of its “fuel” in your home — electricity charging your plug‑in at home is convenient easy and cost-effective and preparing