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performance geometric progr ession within the squared-off shape of the g‑class is a decidedly well-rounded suite of performance systems as each element works in concert with the others their individual strengths don’t merely add up — they multiply to make a g‑class grip go and gratify like no other suv on earth if the idea of an suv that’s been in production for nearly four decades suggests an antiquated drivetrain please guide your eyes front and center the large chrome star in its grille is more than a logo — it’s an icon representing the continual advancement of the automobile true it traces its origins to the very first car the first truck and the first all-wheel-drive vehicle but it’s also an ongoing trajectory to the future its path plotted by breakthrough after breakthrough in power efficiency and enjoyment the biturbo v8 in the g 550 models is one of the newest and most advanced in the mercedes-benz family its direct injection and multispark ignition can fine-tune themselves in milliseconds refining the fuel spray and firing the spark plugs up to five times within a single combustion cycle the twin turbos are nested between the cylinder banks — a configuration called “hot inside v” that virtually obliterates pressure loss and turbo lag for quick response patented nanoslide® cylinder walls —  an innovation developed for amg racing engines — apply an ultrahard ultralow-friction coating inside the diecast alloy block that’s both highly durable and efficient the compact 4.0l v8 generates a sizable 416 hp delivers its entire 450 lb‑ft of torque from 2,000 to 4,750 rpm and rushes the g 550 to 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds.5 and while the handcrafted v8 and v12 biturbo engines in the amg g 63 and g 65 feature performance advances and highlights of their very own every g‑class features genuine sidepipe exhausts twin outlets in front of each rear wheel unleash the engine’s torque with an audible growl under acceleration and a mellow rumble at speed the purist hardware that helps a g‑class excel off-road teams up with technology to tame the rigors of on-road driving ragged city streets wicked winter weather and winding roads — they’re all conditions for which the g is well-prepared its electronic stability program esp® 4‑wheel electronic traction system 4‑ets® 4‑wheel antilock disc brakes emergency-sensing brake assist bas® and trailer stability assist6 enhance its handling and surefootedness in a variety of driving situations.1 the same principles apply to the g 550 amg g 63 and g 65 chassis components rigid front and rear axles are engineered for ruggedness and suspended by coil springs gas-pressurized shock absorbers and a front stabilizer bar substantial yet lightweight amg® wheels are sized from 19 to 21 to balance precise handling and a refined ride exclusive calibration lends the amg models an even crisper feel an adjustable suspension lets the g 550 driver select comfort and sport modes optional or not available on some models please see back of brochure.