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standard and available equipment vary by model please see back of

key features it comes from a spir it of idea lism that can make r ea l l ife a be t ter safer br ighter pl ace technology safe t y performance design luxury user-friendly innovations to keep you connected engaged and refreshed intuitive controls to keep your world within reach groundbreaking safety systems that look ahead and all around active and semi-autonomous systems to assist you gasoline or plug‑in hybrid power refined manners with quick reflexes multiple drive modes from comfort to sport to slippery a spacious cabin in a wind-carved body a choice of styles to suit your own and a confident stance to match its moves flexible accommodations finely tailored and richly finished thoughtful innovations to invigorate and soothe your senses v6 v6 biturbo amg v6 and v8 biturbo or gas electric plug-in hybrid power standard 19 20 or 21 wheels2 dynamic select drive modes led taillamps split-fold/reclining heated rear seats sport and night packages multicolor led ambient lighting

performance fit for your future to become not just an suv but a mercedes-benz suv the gle has to do more than fit cargo it has to be physically fit — with its muscle toned and its agility honed and it must be quick on its feet — adapting instantly to changing surfaces changing seasons and changing times while the gle suv offers you a breadth of performance choices it’s the depth of their engineering that you’ll appreciate most from behind the wheel there are v6 v6 biturbo v8 biturbo and handcrafted amg v8 biturbo engines they all feature high-pressure direct injection and multispark ignition that self-tune in concert and in real time they can squeeze fuel into a superfine spray and fire the spark plugs multiple times in a single millisecond — for combustion that’s stronger cleaner and more efficient,3 all at once there’s also a plug‑in hybrid gle 550e that pairs a v6 biturbo gas

optional or not available on some models please see back of

where it ’s from affalterbach germany is an orchard town where trophies are harvested it’s the home of amg where for nearly 50 years championship racecars have been created by a team of people who are not just racers they’re dreamers visionaries and perfectionists they develop technologies that heighten power like patented nanoslide® cylinder walls that slash friction and wear they shatter limitations rear-biased amg performance 4matic® clings to pavement yet delivers nimble balance they break formula 1® records and are by far the most winning name in the dtm german touring car championship and they turn victory on the track into vehicles that conquer the streets of the world — and the hearts of its most passionate drivers is what it can do if you’ve ever dreamed of merging a sports car with an suv mercedes-amg has granted you three wishes all of them join the dna of racing champions with high-performance hardware and chiseled

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worldwide reach fingertip-close the 7 central screen unifies a world of entertainment and navigation features and options you can personalize many conveniences from seating options to lighting settings with mercedes me and mbrace,® you can access the internet and in‑vehicle apps.1 comand® navigation12 brings you an 8 screen with 3d maps and building profiles plus five years of siriusxm traffic and weather,7 voice control and here ™ local search.1 new apple carplay™ and android auto link to your iphone® or android phone changing the screen into an entirely different interface for music navigation messaging and more — each with its own voice recognition system.13 the vivid color screen is sleek slim and sharp in any light it’s designed not to need a bulky padded visor so it’s set high in the dash closer to your natural line of sight unlike touch screen systems its rotary or touchpad controller is located on the

s pecific at ions engine type power torque automatic transmission acceleration 0–60 mph4 gle 350 suv gle 350 4matic suv gle 400 4matic suv gle 550e 4matic suv 3.5l v6 w/direct injection 302 hp 6,500 rpm 273 lb‑ft 3,500–5,250 rpm 3.5l v6 w/direct injection 302 hp 6,500 rpm 273 lb‑ft 3,500–5,250 rpm 3.0l v6 biturbo w/direct injection 329 hp 5,250–6,000 rpm 354 lb ‑ft 1,600–4,000 rpm 3.0l v6 biturbo w/direct injection plug-in hybrid electric motor 436 hp combined 479 lb ‑ft combined 7g‑tronic 7-speed w/shift paddles 7g‑tronic 7-speed w/shift paddles 9g‑tronic 9-speed w/shift paddles 7g‑tronic 7-speed w/shift paddles 7.5 sec 7.5 sec 6.0 sec 5.3 sec wheels 19 5‑ spoke w/all‑season tires 19 5‑ spoke w/all‑season tires 20 amg® 5‑ spoke w/all‑season tires 19 twin 5‑ spoke

paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork black polar white brilliant blue metallic dakota brown metallic paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork diamond silver metallic iridium silver metallic lunar blue metallic obsidian black metallic paintwork paintwork paintwork selenite grey metallic designo cardinal red metallic designo diamond white metallic wheel wheel wheel wheel 19 5-spoke 19 twin 5-spoke 20 5-spoke 20 amg® 5-spoke gle 350 gle 550e gle 350 gle 550e wheel wheel wheel 21 amg twin 5-spoke 21 amg twin 5-spoke 20 amg 10-spoke w/black accents amg gle 43 titanium or w/black accents amg gle 43 amg gle 63 grey gle 400 exterior sport pkg black amg gle 43 night pkg wheel 21 amg cross-spoke titanium amg gle 63 s amg gle 63 black amg gle 63 s amg gle

endnotes genuine acce ssor ies 1 genuine mercedes-benz accessories are engineered to exacting standards of quality appearance and fit they help make your car more of what you want or need it to be — from grille to ligate wheels to roof racks cabin to cargo area there’s no better way to make your suv all your own while keeping it 100 mercedes-benz 2 3 gle suv accessories include a selection of alloy wheels illuminated star na with premium 3 pkg all-season floor liners cargo area tray and cargo box cargo net roof box requires basic carrier ski/snowboard rack requires basic carrier bicycle rack requires basic carrier folding table requires base module coat hanger requires base module 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 the personal rewards of striving to be the best are even more meaningful in the development of young people than they are for automobiles instilling the values of leadership goal-setting discipline and teamwork in youth is an investment in