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rear bumper 68 rear lwb ford transit connect cylinder aluminum cylinder head 4 cylinder aluminum cylinder head two rows of seats ft lbs to inch lbs passenger and cargo van combination rack and pinion steering working rack and pinion steering heating and air conditioning sprinter cargo van sprinter spare tire carrier sprinter cargo van wheels sprinter cargo van models mercedes benz part mercedes benz parts usa parts and service lwb ford transit 3rd row seat 2nd row seat bench navigator 4 cylinder turbo diesel axle ratio 4x4 front rear ford transit connect payload rear mud flaps interior rearview mirror spare tire carrier front mud flap ford transit connect passenger capacity 7 sliding door 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine hitch mounted spare tire carrier turbo diesel engine turbo diesel engines sliding rear seat bench kelley blue book front rear mud flaps cigarette lighter ashtray heated rear window 12v power outlet rear window defroster tint am fm radio am fm radios front bumper driver side molding 3 point seat belt spare tire carrier lock locking spare tire carrier seat belt reminder drivers seat height adjustment 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine pump cylinder heads 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine timing cylinder heads 6 cylinder side mount spare tire carrier 6 cylinder turbo diesel water pump

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we thought about safety so you can think about work getting the job done is about staying focused our groundbreaking safety innovations deliver an extra level of protection for your cargo and passengers — and give you one less thing to think about standard on all mercedes-benz vans crosswind assist2 can help you stabilize your van in gusting crosswinds while standard front thorax and window airbags1 help keep you protected plus we’re the only van in the segment featuring standard load-adaptive electronic stability program esp® 3 factor in available blind spot assist,4 lane keeping assist,5 highbeam assist and collision prevention assist,6 and it will be easy to keep your mind on the job knowing that your van is helping you stay safe s ta n da rdhighlights loa d a da ptiveel ec tronics ta bilityprogram e s p ® 3 at tentionassist ®7 s ta n da rdonmetrison ly this dynamic handling system actively intervenes to help keep the van firmly under control and safe by

let’s get to work 12 with us there’s no difference between just doing a job and doing it right we do a job only one way — the best we can our “a” game is built into every van and every configuration with sprinter you’ll have the technological advancements and capabilities to get the job done but more than that sprinter’s performance gives you the confidence to know that you’re working as cost-efficiently as possible while the innovative safety and driver-assist systems assure you that you’re protected along the way we have a configuration to get your job done — from the impressive value of the worker models to the flexibility of the full lineup of sprinter vans let’s get to work

pulling our weight every day when you need manpower along with horsepower the sprinter crew van can easily carry up to five people while still leaving you plenty of room to haul cargo the 3-seat crew bench is also removable giving you even more hauling flexibility the only factory crew configuration in its class our sprinter crew van features padded arm rests and tinted front side windows that will help keep your crew comfortable we’ll help keep them safe with advancements like standard load-adaptive electronic stability program esp® 3 crosswind assist,2 and available blind spot assist4 and highbeam assist and our dual-stage turbo diesel engine9 will get you up to speed easily — even if you’re maxed out with crew and cargo all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 44 for a complete listing of models and specifications sp ecif ications t wo roof heights high roof standar d roof 2500 max 105.7 2500 max 94.3 95.5 95.5 s e at s

have a big idea bring it from a box truck to a technologically advanced rv we provide you with the place to build your idea the sprinter cab chassis/cutaway14 is your blank slate with a flat unobstructed frame and two available wheelbases both featuring gvwrs of 11,030 lbs we’ve made certain that it’s strong enough to support your biggest plans the sprinter cab chassis/cutaway14 also has legendary mercedes-benz durability built in the standard high-torque turbo diesel engine9 or the optional diesel v69 have proven themselves for years the sprinter cab chassis/cutaway14 is also compatible with a wide range of bodies while it features a best-in-class payload,13 the rack-and-pinion steering and independent front suspension will keep you maneuvering the streets with ease as you get your idea rolling all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 46 for a complete listing of models and specifications sp ecif ications one roof height standar d roof

measured by results 26 when it comes to working efficiently bigger isn’t always better the right size for the job is better available as both a passenger and cargo van metris lets you carry large van loads or up to eight people maneuver city streets with a tight turning radius and park in a home garage plus the 4-cylinder engine 7-speed transmission estimated combined epa rating of 22 mpg,11 up to 15,000-mile service interval,12 and available eco start/stop system will maximize cost efficiency the metris sets a whole new standard for safety and driver-assist capability for the commercial van segment with standard features like crosswind assist,2 load-adaptive electronic stability program esp® 3 and attention assist.®7 when you’re ready to measure success by jobs completed you’re ready for metris

no wasted space wasted space is wasted money that’s why virtually every inch of cargo space in the metris cargo van is usable it’s all about making smart use of what you have — and having the right size with which to work with a best-in-class turning radius and a powerful cost-efficient drivetrain the metris doesn’t waste any effort getting to the job you’ll feel safe along the way with advanced features like crosswind assist,2 load-adaptive electronic stability program esp® 3 and attention assist.®7 when you need to get more out of your cargo van choose the one that delivers efficiency along with a low total cost of ownership and a best-in-class payload cargo capacity the right size based on a comparison of similarly sized and equipped commercial vans the metris has the payload capacity of a large van yet still fits in industrial and home garages all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 49 for a complete

comfort for your passengers a comfortable low cost of ownership for you sp ec i f i cat io ns not just vans — game-changers when it’s time to work metris worker is the line of vans that’s as focused as you are on getting the job done metris worker cargo and passenger vans will change the way you think about the value you can get from your vehicles numbers don’t lie the metris worker cargo van’s payload cargo volume and horsepower prove that you can get big-time capabilities without the big-time price tag it’s just the right size to get the job done and its low cost of ownership and advanced safety features will keep you efficient and protected down the road the metris worker cargo van all business 75.2 88.3 202.4 all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 49 for a complete listing of models and specifications s pecif ications with an efficient estimated combined epa rating of 22 mpg,11 the metris worker

mechanical mechanical 4-cylinder only • 7g-tronic automatic transmission 7-speed • battery agm 12v/95ah alternator 14v/200a cargo agm 12v/95ah alternator 14v/250a passenger applies to 4-cylinder 6-cylinder • 24.5 gallon fuel tank 26.4 gallon fuel tank cab chassis cutaway14 • door-mounted assist handles driver passenger 4x4 only • eco power steering pump • engine 2.1l 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine9 • fuel filter with water separator • jump-start terminal 6-cylinder only • 5-speed automatic transmission • pre-installation psm not available on worker models • battery 12v/100ah alternator 14v/220a cargo agm 12v/95ah alternator 14v/220a passenger • remote key with central locking • starter battery disconnect • tire pressure monitoring lamp • engine 3.0l v6 turbo diesel engine9 se ating • adjustable driver seat • adjustable front passenger seat • arm rest for driver seat •

sprinter crew sprinter passenger 2500 worker standard fe atures technical specifications mechanical • axle ratio 3.92 • shock absorbers reinforced not available in 4x4 • stabilizer rear axle underframe • stabilizer reinforced at front axle • floor anchors for rear seat bench • partition omission • protective strip entrance • rear compartment headliner • rear doors opening 270° • rear seats 1st row three seats narrow • sidewall paneling hardboard • sidewall paneling pvc waist height • storage compartment with net in rear doors • windows in tailgate/rear doors optional features mechanical • addt bar for driveshaft exhaust extension • axle ratio 4.18 not available for 4x4 • cruise control • front engine bracket for addt alternator • front engine bracket for auxiliary a/c compressor • generator 14v/250a 4-cylinder only • parametric special module psm •

metris specifications applies to all metris models metris cargo worker cargo standard features standard features mechanical mechanical • 2.0l 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine • 7g-tronic automatic transmission with standard shift paddles • adjustable steering wheel with shift paddles • all-season tires • alternator efficiency management • axle ratio 3.46:1 • battery 12v/92ah • engine emissions lev iii ulev70 • speedometer miles/km • tire pressure monitoring lamp • trailer pre-wiring • washer fluid level warning light se ating interior • 2-button remote key fob • adjustable driver seat • adjustable front passenger seat • air conditioning front • audio 10 – am/fm radio usb aux bluetooth,® 3.5 monochrome screen standard for worker models • audio 15 – am/fm radio usb aux bluetooth,® 5.8 color screen optional for worker models

endnotes my17 metris and sprinter available winter 2017 1 warning the forces of a deploying airbag can cause serious or fatal injuries to a child under age 13 the safest seating position for your child is in a rear seat belted into an appropriate properly installed child seat or correctly wearing a seat belt if too large for a child seat see operator’s manual for additional warnings and information on airbags seat belts and child seats 2 crosswind assist can engage automatically when sensing dangerous wind gusts at highway speeds exceeding 50 mph performance is limited by wind severity and available traction which snow ice and other conditions can affect always drive carefully consistent with conditions feature not available on 3500 and 3500xd models 3 no system regardless of how advanced can overcome the laws of physics or correct careless driving please always wear your seat belt performance is limited by available traction which snow ice and other conditions can affect