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key features the closest you ’ ve likely ever come to having everything u nder the sun pe rformance design safe t y luxury technology superlative biturbo power seamless shifting and agile air suspension torque-vectoring rear-wheel drive or amg all-wheel drive windswept lines envelop a sculptural 4‑seat cabin smooth and tailored with the soft top up sleek and sensual when it’s stowed groundbreaking safety systems that watch the road ahead and all around active and semi-autonomous systems to assist you the pinnacle of innovative comfort and timeless craftsmanship unparalleled driving pleasure under the open sky or tailored top user friendly innovations to keep you connected engaged and refreshed intuitive controls to keep your world within reach biturbo engines v8 or handcrafted amg v8 and v12 9‑speed or amg speedshift® 7‑speed with shift paddles triple-layer fabric power soft top 19 or 20 wheels1 radar-based collision prevention assist plus

performance authorit y of air an s‑class cabriolet rules the road beneath its wheels as eagerly as it embraces the sky above from its twin-turbocharged engine to its adaptive suspension it turns pressurized air into effusive yet efficient power composed control and a commanding balance of muscle and agility the s‑class cabriolet uses the same elements as any ordinary car to make itself go stop and turn — air fuel water spark and so on but it mixes them with magic and ingenuity to create something far greater than the sum of its ingredients better yet it makes it look easy whether blasting from 0 to 60 or breezing along an open highway — without losing its clean efficient composure it’ll meet the challenge of bumpy pavement through a curve with manners that meld tenacious cornering with tranquil passenger comfort within its rigid muscular body the s‑class performance systems work with both urgent intensity and

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where it ’s from affalterbach germany is an orchard town where trophies are harvested it’s the home of amg where for nearly 50 years championship racecars have been created by a team of people who are not just racers they’re dreamers visionaries and perfectionists they develop technologies that heighten power like patented nanoslide® cylinder walls that slash friction and wear they shatter limitations rear biased amg performance 4matic® clings to pavement yet delivers nimble balance they break formula 1® records and are by far the most winning name in the dtm german touring car championship and they turn victory on the track into vehicles that conquer the streets of the world — and the hearts of its most passionate drivers is what it does the two amg s‑class cabriolets are endowed with the dna of racing champions and the hardware to bring it to life massive brakes adaptive air suspension aero-aggressive bodywork 20 amg®

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intuitive informative the beauty of mercedes-benz engineering is how quickly it can make first-of-their-kind innovations feel like second nature comand® unites an exceptional array of features —  entertainment navigation,7 internet,3 apps comfort settings and more an intuitive touchpad/rotary controller gives you access to all of them via animated on-screen menus with a carousel-style layout that mimics the motion of the controller the touchpad also lets you use multi-finger gestures similar to your smartphone like pinch-to-zoom a navigation map or writing an address with your fingertip or go touchless with voice control that can learn your natural way of talking while the comand touchpad in the console falls naturally to hand while you enjoy the padded center armrest its displays are high-mounted high-resolution and huge a 12.3 central screen presents maps menus and comfort features you can personalize to your liking illustrated and animated settings make it

s pecific at ionss 550 cabriolet amg s 63 cabriolet amg s 65 cabriolet 4.7l v8 biturbo w/direct injection handcrafted amg 6.0l v12 biturbo 449 hp 5,250 rpm 516 lb ‑ft 1,800–3,500 rpm handcrafted amg 5.5l v8 biturbo w/direct injection 577 hp 5,500 rpm 664 lb ‑ft 2,250–3,750 rpm 9g-tronic 9-speed automatic w/shift paddles amg speedshift® mct 7-speed w/shift paddles amg speedshift plus 7g-tronic 7-speed w/shift paddles 4.6 sec 3.8 sec 4.0 sec wheels 19 multispoke w/all‑season extended mobility tires1 20 amg 5‑spoke w/high‑performance tires1 20 amg forged multispoke w/high‑performance tires1 suspension 4‑wheel multilink w/self-leveling airmatic® 4‑wheel multilink amg adaptive sport suspension based on airmatic 4‑wheel multilink amg adaptive sport suspension based on airmatic drivetrain rear-wheel drive amg performance 4matic® all-wheel drive

paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork black anthracite blue metallic diamond silver metallic emerald green metallic iridium silver metallic lunar blue metallic magnetite black metallic paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork obsidian black metallic ruby black metallic selenite grey metallic designo diamond white metallic designo mocha black metallic designo alanite grey magno matte designo cashmere white magno matte soft top soft top soft top soft top black blue dark red beige wheel wheel wheel wheel wheel 19 multispoke 19 twin 5 spoke 19 amg® twin 5 spoke 20 5 spoke 20 amg multispoke s 550 s 550 s 550 s 550 s 550 wheel wheel wheel wheel wheel 20 amg 5 spoke 20 amg forged multispoke 19 amg 10 spoke 20 amg forged 10 spoke silver or black 20 amg twin 5 spoke amg s 63 amg s 65 amg s 63 amg s 63 amg s 65 amg s

genuine acce ssor ies endnotes 1 genuine mercedes-benz accessories are engineered to exacting standards of quality appearance and fit they help make your car more of what you want or need it to be — from its wheels to the cabin to protect your car’s finish or soothe yourself with aromatherapy there’s no better way to make your car all your own while keeping it 100 mercedes-benz 2 3 s-class cabriolet accessories include a selection of alloy wheels all-season floor mats load sill protector air balance atomizer fragrances amg heritage wheel hub inserts 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 the personal rewards of striving to be the best are even more meaningful in the development of young people than they are for automobiles instilling the values of leadership goal-setting discipline and teamwork in youth is an investment in everyone’s future it’s why mercedes-benz usa is collaborating with the laureus sport for good foundation with an ongoing commitment