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2 017 s s class coupe facebook.com/mercedesbenzusa linkedin.com/company/mercedes-benz-usa instagram.com/mbusa twitter.com/mbusa youtube.com/mbusa ©2016 mercedes-benz usa llc • 303 perimeter center north atlanta ga 30346 • 1-800-for-mercedes • mbusa.com marketing communications all illustrations and specifications contained in this brochure are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication mercedes-benz usa reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice to colors materials equipment specifications and models any variations in colors shown are due to reproduction variations of the printing process illustrations may include test situations some vehicles may be shown with non-u.s equipment some vehicles are shown with optional equipment ipad iphone and ipod are registered trademarks or service marks of apple inc bluetooth is a registered trademark of bluetooth sig inc burmester is a registered trademark of burmester

standard and available equipment vary by model please see back of

insight to behold vision ac complished the creation of any car is an arduous process the creation of an s‑class even more so as there is an expectation — no an unwavering mission — of advancing every standard of the automobile to create an s‑class coupe you don’t just subtract doors you add visible romance and visionary magic for as long as it has existed the mercedes-benz s‑class has endeavored to be the pinnacle of automobiles — not just in luxury but in leadership from breakthroughs in safety to features that enhance the comfort well-being and enjoyment of its occupants like never before it’s an eternal mission to advance any and every standard the evidence of its success can be found far beyond the car itself in the hearts of loyal owners and the praise of the press in the many automakers who adopt adapt or just approximate its features on their future models and in the industry

optional or not available on some models please see back of brochure key features an u nim peded vie w of what an au tomob i l e can be unshackled f rom co n vention u nconfined by c ompromise pe rfor mance design safe t y luxury technology superlative biturbo power seamless shifting and air or active suspension three drivetrains each one driven to excel and excite pillarless hardtop style a modern art form for half a century a lavishly outfitted seductively sculpted cabin with four individual seats groundbreaking safety systems that watch the road ahead and all around active and semi-autonomous systems to assist you the pinnacle of innovative comfort and timeless craftsmanship unparalleled driving pleasure with grand vistas outward and upward user friendly innovations to keep you connected engaged and refreshed intuitive controls to keep your world within reach biturbo engines v8 or handcrafted amg v8 and v12 pillarless coupe design with amg lower body styling radar-based collision

performance the sure in composure on paper an s‑class coupe’s specs promise twin-turbocharged torque and surefooted agility as a composition of metal rubber and advanced electronics it’s a kinetic sculpture of fast-moving beauty on the road an s‑class coupe becomes a singular sensation cool composed confidence an s‑class coupe is often best defined by its invisible strengths much as its pillarless hardtop design delivers exceptional rigidity without visible center roof pillars it conceals an armada of performance innovations within that seductive body more than a list of specs there’s a highly coordinated team of specialists collaborating in real time to optimize every element of power in motion one result is torrential torque — no s‑class coupe peaks below 500 lb‑ft — that can be turned into usable traction another is a brilliant balance between precise cornering and a polished

for efront of fas hi on glimmer of luxury an impeccably tailored cabin is among the most enduringly timeless traditions of a mercedes-benz coupe and yet it’s one that has continually adapted to the advanced technology it envelops the s‑class cabin is a sculpture of flowing shapes finely crafted from exquisite materials and detailed in modern satin aluminum a stylish spectrum of supple nappa leathers is fitted by hand to far more than the seats and tailored with such precision that no stitch overlaps the tiny perforations in the upholstery six options in hand-finished trim include five woods including intriguing designo metallized ash and designo black piano lacquer with blond “flowing lines.” hundreds of leds illuminate the s‑class exterior cabin and the road in fact there’s not a single lightbulb in the car the active led headlamps enhance your nighttime vision with light your eye perceives more like natural daylight they also adapt their beams

where the y ’re from affalterbach germany is an orchard town where trophies are harvested it’s the home of amg where for nearly 50 years championship racecars have been created by a team of people who are not just racers they’re dreamers visionaries and perfectionists they develop technologies that heighten power like patented nanoslide® cylinder walls that slash friction and wear they shatter limitations rear-biased amg performance 4matic® clings to pavement yet delivers nimble balance they break formula 1® records and are by far the most winning name in the dtm german touring car championship and they turn victory on the track into vehicles that conquer the streets of the world — and the hearts of its most passionate drivers is what the y do the two amg s ‑ class coupes are endowed with the dna of racing champions and the hardware to bring it to life massive brakes aero aggressive bodywork 20 amg® wheels,1 and exclusive

instrume ntal illustrative the ultramodern expression of classic motoring traditions is evident every time you drive your s‑class coupe its elegant analog gauges are crisply rendered on a 12.3 high-resolution screen that’s easy to view through the sporty 4‑way power adjustable steering wheel a high pixel count and fast refresh rate provide seamlessly natural movement of the gauges’ indicator needles digital and graphical readouts display the fuel level the outside temperature and other ancillary data between the gauges is a changeable color display for various driver-assistance systems trip data and vehicle settings buttons on the steering wheel let you control it with ease huge high-mounted and high in resolution a second 12.3 screen takes center stage in the dash it presents audio and entertainment navigation maps,7 and comfort features you can personalize as you like a split-screen sidebar lets you keep an additional item visible alongside the main

models s  550 4 m at i c 4.7l v8 biturbo engine 449 hp 516 lb‑ft of torque 9g-tronic 9‑speed automatic transmission 4matic® all-wheel drive staggered-width 19 amg® twin 5-spoke wheels1 0–60 mph in 4.5 seconds5 i nspir ation from a rich l egac y mee ts i n novation to enrich today amg s  63 handcrafted amg 5.5l v8 biturbo engine 577 hp 664 lb‑ ft of torque amg speedshift® mct 7‑speed transmission amg performance 4matic all-wheel drive staggered-width 20 amg 5-spoke wheels 0–60 mph in 3.8 seconds amg s  65 handcrafted amg 6.0l v12 biturbo engine 621 hp 738 lb‑ft of torque amg speedshift plus 7g-tronic 7‑speed transmission rear-wheel drive staggered-width 20 amg forged multispoke wheels 0–60 mph in 4.0

s pecific at ions engine type power torque transmission acceleration s 550 4matic coupe amg s 63 coupe amg s 65 coupe dimensions s 550 4matic coupe amg s 63 coupe amg s 65 coupe 4.7l v8 biturbo w/direct injection handcrafted amg 6.0l v12 biturbo wheelbase overall length 115.9 197.9 115.9 198.6 115.9 198.6 449 hp 5,250 rpm 516 lb ‑ft 1,800–3,500 rpm handcrafted amg 5.5l v8 biturbo w/direct injection 577 hp 5,500 rpm 664 lb‑ft 2,250–3,750 rpm 621 hp 4,800–5,400 rpm 738 lb‑ft 2,300–4,300 rpm 55.8 83.0 56.0 83.0 56.1 83.0 9g-tronic 9-speed automatic w/shift paddles amg speedshift® mct 7-speed w/shift paddles amg speedshift plus 7g-tronic 7-speed w/shift paddles 4,707 lbs 4,678 lbs 4,839 lbs 40.0 39.7 41.7 33.4 57.0 51.4 40.0 39.7 41.7 33.4 57.0 51.4 40.0 39.7 41.7 33.4 57.0 51.4 10.4 cu ft 10.4 cu ft 10.4 cu ft 4.5

upholstery upholstery upholstery upholstery nappa leather designo exclusive nappa leather amg nappa leather amg designo exclusive nappa leather s 550 s 550 amg s 63 upholstery color upholstery color upholstery color upholstery color upholstery color black porcelain espresso brown crystal grey/black porcelain deep sea blue saddle brown/black bengal red/black designo   exclusive nappa leather amg designo   exclusive nappa leather designo   exclusive nappa leather amg designo   exclusive nappa leather all leathers designo   exclusive nappa leather amg designo   exclusive nappa leather all leathers trim trim black poplar wood burl walnut wood   standard     optional     no-charge option trim trim trim trim designo metallized ash designo black piano lacquer wood designo black piano lacquer “flowing lines” wood carbon fiber black piano lacquer wood paintwork paintwork paintwork

genuine acce ssor ie s genuine mercedes-benz accessories are engineered to exacting standards of quality appearance and fit they help make your car more of what you want or need it to be — from its wheels to the cabin to protect your car’s finish or soothe yourself with aromatherapy there’s no better way to make your car all your own while keeping it 100 mercedes-benz mercedes me makes it easy to stay connected to your car and your life it can make any trip easier more enjoyable or more entertaining and it’ll bring you a world of rewards for being part of the family endnotes 1 2 s‑class coupe accessories include changing what’s remotely possible any time any place life is better when you’re connected you don’t have to leave your world behind when you’re in your mercedes-benz and you can have access to your car even after you park and walk away it’s all possible with mercedes me.2 convenience at your