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the child who changed the world operation of the parts of a car wood leather steering wheel rear seat entertainment system rear seat entertainment system remote rear seat entertainement system carbon fiber engine cover rear seat entertainment system controller dual zone climate control sun blind for the rear side windows live to ride ride to live accessories live to ride ride to live mercedes benz engines c class mercedes benz engines mercedes benz engine leather steering wheel front air dam multifunction steering wheel rear seat entertainment surround sound speakers upper door trim leather steering wheel cover leather steering wheel covers innovation surround sound rear side window trim seat belts seat ft lbs electric motor 20 hp 65 telescopic steering column rear side windows illuminated interior door sill covers sunblind for rear side windows power side mirror power rear window innovation surround sound directions seat belt pretensioner balancing lithium ion batteries power side mirror controller power up rear seats rear seat audio system power door locks replacment remote adaptive cruise control manual price radar controlled adaptive cruise control adaptive cruise control module parts silver brown black black silver electric motor 40 hp adaptive cruise control price heat and cool lane if you come to me heads up display head up displays head up display head up display instrument panel support wheel drive system in dash dvd players front turn signal lights to running lights

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optional or not available on some models please see back of brochure key features for gener ations it ’s tr aveled on a singul ar m ission to be the one car that a ll ca rs look up to pe rformance design safe t y luxury technology superlative biturbo power from a plug‑in hybrid to a pair of v12s adaptive and active suspensions two all-wheel drive systems sedans and extended mercedes‑maybach sedans that achieve the pinnacle of elegance with a confident sporting stance groundbreaking safety systems that watch the road ahead and all around active and semi-autonomous systems to assist you the forefront of innovative comfort with timeless craftsmanship spacious front and rear cabins with rewards for all the senses user-friendly innovations to keep you connected entertained and enthralled intuitive controls to keep your world within reach v8 v12 amg v8 and amg v12 biturbo engines or a v6 biturbo plug‑in hybrid four s‑class sedans with majestic lines and

performance driving better two turbos instead of one — or none nine speeds versus six a chassis that responds to the road rather than just taking it to make an s‑class more agile composed and confident mercedes-benz engineers strive to outdo themselves and everyone they drive the best to be better so you can too if you want to distill the performance of an s‑class down to two words try these aspiration and inspiration the first means breathing which every 2017 s‑class sedan does via a pair of high-capacity turbochargers as for the second term it’s how driving an s‑class leaves you breathless those twin turbos perform in an orchestra of advancement strength and precision from the first push of the throttle to every twist of the steering wheel you feel quick response your moves are agile graceful and precise — as if the car’s chassis is totally unaware of the expansive cabin but in fact it’s not

soothing support choice comforts what could be more rejuvenating and relaxing than a day at the spa driving there in an s‑class the heated front seats power-adjust no fewer than 12 ways from the cushion length to head-restraint height plus a 4‑way lumbar support active multicontour seats let you adjust their support even more precisely their side bolsters adapt as you take curves and they’ll even offer a massage — six of them in fact including two “hot stone” treatments ventilated seats help to keep you cooler and your clothes drier in summer and available luxuries like rapid seat heating plus a heated steering wheel and armrests will feel like must-haves when winter comes the luxury of an s‑class takes a back seat to no other sedan especially in its own spacious rear cabin virtually all of the innovative comforts offered up front are also available for the rear passengers and then some four cabin configurations

where the y ’re from affalterbach germany is an orchard town where trophies are harvested it’s the home of amg where for nearly 50 years championship racecars have been created by a team of people who are not just racers they’re dreamers visionaries and perfectionists they develop technologies that heighten power like patented nanoslide® cylinder walls that slash friction and wear they shatter limitations rear biased amg performance 4matic® clings to pavement yet delivers nimble balance they break formula 1® records and are by far the most winning name in the dtm german touring car championship and they turn victory on the track into vehicles that conquer the streets of the world — and the hearts of its most passionate drivers is what the y can do the two amg s ‑ class sedans are endowed with the dna of racing champions and the hardware to bring it to life massive brakes aero-aggressive bodywork 20 amg® wheels,1 and

the only way to honor a legacy of in novation move it a hea

digital and analog fa randwide twin side -by side 12.3 screens present instrumentation information and entertainment with vivid color a high pixel count and a fast refresh rate for seamlessly smooth graphics and animations the screen in front of the driver combines analog-style gauges and digital readouts between them is a changeable display for driver assistance systems settings and trip data — easily controlled via buttons on the steering wheel a head-up display projects an 8 wide virtual image that “floats” over the car’s hood.9 it helps keep key speed and cruise settings navigation info and more — plus performance data on amg models — readily in view as you watch the road taking center stage in the dash the 12.3 comand® screen displays entertainment maps menus and comfort features that you can personalize to your liking you operate it via the rotary/touchpad controller on the console illustrated

s–class models s 550 amg s  63 4.7l v8 biturbo engine 449 hp 516 lb‑ft of torque 9g -tronic automatic transmission rear-wheel drive 18 twin 5-spoke wheels 0–60 mph in 4.8 seconds7 handcrafted amg 5.5l v8 biturbo engine 577 hp 664 lb‑ft of torque amg speedshift® mct 7‑speed amg performance 4matic® all-wheel drive 20 amg 5-spoke wheels 0–60 mph in 3.9 seconds s  550 4 m at i c amg s  65 4.7l v8 biturbo engine 449 hp 516 lb‑ft of torque 9g-tronic automatic transmission 4matic® all-wheel drive 18 twin 5-spoke wheels 0–60 mph in 4.8 seconds handcrafted amg 6.0l v12 biturbo engine 621 hp 738 lb‑ft of torque amg speedshift plus 7‑speed rear-wheel drive 20 amg forged multispoke wheels 0–60 mph in 4.2 seconds mercedes–maybach model s s 550e plug in hybrid s  550 4 m at i c 3.0l v6 biturbo engine   plug‑in hybrid

s pecific at ions engine type power torque automatic transmission w/shift paddles s 550 sedans s 550e sedan s 600 sedan amg s 63 sedan amg s 65 sedan mercedes-maybach s 550 4matic mercedes-maybach s 600 dimensions 4.7l v8 biturbo w/direct injection 449 hp 5,250 rpm 516 lb ‑ft 1,800–3,500 rpm 3.0l v6 biturbo w/direct injection 85kw plug-in hybrid electric motor 436 hp combined 479 lb‑ft combined 6.0l v12 biturbo handcrafted amg 5.5l v8 biturbo w/direct injection 577 hp 5,500 rpm 664 lb‑ft 2,250–3,750 rpm handcrafted amg 6.0l v12 biturbo 621 hp 4,800–5,400 rpm 738 lb ‑ft 2,300–4,300 rpm 4.7l v8 biturbo w/direct injection 449 hp 5,250 rpm 516 lb ‑ft 1,800–3,500 rpm 6.0l v12 biturbo 523 hp 4,900–5,300 rpm 612 lb ‑ft 1,900–4,000 rpm wheelbase overall length overall height overall

upholstery upholstery upholstery upholstery leather nappa leather exclusive nappa leather designo exclusive nappa leather s 550 s 550e s 550 s 550e s 550 s 550e s 600 mercedes-maybach s 550 s 600 s 550 s 550e s 600 available only in deep sea blue/silk beige mercedes-maybach s 550 s 600 upholstery upholstery upholstery upholstery designo exclusive semi-aniline leather nappa leather exclusive nappa leather designo exclusive semi-aniline leather s 550 s 550e s 600 mercedes-maybach s 550 s 600 amg s 63 amg s 65 amg s 63 paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork black anthracite blue metallic diamond silver metallic emerald green metallic iridium silver metallic paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork paintwork lunar blue metallic magnetite black metallic obsidian black metallic ruby black metallic selenite grey metallic

genuine acce ssor ie s genuine mercedes-benz accessories are engineered to exacting standards of quality appearance and fit they help make your car more of what you want or need it to be — from its wheels to the cabin to protect your car’s finish or soothe yourself with aromatherapy there’s no better way to make your car all your own while keeping it 100 mercedes-benz mercedes me makes it easy to stay connected to your car and your life it can make any trip easier more enjoyable or more entertaining and it’ll bring you a world of rewards for being part of the family endnotes 1 2 s‑class sedan accessories include changing what’s remotely possible any time any place life is better when you’re connected you don’t have to leave your world behind when you’re in your mercedes-benz and you can have access to your car even after you park and walk away it’s all possible with mercedes me.2 convenience at your