2017 S-Class Sedan by Mercedes-Benz USA

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extended benefits the mercedes-maybach sedans expand the pleasures of motoring to new dimensions even for an s‑class their lengthened wheelbase heightens your comfort exquisite appointments reach beyond accommodating more than distinctive they offer travel in one of its most distinguished forms the mercedes-maybach s‑class sedans are defined not by their eight additional inches of wheelbase but by the benefits they extend to their occupants extraordinary furnishings an exceptional level of handcraftsmanship and unsurpassed luxury raise the fine art of traveling by automobile to a new state of the art hand-finished wood wraps around heated ventilated massaging and power-reclining executive rear seats dual rear seats feature power calf rests and a console concealing a pair of sleek leather and aluminum foldaway writing tables seats doors and ceiling are swathed in nappa leather a mercedes-maybach carries itself as elegantly as it carries its passengers the body is meticulously sculpted not simply stretched to captivate the eye and command the wind performance is at once athletic and graceful compelling for the driver and composed from any seat two models are available the new s 550 4matic teams a 449‑hp biturbo v8 with confident 4matic® all-wheel drive the s 600 sends the rich torque of its 523‑hp v12 to the rear wheels from the unsurpassed hush of their cabins both can deliver a 5.0‑second rush to 60 mph.7 optional or not available on some models please see back of brochure.