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performance driving better two turbos instead of one — or none nine speeds versus six a chassis that responds to the road rather than just taking it to make an s‑class more agile composed and confident mercedes-benz engineers strive to outdo themselves and everyone they drive the best to be better so you can too if you want to distill the performance of an s‑class down to two words try these aspiration and inspiration the first means breathing which every 2017 s‑class sedan does via a pair of high-capacity turbochargers as for the second term it’s how driving an s‑class leaves you breathless those twin turbos perform in an orchestra of advancement strength and precision from the first push of the throttle to every twist of the steering wheel you feel quick response your moves are agile graceful and precise — as if the car’s chassis is totally unaware of the expansive cabin but in fact it’s not merely aware it’s in charge — constantly working to perfect the balance of comfort with control and efficiency with exhilaration it’s how an s‑class inspires you and why so many cars aspire to match its moves mannerisms and majesty five biturbo engines range from a 449‑hp v8 to a handbuilt 621‑hp v12 plus a v6 that teams up with a plug-in hybrid electric motor for 436 hp each of them delivers torque -rich response whether taking off from a stop or overtaking on the highway they also self-tune not every few miles but every few milliseconds in the v8s highpressure direct injection dispenses fuel with virtually molecular precision all the engines can rapid-fire their spark plugs up to four times in a row — for more powerful and efficient3 operation with ultralow emissions the plug ‑in hybrid s 550e intelligently uses navigation data and onboard radar to optimize efficiency.4 each s‑class engine teams up with a transmission ideally suited to its capability and character most have seven speeds for quick response and quiet cruising on the s 550 s 550 4matic and mercedes-maybach s 550 4matic the new 9g‑tronic 9‑speed is even sportier yet more refined airmatic® suspension helps the v8 and hybrid sedans iron out bumps and unravel curves an electronically controlled air spring lets each 18 19 or 20 wheel1 react with quick dexterity while steadying the body and passengers standard on v12s magic body control® is the first “proactive” suspension its road surface scan uses a camera to foresee bumps and dips so it can counteract them in real time every s‑class adapts to loads with 4‑wheel level control self-lowers at speed for greater efficiency and stability and can be raised for deep ruts or steep driveways torque vectoring brake — or esp® dynamic cornering assist on amg models — laterally shifts power for quicker surer cornering and with 4matic® all-wheel drive an s 550 or amg s 63 further enhances confidence as seasons or surfaces change.5 wherever you drive an s‑class is driven to make it better.