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soothing support choice comforts what could be more rejuvenating and relaxing than a day at the spa driving there in an s‑class the heated front seats power-adjust no fewer than 12 ways from the cushion length to head-restraint height plus a 4‑way lumbar support active multicontour seats let you adjust their support even more precisely their side bolsters adapt as you take curves and they’ll even offer a massage — six of them in fact including two “hot stone” treatments ventilated seats help to keep you cooler and your clothes drier in summer and available luxuries like rapid seat heating plus a heated steering wheel and armrests will feel like must-haves when winter comes the luxury of an s‑class takes a back seat to no other sedan especially in its own spacious rear cabin virtually all of the innovative comforts offered up front are also available for the rear passengers and then some four cabin configurations progressively add indulgences from power rear seats with memory to heating ventilation and massaging multicontour seats to a power footrest for the right seat an executive right seat reclines even farther or you can opt for twin power seats divided by a console with folding tables plus heated and cooled cupholders wireless remotes let you operate many features via the entertainment system screen at each seat the ele vation of first cl ass artisanal audio finessed finishes burmester,® germany’s renowned handcrafter of fine home audio has created two systems for the s‑class both of them continually reprofile the full sound spectrum not merely the volume as you drive the burmester surround sound system features 13 premium speakers with drilled aluminum grilles driven by a 590‑watt 9‑ channel digital amp with 1,520 total watts the burmester high-end 3d surround sound system combines analog and digital signals for natural sound in any musical genre its 24 speakers include rotating illuminated tweeters innovative surround-sound speakers in the ceiling and a trunk-mounted subwoofer6 with its own 400‑watt amp the s‑class cabin has been designed and crafted to elevate every standard of luxury motoring flowing shapes intriguing finishes and impeccably tailored materials envelop the cabin’s occupants not just in style but a sense of occasion supple leather is available in a spectrum of colors and styles it’s also tailored with impeccable precision with topstitching never touching perforations in the upholstery there are no fewer than six choices in hand-finished trim which sweeps across the wave-formed dash and into the doors among the most intriguing are the designo options such as metallized ash wood and black piano lacquer with blond “flowing lines.” is the defi n ition of an s cl ass luminous luxury sensory seduction twenty years ago mercedes-benz research shed new light on a fact of nighttime driving riding in a dark car tends to increase stress and fatigue but soft strategic illumination of key areas can bring inner peace without reducing outward vision and so the first ambient cabin lighting debuted in the s‑class today’s s‑class has evolved this innovation to deliver its comforts in style a network of hundreds of leds highlights the dash console and doors while edge -lighting the display panel from behind in addition to five levels of brightness and three lighting zones you can choose from seven colors to suit your mood — or even create a new one the dual-zone climate control allows individual left and right adjustment not only of the temperature but also the blower speed and airflow direction a 4‑zone system extends the courtesies to the rear cabin too both systems take extensive measures to cleanse the cabin air with dust/pollen filtration dual activated charcoal filters and the air balance system all standard air balance includes an ionizer that uses an electrical charge to neutralize allergens and other impurities for freshness like you feel after a summer storm a fragrance atomizer can then infuse the air with subtle aromatherapy six available scents won’t linger in the cabin or on clothing optional or not available on some models please see back of brochure.