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lwb ford transit connect front passenger side door door lock mechanisms front door lock controls lwb ford transit 3rd row seat ford transit connect payload rear mud flaps interior rearview mirror rear bumper 68 rear ford transit connect sliding rear seat bench rear window defroster rear window defrost cigarette lighter ashtray van maximum towing capacity power folding 2nd row seat rear window defroster tint side mount spare tire mount drivers seat height adjustment 3 point seat belt locking spare tire carrier maximum towing capacity side mount spare tire carrier front bench seat rear speaker speaker grill three point seat belts leather steering wheel storage shelves with sliding doors rear seat belt rear seat belts front license plate 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine rear bench seats rear bench seat 4x4 to 4x4 turbo diesel engine turbo diesel engines cylinder aluminum cylinder head wall shelves with sliding doors tire pressure monitor kits 4 cylinder aluminum cylinder head six speed automatic transmission shelf with sliding doors front license plate mounting brackets front license plate mounting bracket 4 speed automat transmission map leather steering wheel cover leather steering wheel covers ft lbs to inch lbs left and right rear door glass window 3rd brake light ceiling lighting led turbo diesel engine 65 turbo turbo diesel engine 24

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we thought about safety so you can think about work getting the job done is about staying focused our groundbreaking safety innovations deliver an extra level of protection for your cargo and passengers — and give you one less thing to think about standard on mercedes-benz vans crosswind assist2 can help you stabilize your van in gusting crosswinds while standard front thorax and window airbags1 help keep you protected the standard rearview camera3 makes reverse parking and maneuvers more manageable plus we’re the only van in the segment featuring standard load-adaptive electronic stability program esp® 4 factor in the available blind spot assist,5 lane keeping assist,6 highbeam assist and collision prevention assist,7 and it will be easy to keep your mind on the job knowing that your van is helping you stay safe s ta n da rdhighlights please check entire surroundings crosswind assist2 crosswind assist helps you stabilize your van and boosts safety in strong gusting

let’s get to work 12 with us there’s no difference between just doing a job and doing it right we only do a job one way — the best we can our “a” game is built into every van and every configuration with sprinter you’ll have the technological advancements and capabilities to get the job done but more than that sprinter’s performance gives you the confidence to know that you’re working as cost-efficiently as possible while the innovative safety and driver-assist systems assure you that you’re protected along the way we have a configuration to get your job done — from the impressive value of the worker models to the flexibility of the full lineup of sprinter vans let’s get to work

pulling our weight every day when you need manpower along with horsepower the sprinter crew van can easily carry up to five people while still leaving you plenty of room to haul cargo the 3-seat crew bench is also removable giving you even more hauling flexibility the only factory crew configuration in its class our sprinter crew van features padded armrests and tinted windows that will help keep your crew comfortable we’ll help keep them safe with advancements like standard load-adaptive electronic stability program esp® 4 crosswind assist,2 and available blind spot assist5 and highbeam assist and our v6 turbo diesel engine9 will get you up to speed easily — even if you’re maxed out with crew and cargo all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 44 for a complete listing of models and specifications sp e cif ications one roof height high roof 2500 max 105.7 95.5 s e at s t wo l engths a removable rear bench seat covered in

have a big idea bring it from a box truck to a technologically advanced rv we provide you with the place to build your idea the sprinter cab chassis/cutaway14 is your blank slate with a flat unobstructed frame and two available wheelbases both featuring gvwrs of 11,030 lbs we’ve made certain that there’s a sprinter strong enough to support your biggest plans the sprinter cab chassis/cutaway14 has legendary mercedes-benz durability built in and the efficient diesel engine has proven itself for years the sprinter cab chassis/cutaway14 is also compatible with a wide range of bodies while it features a best-in-class payload,12 the rack-andpinion steering and independent front suspension will keep you maneuvering the streets with ease if your big idea needs more hauling capacity the new super single tire on the 3500xd model increases the payload by up to 132 lbs all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 46 for a complete listing of

we work for a living is there a better name for a line of vans the sprinter worker cargo van comes in at a surprisingly low cost of ownership but is ready to deliver big-time results the sprinter worker cargo van can hold over 3,500 lbs of payload and has a maximum cargo volume of 486.5 cu ft while the capacities are impressive the sprinter worker cargo van takes it a step further by letting you choose between two different wheelbase lengths working hard means staying on the road and you’ll do that as well with an up to 20,000-mile service interval.11 limitations in standard and optional equipment — see your dealer for details all measurements in inches all width measurements include mirrors see page 42 for a complete listing of models and specifications sp e cif ications t wo roof heights standar d roof t wo l engths high roof 170 wheel base 233.3 274.1 max 105.9 max 94.5 95.5 14 4 wheel base 95.5 sp r inter work er cargo q uick facts ma ximum payload 3,501 lbs

cargo floor length only the metris stacks up cargo dimensions metris 120.5 in metris ewb 55 in 50 in 49.7in 48.3 in 87.3 in vs ford transit connect lwb metris ewb the metris ford transit connect lwb metris ewb ford transit connect lwb 21.7in is longer 2.4 in is taller 837 holds lbs more payload 70.4 has cu ft more cargo volume ma ximum cargo volume ma ximum payload metris ewb ma ximum towing capacit y metris ewb metris ewb 2,447 lbs 5,000 lbs 199 cu ft ford transit connect lwb ford transit connect lwb ford transit connect lwb 1,610 lbs 34 128.6 cu ft 35 2,000 lbs 60 1,000 lbs 1,500 lbs 2,000 lbs 2,500 lbs 3,000 lbs 3,500 lbs 4,000 lbs 4,500 lbs 186 cu.ft 100 cu ft 150 cu ft 200 cu ft 250 cu ft turning diameter 300 cu ft 1,000 lbs 2,000 lbs 3,000 lbs 4,000 lbs 5,000 lbs 13 38.7 metris ewb 40 ford transit connect lwb ft curb-to-curb ft curb-to-curb 6,000 lbs based on publicly available vehicle specifications for the 2017 ford transit connect lwb available at time

comfort for your passengers a comfortable low cost of ownership for you sp ec i f i cat io ns not just vans — game-changers the metris worker is the line of vans that’s as focused on your bottom line as you are without compromising any of the core values of a mercedes-benz van metris worker cargo and passenger vans offer a streamlined selection of packages and options with a low total cost of ownership and the advanced safety features you’d expect from mercedes-benz metris worker vans bring an entirely new level of efficiency and value to your vehicles 75.2 88.3 numbers don’t lie the metris worker cargo van’s payload cargo volume and horsepower prove that you can get big-time capabilities and affordability in one van it’s just the right size to get the job done and with two optional packages convenience and utility ordering a metris worker cargo van has never been easier options that work at a price that works for you the metris worker cargo

through mercedes-benz financial services we offer a variety of financing products and solutions with flexible benefits tailored specifically to meet the needs of your business.17 for more information visit www.mbvans.com/sprinter/shopping-tools/finance-solutions retail loan fmv lease trac lease18 these simple-interest fixed-payment packages lock in interest rates and can include van and upfit equipment as well as aftermarket products in one contract a closed-end lease agreement is also known as a “walkaway lease,” since the lessee can simply turn in the vehicle and walk away at lease maturity after meeting all contractual obligations subject to certain return conditions and mileage restrictions a terminal rental adjustment clause trac lease18 doesn’t require any acquisition fee up-front payment or excess mileage charges and lease payments may be expensed against income owners are responsible for the residual value of the vehicle taking care of you so you can take

sprinter cargo 2500 3500 3500xd worker continued technical specifications 2500 cargo 3500 worker technical specifications sprinter 3500xd cargo 2500 worker wheelbase 144 3500xd 3500 170 170 ext 144 170 hr dual rear wheel tires wheelbase 170 ext 144 170 170 ext roof height standard roof standard roof 4x4 high roof high roof 4x4 high roof high roof 4x4 high roof high roof 4x4 sr dual rear wheel tires passenger capacity up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three up to three one one one one one one one one one one one one one one length 233.3 233.3 233.3 233.3 274.1 274.1 289.8 289.8 233.3 233.3 274.1 274.1 289.8 289.8 length 233.3 233.3 233.3 233.3 233.3 233.3 274.1 274.1 274.1 289.8 289.8 289.8 height 94.5 97.2 105.9 108.6 105.8 108.4 105.7 108 96.2 107.3 107.3 107.0 107.2 106.8 height 99.4 109.1 95.9 97.2

sprinter cab chassis/cutaway 14 standard features mechanical • axle ratio 4.18 • clearance lights pre-wiring • parametric special module psm • stabilizer rear axle underframe • stabilizer reinforced at front axle • suspension with front rear stabilizers • parking lights deletion • provisional spare wheel bracket frame-mounted • tires lt 215/85 r16 e x terior • exterior mirror extended 96 • identification lamps optional features mechanical • axle ratio 3.92 • cruise control • front axle reinforced • front engine bracket for additional alternator • front engine bracket for auxiliary a/c compressor • parametric special module psm se ating • comfort driver passenger seat • heated driver passenger seat • heavy-duty driver seat • orange seat belts driver passenger passenger capacity rows of seats regular 3500xd long 3500xd up to three one up to three one e x

metris passenger worker passenger metris exterior interior standard features technical specifications mechanical • 14v/190a alternator • active retainer for sliding door • bodybuilder connector under driver seat • passenger van suspension • remote opening/closing of windows se ating • 2nd row seats 2-place removable • 3rd row seats 3-place removable • grab handles in headliner 2nd 3rd rows • premium rear interior trim with armrests • rear-seat floor pockets with quick release interior • 12v outlets for rear seat row right left • air conditioning rear • airbag window all rows1 • assist handle b-pillar • audio system speakers four rear • child safety lock sliding door • interior rearview mirror • plastic floor covering in rear compartment • roof trim • two detachable cupholders 3rd row armrests • two overhead interior lights in rear • warm/cool air duct