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proving grounds it comes from the red-hot glow of a brake tested to the limit and then redesigned as it’s pushed to shed extreme speed at to raise the limit any fraction of a second an exceptional rate and from the glow in shaved each lap run and every race won a driver’s face on the victors’ podium it’s everything that amg learns goes back into in the split second when braking into a everything amg makes and makes better corner becomes an instant shift of weight gears and powering out the half-century track record of transforming refined sedans into super the result of collected learning is summed lative racecars and the years developing up best in another word experience it’s an all-new sports car from the ground up more than the wisdom that amg uniquely to anyone who works at amg it’s all just the track or a showroom it’s also what the brings to the table — or more accurately part of living and learning every

layout power of balance with a hood reaching six feet forward and the amg gt is engineered to omit excess shoulders to match the amg gt’s athletic weight in the first place and to locate every shape seduces even before you know what ounce that remains in the right place — to lies within but remove its shell — sculpted lower the center of gravity raise rigidity from slightly over 500 pounds of aluminum and improve balance along any axis each magnesium and a trace of steel or polymer wheel is suspended by forged aluminum depending on bodystyle — and you’ll see the double wishbones and hub carriers coil reason for the car’s epic proportions over shocks — hub-mounted at the rear —  team with parallel upper and lower arms to enlightened lightness keep handling predictable and crisp even freed from an oil pan the dry-sump v8 is during extreme maneuvers and with amg

craftsmanship singularity and oneness the difference between a racing car and a colors range from subtle macchiato beige sports car probably needs no explanation to warm saddle brown to spicy red pepper for example you can’t drive to work or the in a variety of stitching patterns and colors saturday coffee-shop cruise in a gt3 car console trim seat belt and steering wheel you can bring a display of its technology options further tailor the look and feel of however in your amg gt much of what a your amg gt to you factor in a spectrum streetgoing gt has in common with a rac of gloss and matte paintwork and as many ing gt is also what sets it apart from other as six choices in wheel design and color —  sports cars the sum of its capabilities the not to mention the five coupe and roadster multiplicity of choices and how driver and models — and it’s easy to create a car that’s car feel indivisible from behind the wheel 100 you

the coupes unrivaled siblings conceals active rear wheel steering and the four coupes of the amg gt family may the sharpened performance perks of the show some brotherly rivalry but when the amg dynamic plus package — including competitive spirit is the very core of your a wider power band and dynamic engine being it’s only natural each model offers and transmission mounts — standard and its own take on the reinvention of the pure at the top of the line is a new king of the sports car while sharing the basic formula ’ring the 577‑hp gt  r coupe targeted of light weight seamless biturbo v8 power weight savings from a carbon fiber torque and ideal balance the 469‑hp gt coupe tube and body bracing forged wheels a can sprint to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds.5 it’s thin wall exhaust and even a lightweight equipped with staggered width 19 amg audio system team with 9‑ mode traction ® wheels,1 a

the coupes you may feel it in moments of elation or years of enjoyment but the motorsports soul of an amg gt will send your heart racing wheel arches the front apron is designed amg performance exhaust’s sound other and the touchpad/rotary controller for the to enhance downforce as is an active rear buttons let you control several of these on many features displayed on the 8.4 central spoiler that extends at varying speeds their own so it’s easy to hush the exhaust comand® screen navigation,7 comfort set depending on the driving mode a fixed rear note in your cul -de -sac or engage manual tings and audio options two burmester ® wing and more aggressive front splitter are shifting instantly and independently up to sound systems are available a 10‑speaker available for even greater effect and the six trim options are available from gloss or 640 ‑watt surround sound system or the new amg panamericana grille — a row of matte carbon

with a record-setting lap of the notorious nürburgring the amg gt r celebrates 50 years of turning mercedes -benz automobiles into racing champions and street superheroes born in the green hell greenlighted for the street there may be no racetrack that tests the mettle of a sports car as developed to be the purest distillation of gt3 racing technology vigorously as germany’s nürburgring nicknamed “the green hell,” in roadworthy — and street legal — form the amg gt r is the most it’s where automakers and the motoring press go to get the most formidable member of the amg family its biturbo power is further brutally honest evaluation of a car’s capability and it’s where one boosted strategic use of carbon fiber trims its already light weight publication drove the new mercedes-amg gt r to an all-time ’ring its active aero expands its ability to turn airflow into downforce it record for a

untopped speed how do you make a pure sports car even more pure just add sky two new amg gt roadsters open up additional dimensions in one of the most multifaceted and multi­ talented performance cars ever under the sun and they do it without sacrificing the it to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds its amg twin acclaimed traits of their hardtop siblings —  5 ‑spoke wheels are staggered in width and from their sub four second 0 ‑to ‑60 times5 diameter 9.5 ×19 at the front axle and to the ideally balanced highly rigid and an incredible 12×20 under rear fenders light­weight construction also present and with a 2.25 wider wingspan the adaptive ready for action a handcrafted front mid amg ride control sport suspension and mounted v8 biturbo engine a dual -clutch amg dynamic performance exhaust each amg speedshift 7‑ speed and an exqui offer you a choice of modes composite site two seat cockpit — only now you

the roadsters here’s a sports car that’ll let you enjoy its top speed every day in just 11 seconds its power soft top can go all out wide open hidden strength classic cockpit for two your voice gps navigation7 with 3 years of beneath its sensuous shape the amg gt other than the power top controls and map updates and 5 years of siriusxm traffic roadster body is engineered from road to the unlimited headroom they can offer up and weather service.15 audio that includes roll bars to assure excellent rigidity and the cabin delivers the generous amenities hd radio® stations and siriusxm radio with a level of occupant protection expected and precise driving controls that make the a 6‑ month all access trial and numerous of a sports car with the star in its grille gt coupes special deeply sculpted amg comfort settings you can personalize while its integrated spaceframe and body performance seats with integrated head are composed nearly entirely of aluminum

2018 amg gt build your own power torque transmission amg gt c coupe amg gt c roadster amg gt r coupe wheelbase overall length 103.5 179.0 103.5 179.0 103.5 179.0 103.5 179.0 103.5 179.0 103.5 179.0 50.7 81.7 76.3 49.6 81.7 76.3 50.7 81.7 76.3 50.7 81.7 79.0 49.6 81.7 79.0 50.7 81.7 79.0 amg gt coupe and roadster amg gt s coupe amg gt c coupe6 and roadster amg gt r coupe overall height overall width handcrafted amg 4.0l v8 biturbo with direct injection 469 hp 6,000 rpm 465 lb‑ft 1,700–5,000 rpm handcrafted amg 4.0l v8 biturbo with direct injection 515 hp 6,000 rpm 494 lb‑ft 1,750–5,000 rpm handcrafted amg 4.0l v8 biturbo with direct injection 550 hp 5,750–6,750 rpm 502 lb‑ft 1,900–5,750 rpm handcrafted amg 4.0l v8 biturbo with direct injection 577 hp 6,250 rpm 516 lb‑ft 1,900–5,500 rpm curb weight 3,560 lbs 3,681 lbs 3,627 lbs 3,748 lbs 3,825 lbs 3,594 lbs headroom 39.5 38.7 top up

upholstery style mb -tex/dinamica nappa leather   gt nappa leather/dinamica   gt s   gt exclusive nappa leather   gt r exclusive nappa leather  w/diamond stitching   gt c   gt  roadster only   gt s exclusive nappa leather/dinamica   gt c   gt  roadster only   gt s upholstery   gt s gt c  deletes ventilated seats   gt r trim 1 2 3 4 9 10 a b black black auburn brown platinum white/black black w/red stitching black w/yellow stitching amg silver chrome amg black piano lacquer gt s gt c gt r exclusive nappa leather/dinamica exclusive nappa leather c d amg gloss carbon fiber exclusive amg matte carbon fiber exclusive mb -tex/dinamica nappa leather exclusive nappa leather nappa leather exclusive nappa leather exclusive nappa leather 5 6 7 8 11 12 red pepper/black silver pearl/black black w/yellow stitching black w/silver stitching saddle brown/black macchiato beige/black gt s gt c gt

mercedes me makes it easy to stay connected to your car — and to your life it can make any trip easier more enjoyable or more entertaining and it’ll bring you a world of rewards for being part of the family get started at mbusa.com/mercedesme amg driving academy yo urworldisright at yo urfingertips from connection to inspiration the power of a tap or your voice driving a mercedes-benz opens up a world with mercedes  me you can remote-lock of special benefits the mercedes me app unlock locate and monitor your car from on your smartphone teams with five years your iphone® or android® phone as well as of mbrace® connect services — standard.2 google home or amazon® alexa you can together they can keep you in touch with also send a destination directly to your your car let you remote-control numerous car’s navigation system get more from its features and offer you easy access to your features with helpful