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t h e 2 018 c class you could have flown in gone to the event windshield to your future and flown home but reunions have a way instead of sitting in airport parking your of making you do some accounting of your new c ‑class is enjoying a multi-state run life — the plans you’ve accomplished the this weekend and instead of sitting in dreams fulfilled and the wishes still held 4a and 4b the two of you have a front you’ll no doubt be comparing notes during row view of a world that feels bigger than the event and after it but as you do one usual today but more inviting too under thing will become clear in your head it’s the wide sky the road is a ribbon contin‑ nearly impossible to imagine where you’re uously unwrapping the gift of scenery the going without appreciating where you came enjoyable act of driving draws you closer from right now one realization rings true to your destination the art of conversa‑ above all no

safety persistent vigilance you’re sure you were paying attention and faster its standard systems watch traffic maybe the merge was messy this morning ahead and help you see out back.5 options with all the construction and traffic but by can look out for pedestrians look into your the time your brain started processing the blind spots and look at where you’re going red lights growing large in your windshield relative to the lanes of the road if they see your c‑class was already on the brakes —  danger coming they can help prepare the hard and while there certainly was drama car to better see you through it  — cinching there wasn’t tragedy your car didn’t blink.5 seat belts closing windows or holding the brakes if you’re about to get rear-ended decades of prep moments of proof so much can change in the blink of an eye safety engineers at mercedes-benz have that’s why mercedes-benz

technology a touch more thoughtful ergonomic switches encircle an intuitive turn-and-click knob intuitive control in the console teaming with the large central screen and a illustrated and animated menus match their touchpad controller you can operate and adjust numerous appearance to the way you move the rotary features and settings while your hand rests comfortably controller making it easy to adjust audio or navigation personalize features and more the touchpad lets you use fingertip gestures like swiping or pinching to zoom on a map modes for every mood the dynamic select paddle lets you set up the car’s driving systems to suit the situation and your desires modes from green-minded eco to red-blooded sport vary the feel of the throttle shifting handling and more you can even set up your own individual mode paus efor savin g s in touch with your vehicle the standard eco start/stop system can the configuration of satellite switches is based on the automatically switch off

c‑class sedans the engineering and craftsmanship of a c‑class sedan work as one because mercedes-benz engineers and artisans also do put the world at your fingertips system for the driver seat lets you save electrical charge then infuse it with any of the standard rotary controller on the con‑ three sets of settings for your seat the six subtle fragrances that won’t linger on sole and a vivid 7 color screen mounted side mirrors and the 4‑way power steer‑ clothing or cabin surfaces and multicolor high at center stage make it easy to enjoy ing column the power-folding mirrors can led ambient lighting is an option that you the audio system and personalize many also be set to retract as you lock the car vehicle settings three navigation9 options can vary to suit your mood or even inspire a new one are available the garmin® map pilot® is two leather options are available includ‑ an sd card-based system that integrates ing exquisitely

a body that reveals the soul “coupe” comes from a french word mean‑ ing “cut.” but if there’s one thing a c‑class coupe is not it’s a cut-down version of its sedan counterpart it has its own muscular physique honed by the wind a cabin with four sport seats tailored to fit staggeredwidth wheels and tires to carve through corners if there’s any cutting going on it’s the c‑class showing who has the edge the c 300 and c 300 4matic coupes — plus the power to move you their three amg siblings — also stand a the turbocharged c 300 models send their cut above their competition with features 241 hp and 273 lb‑ft of torque to the rear some of them don’t offer at any price like wheels or with 4matic® all-wheel drive to a paddle-shifted 9‑speed transmission a all four wheels lightweight nimble and power panorama roof or hand-finished

the cabriolets motoring in its purest form ground-hugging amg lower body styling nothing celebrates the open road like the and tips each of the grille pins in glisten‑ open sky especially with nothing but you ing chrome the option also includes sport and your c‑class cabriolet in between if brakes brushed-metal pedals and a racy the sun’s warm glow doesn’t brighten your flat-bottom steering wheel face surely some turbo power will responsive in the moment each of five cabriolets — the sporty c 300 a 2.0l inline‑4 turbo engine whisks both the confident c 300 4matic and the trio c 300 cabriolets from 0 to 60 mph in just of biturbo amg models — take the athletic 6.3 seconds.6 their 241 hp and 273 lb‑ft of prowess progressive engineering and ele‑ torque are sent to the rear wheels in the gant proportions of the c‑class family to c 300 and to all four

upholstery mb-tex appearance may vary by model and bodystyle designo nappa leather leather mb-tex/dinamica leather nappa leather paintwork black polar white brilliant blue metallic dakota brown metallic diamond silver metallic iridium silver metallic lunar blue metallic obsidian black metallic selenite grey metallic designo cardinal red metallic na on amg c 63 c 63 s coupes c 300 c 350e c 300 c 350e upholstery colors black amg c 43 amg c 63 all models amg c 43 amg c 63 s amg c 63 availability varies by model and may require other options please visit mbusa.com or see your dealer for details silk beige black crystal grey black saddle brown black porcelain black designo diamond white metallic designo selenite grey magno matte designo iridium silver magno matte designo cashmere white magno matte na on sedans or amg c 63 and c 63 s cabriolets amg c 63 c 63 s coupes amg

mercedes me makes it easy to stay connected to your car — and to your life it can make any trip easier more enjoyable or more entertaining and it’ll bring you a world of rewards for being part of the family get started at mbusa.com/mercedesme genuine accessories yo urworldisright at yo urfingertips from connection to inspiration the power of a tap or your voice driving a mercedes-benz opens up a world mercedes  me lets you remote-start your of special benefits the mercedes me app car from your iphone® or android® phone on your smartphone teams with five years plus lock locate and monitor it via your of mbrace® connect services — standard.3 phone google home or amazon® alexa together they can keep you in touch with you can also send a destination directly to your car let you remote-control numerous its navigation system get more from its features and offer you easy access to your features with helpful how‑to