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cla facebook.com/mercedesbenzusa linkedin.com/company/mercedes-benz-usa instagram.com/mbusa twitter.com/mbusa youtube.com/mbusa 2018 the personal rewards of striving to be the best are even more meaningful in the development of young people than they are for automobiles instilling the values of leadership goal-setting discipline and teamwork in youth is an investment in everyone’s future it’s why mercedes-benz usa is collaborating with the laureus sport for good foundation with an ongoing commitment to train and place hundreds of coaches for after-school and in-school sports programs in communities around the country sports offer kids more than the chance to be physically active and have fun it’s also an opportunity to have a mentor who can guide them help them learn how to deal with major life issues and help them grow stronger not just physically but in their character as a mercedes-benz driver you become a part of this effort to give hundreds of thousands of

standard and available equipment may vary by model please see back of

t h e 2 018 c l a once upon a dream you find yourself at the fine you mutter as you prepare for the day end of a dim hallway with three doors the ahead got it … can only have one door you first door opens to a museum — bright and check your phone noting all the likes last modern it pulses with fascinating exhibits night’s post got before slipping it into your of technology through the second door is pocket you pick up your wallet admiring a fashionable store its display case filled its silver logo and fine leather for a moment with high-end merchandise from all of your ready to head out you grab the key to your favorite names you barely crack the third car — a new cla savoring its shape in your door open and all of the sounds and sensa hand you think again about that voice tions of a racetrack — tires singing turbos whistling crews wrenching — thunder into awakening the dream within the

2018 cla keyfe at ures performance inline-4 turbo engine 7g-dct 7‑speed transmission excitement meets efficiency with turbo 375 handcrafted horsepower amg cla 45 power and a sporty dual‑clutch 7‑speed a racing-inspired chassis delivers agility in the corners and civility in the city dynamic select drive modes agile 4‑wheel independent suspension 4matic® variable-torque all‑wheel drive design sleek 4-door coupe design the seductive profile of a coupe catches grille-integrated star and “twin power dome” hood admiring eyes yet sneaks through the wind sporty style and elegant detailing come with the practical benefit of four doors amg aerodynamics package amg cla 45 17 to 19 alloy wheels1 led headlamps and taillamps amg line amg line exterior and night package safety radar-based active brake assist collision mitigation groundbreaking safety advancements attention assist® watch the road and the

performance revealing in every rev your seat is adjusted just right the leather gear while it exits the current gear in the wheel sits comfortably in your hands — your scant 6.9 seconds4 of a 0‑to‑60 dash the fingertips poised by the shift paddles and cla’s team of performance prodigies has by the time you feel the first upshift your played — and won — more lightning rounds hands eyes and mood are being rewarded than a television game-show champion as a team — and by a team every element of your cla is performing like a pitch-perfect prodigious with a pedigree chorus and you’re the lead singer its agile moves reveal the racing champions in its bloodline — even more so with one of proficiency in efficiency its three suspension options and you can exiting a corner you glance at the gauges pair them all with variable-torque

craftsmanship aninvi tat iontos tay ahead would square dash vents emit airflow as mercedes-benz the cla advances some well as ones that look like they came from other thoughtful traditions as well among a private jet maybe but how a car feels is them the extended comfort of adjustable measured by more than cold functionality thigh supports seat memory that saves even if it’s a detail whose job is to cool your side mirror settings too upholstery the cabin everything you touch in your that’s lovingly fitted by hand and ambient cla has been designed to touch you back lighting — yet another idea first introduced everything you see to reward your gaze or to the car world by mercedes-benz — not respond to your glance — whether it does it only where it’s most useful but also where with smooth surfaces or sharp pixels it’s uniquely pleasing like a soft glow under the head restraints or with 12 available

2018 cla the brightest star on the road shining the way from the cla grille is a symbol of automotive leadership recognized the world over behind it are over 80,000 patents including the one for the car itself countless racing trophies starting with history’s first and hundreds of innovations that have raised the bar for all cars twin power domes diamond -block grille the sculpted shape of the 1955 300 sl gullwing’s radiating from the star in the cla 250 grille are hood lives on in the cla so does the spirit of some 240 hexagonal pins each one individually innovative power under its twin power domes sized and positioned by the car’s designer opt for direct fuel injection — pioneered in production the sporty amg line exterior or even racier amg automobiles by the racing-bred sports car — is line and the pins are tipped in chrome — a look advanced to a new state of the art in today’s

the value is in its values the coupelike lines and excellent value of a cla might seduce you at first sight the values inherent in its family line can do far more its athletic performance advanced safety systems aerodynamic refinement as performance suspension exhaust and and impeccable appointments assure you steering a flat-bottom steering wheel and that it doesn’t just wear the coveted star — racy red accents inside and out  it’s earned it in true mercedes-benz style the 2018 cla has the substance to back the amg cla 45 features its own night and up its true mercedes-benz style aerodynamics packages as standard with gloss black details from the front splitter bold shape brilliant details and air-dam flics to the rear spoiler for time in the wind tunnel for the cla is like ’18 the amg performance studio package hours in the gym for a person it develops turns up the heat with black and yellow lean muscle plus many side benefits the

dream drive the star in the cla grille reflects a legacy of patents automotive firsts and racing wins that no other car in its class can match the advantages of advancement system includes wireless streaming from apple carplay™ and android auto pair your mercedes-benz engineers aren’t known for your audio device and broadcast options iphone® or android® phone with the car’s merely keeping up with progress for gen range from standard hd radio stations to display and controls to bring you their own erations they’ve set the pace — pioneering nationwide siriusxm radio with a 6‑month unique interfaces apps and voice control.9 breakthroughs that have established new all access trial to internet radio with the standards in safety performance comfort mbrace entertain package — which can also enjoy a little star treament and confidence the advanced innovations turn your car into a 4g lte wifi hotspot a the cla

since 1967 when two engineers began turning mercedes-benz sedans into championship racecars amg has turned victory on the track into passion on the streets of the world the joy of specs the attraction of power numbers that are unsurpassed make the amg cla 45 even harder with an aero-aggressive body exclusive cockpit and racing-bred to pass up its 26.1 psi of turbo boost leads its class its 375 hp out amg brakes suspension and exhaust the cla 45 is exhilarating outputs all other 4-cylinders and its 188 hp/liter leads the industry.16 out of the box check off a few option boxes and it’s breathtaking the amg 2.0l turbo engine — each one handcrafted and signed —  the amg performance exhaust can unleash its fury with the push sends 350 lb‑ft of torque to all four 18 or 19 amg® wheels1 via of a button amg ride control pairs two-stage damping with a an amg speedshift® dct 7‑speed and

2018 cla 2.0l inline‑4 turbo with direct injection 208 hp 5,500 rpm 258 lb‑ft 1,250–4,000 rpm handcrafted 2.0l inline‑4 turbo with direct injection 375 hp 6,000 rpm 350 lb‑ft 2,250–5,000 rpm automatic transmission 7g‑dct dual-clutch 7-speed with shift paddles 7g‑dct dual-clutch 7-speed with shift paddles amg speedshift® dct dual-clutch 7-speed with shift paddles acceleration 6.9 sec 6.8 sec 4.1 sec wheels 17 5‑spoke with all‑season extended mobility tires1 17 5‑spoke with all‑season extended mobility tires1 18 amg® 10‑spoke with summer high-performance tires1 suspension 4‑wheel independent strut front multilink rear 4‑wheel independent strut front multilink rear amg sport suspension 4‑wheel independent strut front/multilink rear drivetrain front-wheel drive 4matic® variable-torque all-wheel drive amg performance 4matic all-wheel

upholstery style mb-tex cla 250 paintwork mb-tex/dinamica leather black “red cut” leather cla 250  interior pkg amg cla 45  interior pkg cla 250  amg line amg cla 45 jupiter red cirrus white night black cosmos black metallic mountain grey metallic lunar blue metallic cocoa brown metallic designo polar silver magno matte polar silver metallic amg cla 45  amg performance front seats shown upholstery wheels black sahara beige crystal grey nut brown mb-tex or leather mb-tex mb-tex leather sahara beige/black black w/red stitching black “red cut” black w/yellow accents leather mb-tex/dinamica leather mb-tex/dinamica amg “red cut” exclusive package amg performance studio package 17 5-spoke   cla 250 17 5-spoke   cla 250 18 multispoke   cla 250 18 twin 5- spoke   cla 250 18 amg® twin 5-spoke 18 amg twin 5-spoke

mercedes me makes it easy to stay connected to your car — and to your life it can make any trip easier more enjoyable or more entertaining and it’ll bring you a world of rewards for being part of the family get started at mbusa.com/mercedesme genuine accessories yo urworldisright at yo urfingertips from connection to inspiration the power of a tap or your voice driving a mercedes-benz opens up a world with mercedes  me you can remote-start of special benefits the mercedes me app lock locate and monitor your vehicle from on your smartphone teams with five years your iphone® or android® phone as well as of mbrace® connect services — standard.2 google home or amazon® alexa you can together they can keep you in touch with also send a destination directly to your your car let you remote-control numerous car’s navigation system get more from its features and offer you easy access to your features with helpful