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since 1967 when two engineers began turning mercedes-benz sedans into championship racecars amg has turned victory on the track into passion on the streets of the world the joy of specs the attraction of power numbers that are unsurpassed make the amg cla 45 even harder with an aero-aggressive body exclusive cockpit and racing-bred to pass up its 26.1 psi of turbo boost leads its class its 375 hp out amg brakes suspension and exhaust the cla 45 is exhilarating outputs all other 4-cylinders and its 188 hp/liter leads the industry.16 out of the box check off a few option boxes and it’s breathtaking the amg 2.0l turbo engine — each one handcrafted and signed —  the amg performance exhaust can unleash its fury with the push sends 350 lb‑ft of torque to all four 18 or 19 amg® wheels1 via of a button amg ride control pairs two-stage damping with a an amg speedshift® dct 7‑speed and torque-vectoring amg race mode and the amg dynamic plus package adds to that a performance 4matic and it can vault to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds limited-slip front diff and 167 mph top speed.17 now please exhale ® 4 please see endnotes at back of brochure.