2018 MB CLA-Class by Mercedes-Benz USA

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t h e 2 018 c l a once upon a dream you find yourself at the fine you mutter as you prepare for the day end of a dim hallway with three doors the ahead got it … can only have one door you first door opens to a museum — bright and check your phone noting all the likes last modern it pulses with fascinating exhibits night’s post got before slipping it into your of technology through the second door is pocket you pick up your wallet admiring a fashionable store its display case filled its silver logo and fine leather for a moment with high-end merchandise from all of your ready to head out you grab the key to your favorite names you barely crack the third car — a new cla savoring its shape in your door open and all of the sounds and sensa hand you think again about that voice tions of a racetrack — tires singing turbos whistling crews wrenching — thunder into awakening the dream within the hallway behind you an unseen voice you didn’t plan this when you parked last intones “go ahead pick a door you can’t night but your cla is poised like it’s wait have all…” and right then you bolt awake ing for your return the morning sun highlights its curving muscles the driver seat when the “vision cla” dream car debuted at the auto show showgoers were united in their response “please build it.” invites you into its embrace and as you tap the start button the turbo hums a mellower rendition of the snarling soundtrack from the dream a few minutes later three of your friends climb in and your weekend begins with conversation and a quick decision on where to stop for coffee as each of you exits the car you hear it in fact you feel it and right then you get it the dream you’re living it and it has four doors 4