2018 MB CLA-Class by Mercedes-Benz USA

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performance revealing in every rev your seat is adjusted just right the leather gear while it exits the current gear in the wheel sits comfortably in your hands — your scant 6.9 seconds4 of a 0‑to‑60 dash the fingertips poised by the shift paddles and cla’s team of performance prodigies has by the time you feel the first upshift your played — and won — more lightning rounds hands eyes and mood are being rewarded than a television game-show champion as a team — and by a team every element of your cla is performing like a pitch-perfect prodigious with a pedigree chorus and you’re the lead singer its agile moves reveal the racing champions in its bloodline — even more so with one of proficiency in efficiency its three suspension options and you can exiting a corner you glance at the gauges pair them all with variable-torque 4matic® —  the compact turbo engine serves up rpm which can shift half the engine’s torque mph and mpg all in generous portions it’s to the rear wheels as traction demands not just that your cla 250 is economical,­­­­­­­­­3 it.5 it’s all to keep you on pitch even when it’s also many other synonyms for efficient conditions are far from picture-perfect like adept decisive and energetic the 2.0l inline‑4 engine’s direct injection and multispark ignition adapt in milliseconds —  fast enough to fine-tune the combustion process while it’s happening the 7‑speed automatic’s dual clutches can shift more quickly than a human — engaging the next 7 want to visualize the cla’s performance check your mirrors along with whatever you just overtook you might just see your own grin please see endnotes at back of brochure.