2018 MB CLA-Class by Mercedes-Benz USA

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craftsmanship aninvi tat iontos tay ahead would square dash vents emit airflow as mercedes-benz the cla advances some well as ones that look like they came from other thoughtful traditions as well among a private jet maybe but how a car feels is them the extended comfort of adjustable measured by more than cold functionality thigh supports seat memory that saves even if it’s a detail whose job is to cool your side mirror settings too upholstery the cabin everything you touch in your that’s lovingly fitted by hand and ambient cla has been designed to touch you back lighting — yet another idea first introduced everything you see to reward your gaze or to the car world by mercedes-benz — not respond to your glance — whether it does it only where it’s most useful but also where with smooth surfaces or sharp pixels it’s uniquely pleasing like a soft glow under the head restraints or with 12 available supporting the art of driving colors that greet you with a spectral light the cla cabin is modeled in the mercedes show so come to the cla for a traditional benz coupe tradition but with the space warm welcome and stay for a cool future of a 5‑passenger sedan the deep bolsters and integrated head restraints of the front seats are inspired not just by the cla’s motorsports heritage but by its real-world performance you power-adjust them with switches that are literally icons — miniature renditions of the seats themselves and an intuitive design signature first patented by please see endnotes at back of brochure the cool sheen of satin metallics or the warm glow of hand-finished wood pair with upholstery from subtle to bold all to suit your style 10