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2018 cla the brightest star on the road shining the way from the cla grille is a symbol of automotive leadership recognized the world over behind it are over 80,000 patents including the one for the car itself countless racing trophies starting with history’s first and hundreds of innovations that have raised the bar for all cars twin power domes diamond -block grille the sculpted shape of the 1955 300 sl gullwing’s radiating from the star in the cla 250 grille are hood lives on in the cla so does the spirit of some 240 hexagonal pins each one individually innovative power under its twin power domes sized and positioned by the car’s designer opt for direct fuel injection — pioneered in production the sporty amg line exterior or even racier amg automobiles by the racing-bred sports car — is line and the pins are tipped in chrome — a look advanced to a new state of the art in today’s cla that’s as scintillating as the car’s performance the force forward seeings ta r the cla 250’s powerplant is engineered to propel optional distance pilot distronic® can adapt your you into the future with high efficiency and cruise-control speed to the traffic flow — even stop-and-go ultralow emissions its twin-scroll turbo quickly watching the vehicle ahead via a radar device hidden spins up to 230,000 rpm to deliver all 258 lb‑ft of behind the star it can slow down automatically then torque from just 1,250 rpm translation quicker resume when the way is clear if you stop for more than a takeoffs and a surge when you need to merge 11 second you can resume with a tap of your foot or finger.6 please see endnotes at back of brochure 12