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the value is in its values the coupelike lines and excellent value of a cla might seduce you at first sight the values inherent in its family line can do far more its athletic performance advanced safety systems aerodynamic refinement as performance suspension exhaust and and impeccable appointments assure you steering a flat-bottom steering wheel and that it doesn’t just wear the coveted star — racy red accents inside and out  it’s earned it in true mercedes-benz style the 2018 cla has the substance to back the amg cla 45 features its own night and up its true mercedes-benz style aerodynamics packages as standard with gloss black details from the front splitter bold shape brilliant details and air-dam flics to the rear spoiler for time in the wind tunnel for the cla is like ’18 the amg performance studio package hours in the gym for a person it develops turns up the heat with black and yellow lean muscle plus many side benefits the highlights for the body the cockpit and low drag coefficient is just the start of the even the illuminated door sills in between results aerodynamic details also enhance stability in crosswinds quietness at speed and since a cla is stylish from the get-go and your outward vision in rainy weather you can also choose from an array of wheel brilliance is evident in other forms as well 17 and 18 sizes for the cla 250 and any from available led headlamps to a hands of four 19 amg designs for the cla 45 options without the styling packages — in free trunk option that pops the lid open as you move your foot under the bumper the dream is in the drive as captivating as it is to look at it a cla is both the refined cla 250 and racing-bred engineered to live up to its looks — which amg cla 45 offer a selection of progres ever way you build your own that’s why sively aggressive styling packages on the you can choose front-wheel or 4matic® cla 250 the amg line exterior includes all-wheel drive and any of three suspen 18 amg wheels perforated front brakes sions on the cla 250 alone — including an and amg body styling the night package adjustable option with comfort and sport ® 1 cloaks all that in gloss black accents and modes and a track-tuned setup with more the intense amg line infuses the chassis rigid components exclusive geometry and body and cabin with amg upgrades such linear sport steering in the amg line great lines start below the surface the cla’s lineage draws directly from the first car but it’s also a trajectory that keeps rising into the future you can also personalize how your cla feels long after you’ve locked in its options a dream car you can drive a pushbutton on the cla 250 dash cycles through the driving modes of dynamic select eco comfort and sport each one sets up the throttle shifting steering feel and eco start/stop system to suit a driving style from easygoing to all-out there’s also an individual mode you can configure à la carte on the cla 45 amg dynamic select puts its modes in your hands via a console twist-knob and adds a race mode when you opt for the 2-stage adaptive damping of amg ride control 15 please see endnotes at back of brochure.