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live to ride ride to live difference with class 5 and class voice and voice production animal with animal safety and security and order light and light covers 7 by 14 4 by 4 and 12 h and r 30 30 carbon fiber engine cover seat belts seat dual zone climate control difference 38 19 x 38 18 put your hand in the hand again and again long and long mercedes benz engines c class mercedes benz c class engines mercedes benz owners manual mercedes benz engines mercedes benz engine rear seat entertainment system mercedes build your own mercedes 4 spoke steering wheel wood grain steering wheel multifunction steering wheel leather steering wheel black ash wood automatic transmission t tronic power folding 2nd row seat 3rd row seat silver brown black black silver split folding 3rd row seat inside rearview mirror rear side window trim leather steering wheel cover leather steering wheel covers 57 rear side window glass rear seat entertainment metal speaker grilles rear side windows brown white brown rear wheel drive suspension system front brake disc front seat belt front seat belts rear seat belt fastener direct drive garage door openers front seat belt cover remote garage door opener program sd card reader glass rear window programable garage door opener heads up display head up displays head up display

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t h e 2 01 8 e class nobody said “astronaut.” there were six the highway gently curves as you start to kids at the family gathering counting the climb the last grade before the city limits cousins and you asked each one of them your hand only lightly grips the wheel your the conversation-starter that’s worked for foot is merely resting on the gas pedal you generations two of them said they want feel your car brake as a motorhome — two to be teachers when they grow up one lanes too far to the left — loses its momen looked up from her tablet and just said tum in your path you check the mirror tap “computers.” another did his best to pro the turn signal lever and without changing nounce “veterinarian.” the youngest one your grip or moving your feet your e‑class just shrugged and the one who came the executes a move with the charge of a full closest she wants to design cars that can back and the

safety avo id in g i s the p o int if only you had known if only you’d hit the than is humanly possible.4 their systems brakes that much sooner if only it hadn’t can alert you to take evasive action and in rained last night if only that truck’s brake some situations initiate it on your behalf lights worked if only the driver behind you among the firsts is pre‑safe® sound by had stayed farther back if only you could emitting a special “pink noise” via the audio see around corners and now that you’re system before a crash it can pre-trigger a here if only you could forewarn others natural defense mechanism in your ears.5 “car‑to‑x” communication is another first if only you were in an e‑class it lets every new e‑class share info with a mercedes-benz engineers have spent 80 central system — to receive an alert before years preparing for a few milliseconds that you reach a hazard

technology glow with the flow there’s nothing like the feeling of having markings fade with only a gen­t­le hold on the road to yourself those early saturdays the wheel when it’s finally time to pass when it’s just you and your car set free to that tanker you can change lanes not just enjoy a favorite set of curves this is not while using the turn signal but by using one of those times traffic is thick inching it down the road your e‑class can watch along in fits and starts the drivers around speed limit signs and adapt the cruise con you united only in their tense frustration a trol accordingly and when darkness falls tanker truck monopolizes your view ahead your intelligent led headlamps can adapt but it is displaying a nice reflection of your their beams as you steer or as other driv grille and “twin torch” leds in its polished ers enter their range in the distance on an body unlike all your temporary neighbors open road you love the

e‑class sedans with every generation the e‑class introduces capabilities no car before it ever had and previews what someday all cars will do have grown to new breadth with four exte monitors for signs of a drowsy driver.11 lighting and six interior trim options you rior appearance options start with sport also standard is a rearview camera or can choose any of six fragrances for the styling featuring a wide grille integrating you can opt for the multicamera surround available air balance atomizer front seats the iconic star amg body styling and 18 view system.12 the list of available driver are available with soothing heat cooling wheels  — 5‑spoke on the e 300 sedans or assists is even more impressive active ventilation active side support and eight twin 5‑spoke on the e 400 to that you can parking assist can help you find a park massage programs the rear seatbacks ® add the amg line exterior with 18 amg ing spot

e‑class wagons it doesn’t just stand out among the handful of wagons available today it stands ahead of and above the hundreds of other cars expansive space expressive details standard dual-zone climate control and a and plug into dual usb audio ports a range you won’t find imitation wood paneling on power tilt/sliding glass sunroof help you of options can further enhance your enjoy the outside of an e‑class wagon but its enjoy every season both features can also ment siriusxm radio includes a 6‑month spacious cabin is lavished in the real thing be supersized too a new 3‑zone climate trial of their all access plan.18 a 590‑watt in fact you can choose any of four styles control option lets you — or your second burmester ® surround sound system plays at no charge — from black or brown ash in row passengers — manage the rear-cabin through 13 speakers with elegant drilled a

since 1967 when two engineers began turning mercedes-benz sedans into championship racecars amg has turned victory on the track into passion on the streets of the world the impact of a hammer the precision of a scalpel in its first half-century amg has made history on the track over with 396 hp good for 0–60 in 4.5 seconds,7 the amg e 43 sedan and over it started with “red sow,” the big brash mercedes -benz matches the power and quickness of the hammer with an engine sedan that amg founders aufrecht and melcher turned into a rac half its size an amg-enhanced 3.0l biturbo v6 amg performance ing hero on the street amg performance reached a new pinnacle 4matic® turns grip into go.21 the amg e 63 s sedan and new wagon 30 years ago with a fortified e‑class called the hammer then the pump the latest handcrafted 4.0l biturbo v8 to a peak of 603 hp world’s fastest sedan it started a legacy that the three 2018 amg they pair it with

the magic that comes out of a mercedes-amg is irrefutable proof of what goes into it progress races ahead in two sedans and a wagon that match the intelligence of the e‑class with intensity of mercedes-amg the amg e 43 sedan and e 63 s sedan and wagon accelerate the pace of performance by virtually every measure from gripping the pavement to slipping through the wind advanced tech is born on the track and raised to meet the demands of everyday use nanoslide® cylinder walls cut friction the amg sport suspension is based on adaptive air body control.® and a new amg track pace app24 lets you record and share performance driving data via your iphone.® the e 43’s diamond-block grille and black accents are set off by 19 or 20 amg® wheels1 and massive amg brakes  distinctive details inside and out set the e 63 s models apart from aggressive aerodynamics and a “twin power dome” hood to 20 cast or forged amg wheels


e‑class cabriolets it’s more than a mere convertible in the e‑class cabriolet sunshine isn’t only for summer and its star shines all day 19 twin 5‑spoke upgrade option — in more ease entry and exit to the rear cabin the the head restraints can envelop your neck aggressively contoured amg body styling standard aircap ® system helps calm the and shoulders in warmed air like a virtual turbulence of top-down driving by team scarf each seat offers three heat settings with the top down the confluence of body ing an airfoil that rises above the wind and speed-dependent airflow you can also and cabin is instantly evident a perimeter shield with a see-through wind deflector opt for ventilated front seats while a heated of satin chrome wraps around the cockpit between the rear head restraints when steering wheel is available by itself or in dividing the paintwork from the interior a raised it reduces buffeting and noise so a package

upholstery mb-tex appearance may vary by model and bodystyle mb-tex/dinamica sedan/wagon leather nappa leather sedan/wagon sport styling sedan/wagon luxury line coupe/cabriolet amg sedan/wagon designo nappa leather exclusive nappa leather paintwork black dakota brown metallic polar white diamond silver metallic dune silver metallic coupe/cabriolet sedan/wagon coupe/cabriolet emerald green metallic iridium silver metallic lunar blue metallic piedmont green metallic obsidian black metallic sedan/wagon coupe/cabriolet   e 300 sedan   e 400 sedan/wagon   amg e 43   e 400 coupe/cabriolet   e 300 sedan shown   e 400 sedan/wagon   e 300 sedan   e 400 all models   amg e 43   e 300 sedan   e 400 sedan/wagon   e 400 coupe/cabriolet   amg e 63 s selenite grey metallic designo cardinal red metallic designo diamond