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mercedes me makes it easy to stay connected to your car — and to your life it can make any trip easier more enjoyable or more entertaining and it’ll bring you a world of rewards for being part of the family get started at mbusa.com/mercedesme the g 550 4 × 42 extremely limited availability please see your dealer it doesn’t just go beyond capable it towers above it on exclusive with variable damping at each bespoke 22 wheel — increase off portal axles whose remotely gear-driven hubs double its ground road ability4 while preserving maneuverability on the trail and in clearance a 10 wider track and a dual spring/strut suspension —  town it’s a g raised to a higher power and limited only in number yo urworldisright at yo urfingertips from connection to inspiration the power of a tap or your voice driving a mercedes -benz opens up a world mercedes me lets you remote-lock/unlock of special benefits the mercedes me app your car from your iphone® or android® on your smartphone teams with five years phone plus locate and monitor it via your of mbrace® connect services — standard.3 phone google home or amazon® alexa together they can keep you in touch with you can also send a destination directly your car let you remote-control numerous to its navigation system get more from its features and offer you easy access to your features with helpful how‑to videos and dealer mercedes -benz financial account book a service appointment you’ll enjoy or even special events and benefits geared perks at luxury resorts and get the scoop exclusively to mercedes-benz owners on sponsored events you might even find inspiration for some new adventures a range of benefits to better fit you from your smartphone and laptop to your real world you can tailor mercedes me and mbrace to fit the way you drive and the way you live the standard connect package also puts apps like a gas station finder in your car’s dash three additional packages can heighten your family’s peace of mind place a team of expert concierges at your service or entertain everyone in your g‑class with streaming online music apps connect from the app a direct interface with your vehicle includes remote lock unlock sound horn/flash lights valet protect curfew minder and more send2benz ™ can upload a destination directly to the car’s navigation system from the web manage your account learn about mbrace features and more assist from the app connect with your dealer speak to a product concierge schedule service view how-to videos and vehicle manuals summon roadside assistance from the web learn about your vehicle features from a product concierge or by viewing how‑to videos read up on maintenance and warranty information finance from the app or the web view a snapshot of your mercedes-benz financial services account explore special offers for mbfs customers inspire from the app or the web enrich your mercedes-benz experience with special perks and exclusive offers from partner resorts discover new adventures from featured road trips and find out about sponsored events and how to attend endnotes 1 2 3 item is optional or not available on some models see packages and options listing in this brochure or visit mbusa.com for more information esp 4‑ets abs brake assist and trailer stability assist do not operate when the differential locks are engaged lower-aspect-ratio tires and accompanying wheels provide substantially increased treadwear increased tire noise and reduced ride comfort serious wheel and tire damage may occur if the vehicle is operated on rough or damaged road surfaces or upon encountering road debris or obstacles these tires are not designed for use on snow and ice winter tires mounted on appropriately sized and approved wheels are recommended for driving in those conditions mercedes me and mercedes-benz mbrace® services operate only where cellular and gps satellite signals are available which are provided by third parties and not within the control of mercedes-benz usa llc five years of the mbrace connect package are included with new-vehicle sales and leases at an authorized mercedes-benz dealer subscriber agreement is required for service to be active secure concierge and entertain services require acceptance of the complimentary mbrace connect services and paid subscriptions after their trial periods some services are only available on select vehicles your pin is required to use certain services streaming apps require mbrace entertain subscription connection may be limited by cellular signal apps may be introduced updated or deleted at varying dates and may also require a vehicle software update some services may be limited or restricted in some areas driver is responsible for complying with traffic and other laws mobile app is compatible with apple iphone® models running ios 7.0 or later and android-based phones running os 2.3 or later see your dealer or mbusa.com/mercedesme for details 4 5 6 7 8 9 off-road driving should only be attempted by drivers with the necessary skill experience and understanding of the vehicle’s limits locked differentials will limit steering ability read operator’s manual before driving off-road or in deep water no system regardless of how advanced can overcome the laws of physics or correct careless driving please always wear your seat belt performance is limited by available traction which snow ice and other conditions can affect always drive carefully consistent with conditions best performance in snow is obtained with winter tires vehicle must be properly equipped with an aftermarket trailer hitch read operator’s manual before towing in some states aftermarket trailer brakes are required see dealer for details unsecured cargo can become hazardous in a collision always secure cargo using the floormounted tie-downs cargo capacities shown are estimated based on european-market figures while the navigation system provides directional assistance the driver must remain focused on safe driving behavior including paying attention to traffic and street signs the driver should utilize the system’s audio cues while driving and should only consult the map or visual displays once the vehicle has been stopped in a safe place maps do not cover all areas or all routes within an area online features require a subscription and one or more mbrace packages the purchase of a new satellite radio-enabled vehicle includes a 6‑month introductory subscription to the sirius all access package as well as a 5‑year introductory subscription to siriusxm traffic and siriusxm weather siriusxm traffic and weather services are available for select markets siriusxm satellite radio siriusxm traffic and siriusxm weather subscriptions are sold separately or as a package after trial period if you decide to continue your subscription after your trial the plan you choose will automatically renew and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates fees and taxes apply to cancel you must call siriusxm at 1‑866‑635‑2349 see siriusxm customer agreement for complete terms at siriusxm.com all fees and programming subject to change 10 apple carplay™ is a product of apple inc android auto is a product of google inc device and app providers’ terms and privacy statements apply requires connected compatible device and data plan apps content and features are selected solely by their providers connection to apps and streaming services may be limited by the device’s network connection data usage is routed through device and subject to fees charges and restrictions in user’s wireless plan vehicle’s factory audio/information interface including comand® navigation and the apps of mercedes benz mbrace,® may not be used simultaneously with apple carplay or android auto when apple carplay or android auto is in use the steering wheel voice control button accesses siri® or google voice recognition software for voice commands 11 distance pilot distronic® adaptive cruise control is no substitute for active driving involvement   it does not adapt cruising speed in response to stationary objects nor does it predict the curvature and lane layout of the road ahead or the movement of vehicles ahead it is the driver’s responsibility at all times to be attentive to traffic and road conditions and to provide the steering braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle drivers are cautioned not to wait for the system’s alerts before braking as that may not afford sufficient time and distance to brake safely 12 blind spot assist is a warning system only it may not be sufficient to avoid all accidents involving   vehicles in your blind spot and does not estimate the speed of approaching vehicles it must not be used as a substitute for driver awareness and checking of surrounding traffic conditions see operator’s manual for system’s operating speeds and additional information and warnings 13 rearview camera does not audibly notify driver of nearby objects and is not a substitute for actively checking around the vehicle for any obstacles or people images displayed may be limited by camera field of view weather lighting conditions and the presence of dirt ice or snow on the cameras 14 parking assist parktronic is not a substitute for driver attention to the immediate surroundings as well as any people animals or vehicles in or approaching the vehicle’s maneuvering range see operator’s manual for additional information tips and warnings 15 stated rates of acceleration are estimated based upon manufacturer’s track results and may vary depending on model environmental and road surface conditions driving style elevation and vehicle load 16 most packages are not available in combination amg night package may be combined with designo exclusive leather package see your dealer or mbusa.com/g for details 17 not available with some paint colors see your dealer or mbusa.com/g for details 18 requires designo black dinamica headliner on g 550 requires designo exclusive leather package on amg g 63 19 steering wheel options may not be ordered together 20 two-tone steering wheel requires two-tone interior 21 requires black classic red porcelain or titanium grey leather upholstery 22 amg performance steering wheel included on amg models round steering wheel included on g 550.