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t h e 2 018 g l c you had asked for a pony you really really driving desire wanted a pony brown with a white mane today you got up with the saturday morning and tan saddle they got you a bicycle red sun eager to tackle your weekend to-do with 10 speeds and — just to show you they list you’ve got the windows and sunroof were listening — a tan saddle still it wasn’t wide open in your new glc approaching a a pony once again you sighed your par familiar curve it makes you recall the way ents had chosen the sensible route or so you’d lean your bike into it all those years you thought it turned out — like when they ago you could feel the forces of nature said no to ice cream for breakfast but let playing in harmony sunshine and breezes you have waffles — that they actually knew g‑forces and motion in your head you’d how to make good choices that were also add the one

performance at hleticscholarship you weren’t in a rush this morning there’s control responds instantly to the road no meeting on your calendar no projects and 4matic® all-wheel drive watches for overdue you even managed to leave home wheelspin at each of the four tires all the a few minutes early there’s only one puffy time.3 the net result of all this an orches cloud in the sky and you’ve got the climate tra of benefits all optimized under a wide control dialed to 72° a good station tuned range of conditions power with efficiency in and the drive mode set to eco by every cornering with comfort security with fun measure today’s commute should be the proverbial walk in the park so how all of a balancing brawn and brainpower is nothing sudden did it become a combination of an new to the engineers whose résumé lists obstacle course decathlon and pop quiz in inventing the car all -wheel drive 4‑wheel calculus that cloud sure packed a

versatility forward thinking even in the back the glc suv and coupe both combine roomy comfort for five adults with trunk space that rivals a large sedan fold down the rear seats and it’s almost like having a sporty two-seater with 50 or more cubic feet of cargo room.4 touchless ta i l g at e the standard power liftgate opens wide and closes again with the tap of a button with available hands-free access a simple foot motion under the bumper makes it easier to load or unload cargo especially if your arms are full and on models with air body control you can lower the rear air suspension — and therefore the loading height — by 1.6 at the touch of a button fingertip fold -down the 40/20/40-split rear seats offer a variety of configurations for passengers and parcels convenient buttons located just inside each rear side door as well as in the cargo area power-fold the seatbacks down you can also manually tilt the seatbacks 10° more

the suvs raising a benchmark the amg glc 43 with a 362‑hp biturbo v6 where an suv comes from tells you a lot featuring numerous amg enhancements about where it can go the glc brings the dna of a family whose values are diverse sport sedan handling suv confidence but deep — from the legendary capability a glc earns the star in its grille every time of the g‑class to the agile athleticism of you drive it the gle 300 and glc 350e the c‑class sport sedans to the indus models feature standard 18 wheels1 and a try-advancing innovations evident in every clever selective damping suspension that mercedes-benz it’s not just why the 2018 can firm up in sharp turns yet keep the glc suvs are engineered to tackle tough ride smooth on straightaways dynamic conditions in elegant style and to take to select lets you fine-tune your glc’s per the road with spirited enthusiasm it’s also formance comfort and efficiency

sensuously sensible everyone has more than one dimension to their personality and like rivaling siblings sometimes they compete and sometimes they’re in total unison in the family known as mercedes-benz automobiles there’s no shortage of personality nor is the competi of cargo space4 inside its sloping power tive spirit ever in short supply it’s precisely liftgate and on sunday it’ll run like a why every vehicle that wears the star has thorough­bred racehorse quick on its feet a set of virtues that most cars find mutu and powerfully graceful in its stride true ally exclusive like sportiness and luxury its wind-honed profile may not be the first  —  or performance and safety and not just thing you envision when you hear the term a sprinkling of each but with the intensity “sport utility vehicle” — nor when you think that wins races earns patents and sets “sport coupe.” but every drive on

glc coupes unlike other coupes you get a prime view of the road ahead and like every mercedes-benz you get a preview of the future toned and tailored and satin ash with its natural grain on dis immersive and informative the glc coupes express your personality play contoured front seats support you the audio and navigation5 features and as much as their own in addition to a in sharp turns and on long trips power options parallel the glc suvs a standard range of gloss and matte exterior paint adjustment and memory are standard for rotary central controller pairs with a 7 colors and four available wheel designs the driver on all models and for the front color screen the multifunction steering for either model each one offers its own passenger on the amg glc 43 or with any wheel lets you scroll through a second standard and optional visuals adding the leather option on the glc 300 the roomy menu display between the crisp analog amg line wraps the glc 300 in sculpted

since 1967 when two engineers began turning mercedes-benz sedans into championship racecars amg has turned victory on the track into passion on the streets of the world 31 first in the hearts of drivers fresh off the unbeaten track a half-century ago amg made history on the track by turning a you might never take your amg glc 43 on a racetrack but from take red mercedes-benz sedan into a racing hero three decades later off to twisty roads you’ll know where its performance skills were amg concocted their core ingredients into another unlikely formu born and raised with an amg-enhanced 362‑hp biturbo v6 behind lation a performance suv and now the amg glc 43 suv and a chrome-tipped grille the glc 43 suv and coupe out-power all coupe express their soul with a thorough infusion of track-proven their direct competitors.21 amg-specific components and geome technology in a choice of two muscular bodies what they all have try hone the reflexes of their

2018 glc suvs glc 300 glc 350e amg glc 43 coupes glc 300 amg glc 43 wheelbase overall length 113.1 183.3 113.1 183.3 113.1 183.5 113.1 186.3 113.1 186.1 64.5 82.5 65.3 82.5 64.1 82.5 63.1 82.5 62.4 82.5 3,891 lbs 4,001 lbs — 4,564 lbs — 4,145 lbs — 4,001 lbs — 3,926 lbs 37.8  — 38.5 40.8  — 37.3 57.3  — 56.5 37.8  — 38.5 40.8  — 37.3 57.3  — 56.5 37.8  — 38.5 40.8  — 37.3 57.3  — 56.5 37.1  — 37.6 40.8  — 37.3 57.3  — 55.8 37.1  — 37.6 40.8  — 37.3 57.3  — 55.8 info na info na 17.6 cu ft 56.5 cu ft 17.6 cu ft 49.4 cu ft 17.6 cu ft 49.4 cu ft overall height overall width w/mirrors glc 300 suvs and coupe glc 350e 4matic suv

mercedes-benz photopass mercedes -benz usa is proud to support and showcase talented photographers through the photopass program on its instagram pages to view the latest work search for the #mbphotopass tag on the instagram app or at instagram.com/mbusa glc 300 photographed in palm springs california by raz