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t h e 2 018 g l c you had asked for a pony you really really driving desire wanted a pony brown with a white mane today you got up with the saturday morning and tan saddle they got you a bicycle red sun eager to tackle your weekend to-do with 10 speeds and — just to show you they list you’ve got the windows and sunroof were listening — a tan saddle still it wasn’t wide open in your new glc approaching a a pony once again you sighed your par familiar curve it makes you recall the way ents had chosen the sensible route or so you’d lean your bike into it all those years you thought it turned out — like when they ago you could feel the forces of nature said no to ice cream for breakfast but let playing in harmony sunshine and breezes you have waffles — that they actually knew g‑forces and motion in your head you’d how to make good choices that were also add the one missing element you craved fun when you think back to the best times most of all the growling revs of an engine of your childhood — exploring racing and just riding with your friends — that bike was glancing in the mirror a responsible adult always in the picture year after year long smiles back — with that euphoric grin you after you’d stopped thinking about a pony perfected early in life not for a second do and started dreaming of red sports cars you think “whatever happened to that fun kid?” what you see is who you’ve always what the lean muscle of its body promises the glc’s athletic heart delivers the shining star you can see in its grille is the soul you’ll feel with every drive been it’s why when you went shopping for a car you could see yourself in a glc sure you found its spaciousness solidity and safety features compelling — even comforting your parents would approve right now you’re not thinking about any of that the growling revs — they’re real now — may just be sere­nading a trip to the home improvement store today but you aren’t thinking about the to do list in your pocket either you’re picturing the wish list you keep in your heart the one that once said “brown pony.” then “red sports car.” walking toward the store you glance back at your glc and with your finger in the air in front of you draw a checkmark 6